A Look Back at Sterling Comics Peculiar Tales #1


This is a look at a black and white giantess comic created over 21 years ago! Sterling Comics’ Peculiar Tales Issue #1 was produced by Drake C. Letcher with art by Zanfadar which came out in July 1997. Our characters are Ann Costumari, a young lady who needs money to pay for her Mom’s operation, Doctor John Thompson, who thinks Ann will be the perfect subject for an experiment which would pay for that operation, and Tara, Dr. Thompson’s evil assistant.

simple backgrounds
Panel backgrounds were sparse or non-existent
kirby krackle
Kirby Krackle!
Several transformations were featured, such as breast expansion
muscle enhancement
Antagonist Tara becomes muscular at various points
Tara mentions her hair, but it changed little throughout the story
mile high
Both ladies grow quite a bit 🙂

The artwork is simplistic, not up to par compared to the modern illustrated stories sold by sites like Dream Tales, Giantess Club, Giantess Fan, etc. However, it did the job. The story was fun. The comic featured two women outgrowing their clothes and buildings, and then battling each other. No sex, but still a sexy story if that makes sense 😉

The biggest negative is that this comic is nearly impossible to find. I would love to see all of the “Pure Growth” and “Peculiar Tales” comics put online for purchase, perhaps for something around $2.99 per issue. The rights holder would at least make some money selling them in a digital format instead of the current situation in which they can only be found in very rare eBay sales or via illicit file-sharing sites.

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