Hopes and Predictions for 2020

Counting Crows - A Long December
“Maybe this year will be better than the last.” – Counting Crows “A Long December”

Good afternoon all,

It’s the beginning of 2020, and the second year of the Reiwa (令和) era! This feels like an appropriate time to look forward and dream about what’s next.

Predicting the future is notoriously difficult. Films like 1982’s “Blade Runner” depicted a 2019 in which lifelike androids co-existed with flying cars. 1989’s “Back to the Future Part II” showcased a 2015 with flying cars and hover boards. 2005’s “The Island” predicted human cloning in 2019.

(NOTE: The degree to which those films were seeking accuracy versus striving to be entertaining is certainly relevant. However, it seems reasonable that they intended at least a modicum of accuracy.)

This post will be much narrower in scope. Instead of depicting the world a decade or more in the future I want to outline hopes and predictions for the next twelve months. Although, it may, very likely, be just as inaccurate 😉

The latest techniques in trigonometry and temporal mechanics were used to draft the predictions in this post 😎

I’ve numbered the following in order to organize my thoughts. That was not meant to imply levels of importance.

#5) New comics from ZZZ

Sadly, 2019 did not receive a single new release at www.sizechangecentral.com. That was a real shame as previously the site routinely provided comics featuring growing couples, men and women, that are rarely found at sites like DreamTales, Giantess Club, or Giantess Fan. Although, ZZZ’s activity continued on Patreon.

The above is the latest update posted on www.sizechangecentral.com, as of early January 2020.

ZZZ posted on DeviantArt that the “Princess Lilly Art Pack” was available, as of late December 2019, via Patreon. It’s scheduled to be sold on Gumroad this January. That’s a good thing.

Yet, there are several comics such as “College Grown / Farm Grown / Everything Grown,” “Growth Formula,” and “I Need More” which were left incomplete. (In fact, practically all the series were unfinished.)


My understanding is that Patreon supporters receive a “couple pages” each month. However, at least to me, that’s not an attractive proposition compared to simply purchasing complete comics when they’re finished. For the same reason, I would want to buy an issue of Superman at one time, not a few pages at a time to slowly assemble over a few months into a full product.

Nonetheless, I hope and predict that 2020 will see new ZZZ comics! 😎

#4) A new level of quality in macrophilia videos

I’d love to see a macrophilia-themed movie with a budget like 2005’s “Pirates,” produced by Adam & Eve and Digital Playground. At the time of release, Pirates reportedly was the most expensive adult film ever made with a budget of $1 million. Three years later, its sequel, “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge,” had an even larger budget of $8 million. Just imagine the care that could be taken with audio and visual size-changing effects with such largesse!


Comparably generous infusions of cash into giantess videos will most likely not happen. (Please prove me wrong 2020, please prove me wrong… 😉 )

Yet, there are steps that should be taken to improve quality. Scripts could be drafted and used. Performers given wearable microphones instead of relying solely upon the camera’s microphone. Music, if used, could be balanced to avoid drowning out dialogue. Actresses could remove jewelry after transformation scenes to avoid instances of a giantess wearing a bracelet and wedding ring. Care could be taken to avoid shadows upon green screens. Etc.

I’m heartened by statements about “raising the bar,” such as in the following tweet recently sent by Giantess Katelyn.


Bottom line, the desire is for innovation!

#3) Fans pay for size-fetish media

My interest regarding this topic is selfish in many ways. First, as someone who personally dedicates time to creating my own content, I want to be compensated for the effort. (I suppose if independently wealthy creators are motivated solely by others appreciation then don’t worry about paying if they don’t ask for support. I’ve never met anyone like that, but it’s possible they exist. <shrug> )

Second, as previously mentioned, I desire innovation. There’s no way to ask people to exert more effort for no reward. Creators are human beings. They need food, shelter, etc. for themselves and their families. They don’t want to spend time working hard to then see their stuff shared on PornHub.

Third, it just makes sense. We do not regularly expect others to provide goods and services at no cost. (That is to say, I’ve had little luck walking into McDonalds and demanding a cheeseburger for free.) Therefore, why do fans expect quality content at zero cost?

(NOTE: On this topic, SizeTalk recorded a podcast entitled “Supporting the Size Community and its Creators!” in mid-November 2019. I recommend giving it a listen.)


So, if you like size-fetish media then support the actors, artists, authors, and producers whose efforts make it all possible. Don’t take their hard work and disseminate it without permission. Be selfish and give them the means to continue creating and improving the works you love.

#2) More complex size-fetish stories

What does that mean? It refers to stories that use size-fetish themes to discuss other topics, not just size-fetish as an end in of itself.

To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with media that focuses solely on sex. Some of my favorites have little depth or additional themes. For example, I enjoy Giantess Fan’s “Worst Day Ever,” “Jill’s Growth Formula,” Rapscalion’s “Big Nymphomaniac,” etc. I do not want to see those go away.

However, there is potential to tell broader stories.

For example, Syrus Durham (a.k.a. Scidram) stated in an interview:

“I don’t like to describe my stories as merely shrinking woman stories. I write stories that happen to involve shrinking. For example, my novel “Short Time” is really a whodunit mystery story, “Desperate Measures” is really a love story about a married couple on the verge of giving up, and “How the Chips May Fall” is really about secrets a group of friends keep from one another. Really, the stories about the characters, and I look for interesting ways to weave the plot device of shrinking into them. Even my short “Sticky Notes” for SizeRiot’s #GentleApril19 wasn’t about shrinking; it was used metaphorically for something else.”

Bottom line, let’s see more complexity.


#1) Size-fetish fans should feel no shame

There’s no reason for people that enjoy erotic tales of tiny or giant people to feel shame. However, it appears that many people do. (Perhaps that plays a role in the reluctance to pay for size-fetish works.) There is often a reticence to discuss this fetish, even with close loved ones. I myself struggled when I first told my wife over two decades ago.

To quote Jitensha from an interview in which she is discussing the impetus for SizeCon:

“Even with all the challenges we had, one of my biggest motivators to get this convention going was to push the agenda that I strongly believe as size kinksters we deserve love. We are not broken. We are not any less worthy of sexual gratification. We may be sexually different, but we still have as much trouble understanding our vanilla partners just as much as they struggle to understand our sexuality.”

So, I lied. Previously, I wrote “I’ve numbered the following in order to organize my thoughts. That was not meant to imply levels of importance.” But… the truth is that this last hope sits at number one for a good reason.


So, those are my hopes and predictions for 2020! Let’s revisit them at the beginning of 2021 and then examine what the year gave us.

Next up should be a look at an illustrated story from a creator not yet covered on the blog. Additionally, there are a few exciting interviews in the pipeline 😀

Until then folks, keep growing!


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