“Veronica Vaughn Needs to GROW UP” by Veronica Vaughn


(NOTE: This was requested by “Johnny Cage” and “Jean” on May 29, 2020, in the comments section of the “Shoe Growth Fantasy 3” review. Hmm… Johnny Cage, from that arcade fighting game? Cue “Techno Syndrome,” the Mortal Kombat theme song!)

Good morning everyone,

I’m happy that a relatively large number of creators have made size-themed adult content. Having more creators making size-fetish content means we get more perspectives and more diverse stories! Thus, I intend to review a broad selection of macrophilia and do what I can to highlight more creators.

Accordingly, this is the first work from Veronica Vaughn that I’ve examined. She appeared in several pornographic films, such as “Big Titty Milfs 8,” “Cougar Safari,” and “Dirty & Kinky Mature Women 63,” before filming her own fetish creations.

I could use a vacation, can someone give me directions to “SexyTown USA”? Sounds like a fun place! 😎

“Veronica Vaughn Needs To GROW UP” stars Veronica Vaughn, runs for 10 minutes, and was first released in late November 2013. You can find it for $14.99 at ManyVids.

It is also sold at Clips4Sale, but costs four dollars more. Four versions are available: 1080P high-definition (HD) in MP4 and WMV file formats and standard definition (SD) also in MP4 and WMV. All are sold for $18.99.


The story begins when Veronica receives a phone call from her boyfriend. He angrily tells her to “grow up” after she expresses a desire to go to the club. She does just what he suggested and transforms!


There’s a wardrobe change shortly after the start.

5 - wardrobe change also nice shoe rack

The action starts strong with an upper kick. Or to put that another way, I enjoyed the clothing destruction featured in the first half of this clip!

Yes, I’m connecting this review to Mortal Kombat. What else could be done after  receiving a request from one of the franchise’s founding characters? 🙂

A bra is broken, buttons are popped, nylons get runs, panties are destroyed, a shirt is split, shoes have toes ripped out and heels snapped, etc. This was all great, and a big plus over similar clips which have performers remove clothing vice destroying them.

6 - yay clothing destruction

I also appreciated the effort to make Veronica appear extra-large in her house. For instance, she has to duck underneath a door frame.


Additionally, Veronica has to make a phone call using a cell-phone which is tiny compared to her enlarged palm.


Background music and sound effects were used well. This also ends in the same fashion as the last video that I reviewed, GEN’s LABO “Online GTS-2”! That is to say, it features a crushing end to Veronica’s annoying boyfriend.

However, the most positive aspect, a powerful upper cut you could say, was Veronica’s willingness to perform nude and masturbate on camera.


What is this, a size-fetish work featuring a nude woman and masturbation? Could this be an indicator that unclothed performers being naughty might be welcome in these videos? 😉 I’m being a little snarky, but it’s important to note that not all producers are reluctant to include naked people and sex in their videos. But I won’t belabor that point.

Now, where does this suffer or take a hit, like being smacked in the face by Kitana’s steel fans?

9 - Johnny Cage hit by Kitana in Mortal Kombat 9
^ Taken from Mortal Kombat 9.

I feel like a jerk for stating this, but honestly I think the biggest drawback for most will be Veronica’s age. She is an attractive woman, and has a sexy body considering that she was in her mid-forties, if not older, while filming. Maintaining such a figure is an impressive feat, particularly after giving birth to multiple children! (NOTE: An online biography stated that she had six kids.) However, customers may consider her too old.

Additionally, the matting was a bit rough at times. For example, Veronica’s toes “sink” into the pavement as a giantess, as seen below:


Nonetheless, I thought this clip was worth the money and recommend it.

Fans can purchase “Veronica Vaughn Needs to GROW UP” for $14.99 at the following link: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/1319958/Veronica-Vaughn-Needs-To-GROW-UP/

Of note, it appears, as of early June 2020, that Veronica is no longer making content. The latest video posted on her Clips4Sale page was released in late June 2019.

Johnny Cage as rendered in Mortal Kombat 11

So, what do you think of this review folks? Did I score a “Fatality” that should make Johnny Cage proud? Let me know in the comments below!


Lastly, the overwhelming bulk of size-fetish content currently focuses on white cisgender male customers. Much work remains to expand the scope. As noted before, I want to cover as many creators as possible to include diverse perspectives. That said, do you know of underrepresented creators producing size-fetish media? If so, please send me a message at solomong_author@outlook.com or post in the comments. Thank you!


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3 thoughts on ““Veronica Vaughn Needs to GROW UP” by Veronica Vaughn

  1. I loved the review, but if you don’t mind, you can do a review on the top 10 videos with shoes, high heels, sandals being destroyed in growh fetish videos

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm… I could do something like that, but that’s very broad criteria. It’s not possible for me to watch every growth fetish video which features shoes being destroyed. However, I could make a list of clips which I think are very good. June is scheduled already with planned reviews, but I will aim to publish such a “top 10 videos” list in July.


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