“GIANTESS Alina SFX” by Under Giantess Feet


Доброе утро,

В сегодняшнем видео есть русская великанша. Она говорит по-русски, поэтому я начал свой пост на русском языке. Итак, что думаете о «великанше Алине»?

Good morning everyone,

Today’s video is a little different from the others I’ve reviewed. Namely, because it features a Russian-speaking giantess. (NOTE: The producer included English subtitles for those not conversant with that Slavic tongue.)

This is “GIANTESS Alina SFX” from the “Under Giantess Feet” studio. This video stars Alina, runs for 16 minutes, and was first released on September 11th, 2013.


From the video’s very beginning, Alina is growing larger. (NOTE: The means by which she grew was never explained or even hinted at.) She doesn’t destroy any clothes, instead her outfit, sparse as it is, was unchanging throughout.

By the way, kudos to the truck driver in the image below who steadfastly carries out his duties while paying no attention to the beautiful woman reaching incredible heights right in front of him 😉 It’s not obvious in the still shot below, but the truck is moving as it traverses a corner on the other side of the wall. Pretty giantess or not, that guy has a job to do!

Ugh, black Scotch tape Xs and panties 😐
More people too busy to gawk at a giantess. It’s like that old saying, “In Soviet Russia, giantess stares at you!” 😉

The backdrop is a very spacious abandoned lot somewhere in Russia. It’s not a bad place to set the story, but the moving vehicles break the illusion a bit. It’s the middle of the day and none of the drivers react to a giant woman so close to the road? (NOTE: Maybe giantesses are a common sight in Russia, and thus unremarkable?)

All that is to say, it would have been better to use stock footage without moving vehicles. Since they were seen in this video, it begs the question: Why don’t the people driving those vehicles notice the miraculous sight of a woman rapidly increasing in size?

Nice bum! Perhaps not as big as some would like, but sexy nonetheless.

Back to the story, after reaching her full height, she enslaves two men to massage her feet.


Alina gives a good performance throughout the runtime. Further, I appreciated that her Russian dialogue was translated into English via subtitles. However, her speech was not always translated well. For instance:

The subtitles are “You are licked my feet so badly, I did not like it.” Simply removing “are” would have made this sound much better.
Subtitles read “What you can do? Small, useless creature.” However, she was speaking to two men therefore “creature” should be in the plural form, “creatures.”

Additionally, the special effects were a little odd at times, briefly giving Alina multiple arms at one point, as seen below. Perhaps this was done on purpose, as part of her transformation?


At other times, the special effects were impressive. For instance, when Alina stomps on the first two men, the loud boom and the cloud of dust that rises after she crushes them was effective!


While she was never naked, the video does show her stroking herself under her panties. Furthermore, Alina enlists a new pair of guys to rub her pussy.

I think her hands are meant to be resting on the wall behind her, but they extend past the top of the wall, ruining the illusion.

Alina changes things up and dispatches these new guys by butt crushing them. They wait patiently and cooperatively while she monologues about killing them before actually dispatching them, as opposed to trying to escape by running away and potentially saving their own lives. That’s not to say that they would have succeeded, but, if they’re going to die anyway, what do they have to lose by trying?

Another well-done “smash” effect!
Multiple methods of dispatching tiny people were shown. Which was good! That said, this shot gives another example of erroneous subtitles. Here the text reads “I have never eat people. You will be first.” However, something like “I have never eaten a person before. You will be the first.” would have been more correct.

I do not expect the studios that make these giantess videos to have the money and skilled personnel on hand to make special effects on par with Hollywood studios. Nonetheless, I think there are things that they could do to improve their work. For example, make sure there aren’t any moving vehicles in the background.

Also, have someone review subtitles to ensure that the translation feels natural and is free of grammatical errors. My assumption is that a native Russian speaker translated the dialogue, because it felt like the Russian was translated into English very literally without much familiarity with the language. I don’t know that for sure; like I said, it’s an assumption. If true, it must be said that this person has a much greater grasp of English than I do of Russian! However, the effort would have benefited if someone with a greater familiarity of English gave it a quick check and smoothed it out. That would have cost little to no money and only taken a bit of time and effort to find a proficient English speaker.

I also continue to wonder about the reluctance of many producers to film models in the nude. I could understand if they want to make safe for work (SFW) content, BUT … when they have scenes like the one pictured below then that strikes me as not safe for work (NSFW). Regardless of the fact that she is clothed, her performance is unmistakably sexual.


Lastly, the clip ended abruptly, much like it began. Personally, I prefer something with a set-up, some action, and a conclusion.

Nonetheless, I recommend GIANTESS Alina SFX to fans of evil giantesses. Size-fetish videos can feel stale when they are repeatedly filmed in the same or similar settings. This felt unique, and I appreciate something different. The clip can be found here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/52051/9343491/giantess-alina-sfx

Also, special thanks to Under Giantess Feet for not including secret fees. When I bought a copy of Growth Dreams “Shoe Growth Fantasy 3” I was charged an additional $0.49, beyond the listed $10.99 price, for a “download fee.” Under Giantess Feet deserves credit for not including such hidden charges!


The next review, scheduled for Thursday, will take a look at some of the best, and some of the worst, comics from Giantess Fan. Until then folks, keep growing!

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