Giantess Club’s “Peak Shift”


“Peak Shift” is a five-part series authored by Malenkaya, edited by Prophet Tenebrae, and illustrated by Chris Flash and Peter Logan (NOTE: the inside cover on the series PDF states that illustrations were done by MPHC. Furthermore, Peak Shift sales pages for issues 2 through 5 list Portal Comics as the illustrators.) The initial issue was released in mid-March, 2011, and the last was published on February 8, 2012.

Malenkaya also wrote comics such as the “Giantess Containment Bureau,” “Red Pill: Legalized,” and “The Golden Ticket.” The illustrators also drew “Codename: G-Woman,” “G-Raider,” and “Incognito.”

Who is Damen? He is mentioned again later and appears to be the male scientist’s boss at the University. Strange that Damen was named, but the engaged scientists, our protagonists, were never given names. The series description lists their names as Matthew and Lana, but I can’t find those names in the ACTUAL story.

The story begins with two scientists discussing their desire to begin human trials on their new prototype drug. The unnamed female takes some without her partner’s knowledge. The drug causes her to grow and she has sex with her fiancé.

The male scientist’s sister Jayne mistakenly takes a bowl of the drug, which she believes to be candy, to her university, GCU, and consumes some.


Wait, what? Is Jayne Matthew’s sister or Lana’s sister? Or, is the guy named “Lana” and the girl named “Matthew”? If so, then everything fits! 😀

The candies are spread around (somehow) and soon both female and male students grow. Then we learn that users can “steal” or transfer size from other people who have taken the drug. This is first seen with a woman named Neena who takes size from Billy (a formerly skinny nerd who becomes buff) during shower sex. (Apparently, if a guy fucks a girl then the girl can steal his size. Also, if a woman goes down on another woman then she can steal the other woman’s size.)

I like the art 🙂
I love busty women in too tight shirts

However, earlier we saw Jayne’s former girlfriend Eliza (an unlikable character) go down on Jayne without taking her size. Therefore, the rules by which size transfer works in this universe were unclear. (Perhaps someone has to want to take size for the process to function?) Also, at one point Neena makes Eliza’s breasts swell in order to immobilize her and at another point Neena grows without touching someone.

In the end, our female protagonist grows enormous and confronts Neena. Overall, the comic featured sex between a man and a woman, between two men and a woman, and between several women. Multiple women outgrew their clothes and buildings.

There were a few minor typos, for example “board of trusties” which should be “board of trustees,” and “affects” was used when it should have been “effects,” but they were not overly significant.

However, the story should have been rewritten to clarify how size transfer functioned, and to give our protagonists names. (Also, there’s a panel in which Billy tells Neena to meet him in the boy’s locker room, in the middle of the day, which she does without question. I’m confident most women would not casually agree to meet someone inside the men’s locker room.) Most egregiously, the tension was resolved too quickly and should have been spread out over additional chapters.

Nonetheless, I recommend this comic. By the way, the first part is free! You can get it and the remaining chapters at the following link:

You can purchase the second through fifth chapters for $4.99 each or the entire series for $24.95. But don’t buy the series! Get the first one for free, and buy the remaining four individually for a total of $19.96. That will save you $4.99.

I love this bit in which the female scientist enters a glass tube and then explosively outgrows it and the building.

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