Size Riot GentleApril19 stories

Do you like stories concerning people of widely different sizes interacting with each other? If so, then check out the following collection of thirty diverse tales concerning size-fetish fiction!

These were written by participants in the quarterly Size Riot contest which I previously discussed. Per the contest rules, each story is 2,000 words long or less and includes one or more main characters which are middle-aged, 45 years or older. Also, authors provided tags and trigger warnings which are listed here.

I have not yet read them all, but already I’ve enjoyed fantasies involving giant men, giant women, and giant couples getting friendly in public. So, please check them out yourself and give feedback.

P. S. I wrote a story for this contest, can you guess which one?  😉

(I won’t reveal its title until June, when the evaluations are complete.)




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