A Look Back at Adventures of Olivia #5


Jabberwocky Graphix’s The Adventures of Olivia issue number 5 was originally published in 1996. A hard copy can be ordered for $5 from this link: https://www.jabberwockygraphix.com/adventuresolivia.html#AOO-5

This 36-page issue contains two separate stories. I will be focusing on the first story in this issue, “Big Woman on Campus.” The second, “Every Man’s Dream,” does not contain giantesses or female growth, but is still a fun read.

The interior artwork for “Big Woman on Campus,” while black and white, is pretty nice. Backgrounds are detailed. Art was done by Brad W. Foster, the owner of Jabberwocky Graphix, and Jose Dominguez.

Our tale begins with four lovely ladies: Olivia, Sandy, Lupe, and Mi-Hy, expressing their gratitude to some movers. The movers, all strapping young men, are carrying furniture into a house that Olivia recently inherited. One of the ladies, Mi-Hy, leaves the ongoing orgy at 3PM to head to her extra-credit biology lab at the “Russ Meyers School of Biology.”

Not sure if the proper procedures for human experimentation were followed… 😉

After arriving, Mi-Hy finds her professor trying to convince his young male assistant to try a new formula. The assistant demurs and Mi-Hy, tired of waiting, downs the concoction herself.

Harold is Mi-Hy’s first “victim”  🙂

The formula quickly stimulates the sexy co-ed, who starts to fuck several different men on campus as she grows larger and larger!

Super-Climaxes cure a variety of ills

Thankfully, Olivia met a giant, named Briar, in a story entitled “The Bimbos and the Beanstalk!’ which was published in The Adventures of Olivia issue number 2, from 1990. Briar is willing to have sex with Mi-Hy and save the day!

Overall, I enjoyed this comic. The biggest negative was that this is only available for purchase in hard copy.  I would love to see this put online for purchase in a digital format.

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