Review of ZZZ Comics “I Need More”


This illustrated story was released in 2015 and can be purchased at the following link:  It was written by ZZZ with art by Bunny, lettering by Josh Southall, and a cover by Cris Delara. It comes in a normal edition for $7.99 and a collector’s edition for $8.99. The 50-page collectors edition includes the images both with and without text, plus alternate artwork, previews for other comics, and sketch pages.

Technically, her frienemy’s name was spelled “Ana” until Growing Circle 3

Our hero Kevin saves the life of a witch, Dina from ZZZ’s Growing Circle series. In return, she casts a spell that endows him with the ability to make women bustier and taller by having sex!

Would be hard to tell her no…
Best to hide your work shirts from busty women
Lots of clothes bursting!

I enjoyed the artwork; my only quibble is that sometimes women were drawn in impossible poses.

Her back is supremely flexible

Cris Delara also did covers for ZZZ’s “No Meat Please” and “No Meat Please 2”. It appears that this is the only ZZZ comic with artwork by Bunny.

I’ll have to rescue a witch someday 😉
Kevin is rather busy throughout the comic

I recommend this comic. It’s an enjoyable comic featuring multiple sequences of sexy women growing curvier, breaking out of their clothes, and engaging in lots of sex!

The story was continued, and drawn by a different artist, in “I Need More 2” which was released in 2017. On a side note, it would be preferable if the comic series did not switch artists and kept a consistent style throughout. However, I realize that sometimes that’s not possible. Given that there were two years between the first and second, perhaps we can get a third installment in 2019?

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