ZZZ Comics “Growth Formula”


“Growth Formula” is an ongoing (I guess? More on that later) series with three issues so far. The first was released in April 2014, the second in February 2015, and the third in January 2017.

The first and second issues had line art by Oscar Celestini, colors by David Vest Delanty, lettering by Keith Perkins, and a story by Jack Wolf and ZZZ. The third had art and lettering by Len, and a story by ZZZ. Oscar Celestini also drew “A Growing World,” “My Giantess Ex-Girlfriend,” and “The Atlas Touch III.” Len also did the artwork for “Grow for the Cam 2,” “Pixie No More 7,” and “Sorceress’s Apprentice.”

The story involves a man named Tom who invents a growth formula. His wife Sally mistakenly imbibes the enlarging catalyst and begins the action as they outgrow each other. Later, a rival named Lora steals the formula’s recipe. In the second part a “UPZ” delivery girl named Wendy grows and another, as yet unnamed UPZ employee, expands at the end of the third part. Lots of heterosexual sex and bursting out of clothes throughout. (No lesbian sex, and no group sex per se.)

3 - male growth
This image was drawn by Len and taken from the third issue.

Fans of male giants should enjoy this series. Tom grows in each issue, bursting out of his clothes. Although, it must also be noted that Tom is the only giant, yet there are four giantesses so growing woman certainly had more representation. (C’est la vie!)

Tom and Lora go from fighting in the top panel on this page, taken from Growth Formula II, to fucking in the bottom panel of the very same page 😉

Out of the two artists, Oscar Celestini and Len, featured in this series, I preferred Oscar’s work over Len’s simpler style. That said, my very favorite artist drawing muscular women for ZZZ would have to be Arturo. One example of Arturo’s work is “Nozama Idol 2,” the cover of which is pictured below:

Nozama Idol 2

Of course, art is subjective. I enjoy comic books illustrated by Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy. His art, an example is below, could also be described as simplistic.


It should come as no surprise that fans of female (and male) muscle growth will enjoy this series. The comic places significant emphasis on muscles, as shown below:


Quality seems to have dipped a little in Growth Formula III, as demonstrated in the following, admittedly minor, typos.

“Site” should be “sight,” and “hances” should be “chances.”
“Not” should be “now.”

Also, it should be noted that even though the third issue ended with “to be continued,” I’m not confident that it ever will be.

The worst part is that Growth Formula ends on a cliffhanger. As of August 2019, it has been more than two years since the latest issue was published and there are no indications that it will be continued.

In early July 2019, ZZZ posted on his DeviantArt page that future works will be produced via crowd funding on sites such as Kickstarter. However, “Farm Grown 5” is the next comic to be released. (Apparently, “Farm Grown Summer” is considered to be “Farm Grown 4,” even though no number was included in that comic’s title.) Farm Grown 5 will potentially be followed by female muscle growth stories such as “Atlas Touch,” “Edge of Humanity,” “Nozama Idol,” and “Ripped Tide.” Growth Formula was not mentioned.

As long as readers are okay with Growth Formula’s lack of a proper ending, then I recommend that they buy this series. You can purchase all three issues, collector editions, for $19.99 at the following link: http://www.sizechangecentral.com/shop/growth-formula-1-3-bundle/

That’s a decent price as collector editions typically sell for $8.99, so the bundle saves you a fair amount of cash. ($8.99 x 3 = $26.97 – $19.99 = $6.98 savings.)

ZZZ shoes were a nice touch 😀

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