Interview with Newschool2626, Editor and Writer for Interweb Comics

Newschool2626 is an editor and writer for Interweb Comics, the publisher behind Giantess Fan, Shrink Fan, Vore Fan, and other fetish comic lines. Of those many different sites, Newschool2626’s efforts have been focused on Giantess Fan and Vore Fan. A few of his comics, such as “Portals” and “Super Spy,” have already been reviewed here. Several of his stories have been shared on Giantess City and Giantess World. He also wrote the script for the clip “New Year Resolution” for “The Queendom” studio. New Year Resolution features a model named Alexis interacting with a shrunken friend, and it was released in late January 2013. Newschool2626 also drafted the script for another shrink-themed clip entitled “New Boyfriend.” Furthermore, he created several photo collages featuring normal-sized women with tiny men and shared those on DeviantArt and Giantess Booru. Fans can follow Newschool2626 on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’m not sure what people would want to know about me, but I was born and raised in the United States, and currently have two jobs. One job is to write and edit scripts for Giantess Fan, and my other job is working in the entertainment industry. It’s funny, but starting out as a fetish writer kind of led to me trying to write non-giantess content. I hated English/literature classes growing up, and was never great at understanding all the rules of grammar, but I didn’t really worry about it back then because I figured I would never grow up to be a writer. Those people love reading, and at that time, I HATED reading. Books were so boring to me and too slow. It wasn’t until I discovered giantess stories that I finally understood the immersion of your own mind imagining a story. That’s when I started writing and fell in love with creating my own characters, thinking of plots for characters, and it transferred over to “the real world” instead of just the giantess community. That’s why I also always encourage anyone who comes to me with requests to write their own fantasy. Your first stories will be terrible, just like mine were, but you’ll get better at it with time, understand your own style, and no one can create a better story for you than YOU!

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish themes, like shrunken men and vore?

I feel like this fantasy has always been ingrained in me. Nothing really provoked it for me. I know some people say “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” or “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” is something they were obsessed with as a kid, but there was nothing like that that I loved. I remember playing with my Power Rangers when I was very little and making up a story about the pink Power Ranger accidentally eating me or maybe the red Power Ranger and having to come back out the other end, but the episodes I watched never had anything to do with shrinking, so I feel like even though the show had a giant robot fighting a monster every episode, there wasn’t a correlation with my giantess fantasies.

When I was 8 or 9 years old, I also remember imaging a gigantic, naked woman sitting in my backyard, and me walking into her vagina. I knew it was a strange thing to imagine, but I think for me at that time, it was a curiosity to explore the female anatomy which I didn’t know much about. By the time I was 12 or 13, I was going to bed early so I could lay in bed before I fell asleep and dream about being shrunken and trapped in girls’ butts. I had an on-going story in my head I looked forward to going back to for what seemed like months, but was probably only a few weeks. So, I feel like this has always been a part of me. That’s why one of the greatest days of my life was finding the giantess community. I think I was only 15 at the time, and it was through Myspace of all places! But it was incredible because at that moment, I realized I wasn’t alone. I had all these weird fantasies for so long, basically all my life, and I thought I was weird for it, but finding so many other people like me made me feel normal.

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

There are a few people who know about my giantess fetish, but they only know about the size aspect. They don’t know what I like to imagine happening to myself once a giantess has me. I have a few friends who have said they want to read my comics, but I’m too scared of the judgement. It’s one thing to tell your friend about size-play, it’s another thing to go into the specifics. I like to keep it vague.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

The one person who’s art I love and I wish would make more is Screeeow. I’d be thrilled if they got a Patreon page and made more content for money. I’d sign up to be their first Patron! I feel like it’s hard for all of us to find content creators we truly love because we all have such different tastes. For example, a story I like a lot but don’t love is Moving In by Thornton. I think it’s great, but it ends in crush, which I’m not a big fan of. I know that’s a PERFECT ending for some, but for me, I just don’t like death in my stories. There’s actually tons of stories that I go back to a lot, but ONLY FOR certain parts of the story because I don’t like other parts. I wish I had a much longer list of creators to give shout outs to, because I know there’s SO MANY great creators out there. I think Giantess Avenue does AMAZING green screen work, but I don’t enjoy crush. So, they make great content, but it’s not something I can claim to love. I’m probably just too picky, although I do think there would have been other artists I would have loved if they stuck around longer, but it seems like so many creators of giantess content end up leaving. I understand that the older we get, the harder it is to find time to create content, or to just find alone time, but it’s frustrating when you find someone you think will be creating content you really like, only to disappear and not even finish the story you were invested in.

#5) How would you describe your stories?

I like to describe my content as erotica. I hate it when people describe it as porn. I spend a lot of time trying to come up with unique stories, fleshing out characters, developing a relationship, and trying to be as creative as possible. When I think of porn, I think of something very simple and boring. It doesn’t stimulate your mind. I try to stimulate the mind. I consider it art. It’s a form of expression, and I think other people recognize and appreciate that too. One of the best compliments I ever received was from someone who said they started reading Portals for the giantess aspect, but now they were just invested in the story. That meant the world to me, because that’s how I want people to see my work. I don’t want them to see it as porn, or smut. I want them to see it as a story.

This next part may be a little controversial, but I consider all my work as giantess content, even though most of it doesn’t have what I like to call a “true giantess”. It’s mostly a shrunken man with a normal sized woman, but I don’t like calling it shrunken content. The woman of enormous stature compared to the shrunken man is the focus of all my stories, but shrunken content doesn’t even have to have a woman. Shrink Fan is a perfect example of that. There’s lots of stories there where the shrunken people are around normal sized men, or maybe there’s no normal sized people around at all. Some people just like the idea of shrinking the way some growth fans don’t need other characters around. They just want to watch someone change in size. That’s why I think shrunken and growth are much more of opposites, instead of shrunken and giantess.

It’s all about the perspective. To the woman, the person is tiny. To the tiny, the woman is giant, and some stories don’t involve shrinking or growth, but there’s still a size difference. From Our Stars is a perfect example. The aliens are seen as micros because we assume the woman is from Earth. She lives in a house, she has human characteristics, but what if the aliens were also humans? What if the aliens were humans and they traveled from another planet that also looked exactly like Earth? Is the woman an alien living on a giant earth-like planet and she’s a “real” giantess, or are the travelers micros that are visiting from an earth-like planet? I say it’s both, depending on the perspective. All that being said, I do see why people get upset about giantess meaning both a giant sized woman compared to a tiny person and also a giant sized woman compared to a normal sized person.

Personally, I used to hope we could just come up with a new term for one or the other, but I feel like both sides would want to keep the classic term “Giantess”. For example, if I said “Hey everybody! How about normal sized women are ‘giantesses’ and women the size of buildings are giganteses!” I don’t think ANYONE who loves “true giantess” would go for that. They would probably want to keep the word giantess and have a normal sized woman be called something else, which would probably upset the people who love giantesses that are normal sized women. So, my new hope is that we just add a word for each. A normal sized woman that’s a giantess is a “Normal Giantess” and a building giantess is a “Large giantess” or “Abnormal Giantess” or “Gigantic Giantess”. And then we could even have the third category of a woman who is shrunken, but still a giantess compared to people who were more shrunken than she was and call her a “Small Giantess”. It probably won’t happen, but I hate growth vs shrinking because some stories don’t have either. Sometimes, the 50 foot woman was just born that way, and sometimes an inch tall civilization has always been there, and calling either shrunken content or growth content is inaccurate.

#6) How long have you worked for Interweb comics? How did you get started there?

In just a couple of months, I will have been the editor at Giantess Fan comics for 3 years. I started writing for them almost 4 years ago, but I submitted a couple of stories for them 8 years ago when they first got started. I thought they hated the scripts, because I only got one or two replies, and then it was radio silence. So, I threw in the towel until I randomly decided one day to give it another try about 4 years after my initial try. I pitched them Portals, and the senior editor really liked the idea of it, but it took a really long time to get that first script right because I knew I wanted to tell the stories of two incidents happening simultaneously… but I also tried to write it that way.

So, in other words, the first halves of the first and second issues combined made up the first drafts of the first issue, and it didn’t work. It didn’t flow. After a lot of notes and back and forth with the senior editor, I basically decided to tell three separate incidents in three separate issues and have them all come together at some point, which wasn’t the original plan. My original plan was for there to only be 4 portals that opened up in the world, and when they close, they stay closed. The two men are permanently shrunken and just have to deal with it, but once I saw the potential for other stories and thought about what would happen if a girl grew into a true giantess, I developed a full story arc that turned out much better than what I had originally planned. So, that’s how it all basically started. Months of rewriting a first issue, followed by more scripts, and then getting asked if I wanted the editor position.

#7) Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

I have a one-shot comic coming out February 8th, 2021 called A Warm Winter Getaway. It’s about a couple that goes up to a snowy cabin for a romantic, winter vacation, but the guy let’s his girlfriend down just like he always does, and while his girlfriend is normally sweet and understanding, him starting to ruin their trip makes her decide that he should pay from his own mistakes for once. I also have more Portals and Super Spy on the way, but neither have gone into production, so those won’t be announced for at least a couple more months. I’m hoping Casting Couch 2 gets announced sooner rather than later, and I have one other comic that will be the first issue of what I’m hoping will be a 3 or 4 issue series. Alyssa Reece also just sent me an email asking her if I wanted to write her another clip, so assuming she films it, that should probably be coming out either in December or by the end of November. However, I’m also making collage stories for free! I’m always so thankful for my fans, because without them, I wouldn’t still be writing. We are a community, and I’m only a small member of the community. There’s no point in just doing it for yourself, so I like to make material that’s free for anyone who can’t afford paid content, or maybe they like my writing but just don’t like comics because it’s a visual medium and they’d rather spend a multiple of paragraphs seeing what a character is thinking and feeling.

Thank you for taking part in this interview!

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Newschool2626, Editor and Writer for Interweb Comics

  1. After reading this interview, I’m kinda disappointed. You didn’t address the elephant in the room. Why does Newschool2626 keep writing so-called “Giantess Stories” when his female characters DO NOT grow & his male characters shrink?


    1. I think that Newschool2626 did address that issue in his response to question #5. I respectfully disagree, but I want to learn other people’s perspectives even if we do not agree.

      Personally, I use giantess when a woman is inhumanly tall and shrunken people (if shrinking is involved) or tiny people (when the people are already tiny and there is no changing size) for scenarios when the woman is of normal size.

      However, I want people to feel free to give their opinions, regardless of whether I feel the same or not.

      Obviously, if a creator was spreading clear falsehoods or hate then that policy would not apply and I would not give them a platform. But an question like this is something that can be debated.


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