Breast Expansion Story Club’s “Changing and Growing in Las Vegas”


As I mentioned in my “What I will Review” post, I’d like to cover works that include other themes beyond just giant people. Accordingly, today I’m taking a look at a Breast Expansion Story Club comic entitled “Changing and Growing in Las Vegas.”

Changing and Growing in Las Vegas is an eight-part series authored by GreatDragon AD, colored by Hernán Cabrera, edited by Prophet Tenebrae, and illustrated by Mariano Navarro (a.k.a. Peter Logan). The initial issue was released in mid-November, 2009, and the last was published on February 18, 2013. (Over three years is a LONG time to wait for a complete story!)

GreatDragon AD also wrote “Spongeboobs,” “The Master’s Way,” and “When Expanding Worlds Collide.” You can view Hernán Cabrera’s DeviantArt page here: and Mariano Navarro’s page here:

According to the series page, shown below, Malenkaya also did some of the writing. However, I don’t know how they shared the writing responsibility.


The story begins as our Japanese-American protagonist Azusa Kaido travels cross country to reunite with her Scottish best friend Megan McDonigan Rosaly in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This comic is heavy on dialogue which was occasionally clunky. Also, the Gothic font initially used for Megan’s speech was hard to read at times. Mercifully, the last few chapters dropped her font.

Azusa finds work as a stripper at the same club that Megan works at. It goes well enough at first, but then the story’s antagonist, Bonnie Boobies, arrives. Eventually, Azusa is given a MacGuffin that grants her the ability to shape-shift. She takes full advantage of the new power. I won’t give away all the details, but will say that others also gain the changeling ability, and that there was conflict and romance! Overall, I found the story to be satisfying, although the ending was rushed.

There are a few panels featuring Azusa as a mini-giantess ❤
Quality control suffered in later chapters as demonstrated by the above panels which have dialogue bubbles with no text and misspellings like “Hey” for “They.”
For some reason, numbers were superimposed over the dialogue at one point as seen in the image above.

I recommend this comic. It features copious scenes of breast growth, characters cosplaying as comic icons like Emma Frost and video game fighters like Rainbow Mika, lactation, and heterosexual sex scenes. I was hoping that Azusa and Megan would eventually become more than just friends, but that was not to be. (That might actually be a plus in the story’s favor for surprising me and subverting expectations.) Still, some lesbian and group sex would have been the nice 🙂 Although, the two do wrestle each other naked in the shower at one point so that was definitely something!  😀

You can purchase the entire series for $29.99 at the following affiliate link:

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