Destruction Damsels Presents Canary Addison in “A GROWING CLIMAX”!

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The last few weeks of reviews at There She Grows were focused on new creators. However, today let’s switch gears and change the emphasis to brand new works from previously discussed creators. Accordingly, this post will examine Canary Addison in “A GROWING CLIMAX”! from Destruction Damsels studio.

(SIDE NOTE: For an earlier review of another Destruction Damsels video check out this look at “A ‘GROWING’ EDUCATION” Featuring Sugargirlmodel. Additionally, you can read an interview with the studio owner here.)

A Growing Climax is a 10-minute clip which was released on March 17th, 2021. It appears that this was Canary Addison’s only acting role as I couldn’t find anything else featuring her. (NOTE: Please let me know if I’m mistaken!)

Someone referred to as “The Wise Fool” was also involved in this production, but it was unknown what they contributed. There were no end credits to delineate the different roles of the contributors.

A Growing Climax begins with the all-too relevant scenario of a person who was just laid off.

Further contributing to the sense of realism, this clip also includes a reference to a real-world web site. Specifically, Canary name drops OnlyFans. Our heroine states that she would make money via OnlyFans if only her libido wasn’t so low. However, a friend recommends that Canary participate in a trial testing the effectiveness of a new libido enhancer.

$1 million “Solo” bucks to the first person who can guess what these pills do! 😉

I want to take a moment now and discuss the outstanding sound work throughout this video. That includes the muffled voice of Canary talking to someone behind a glass window, racing heart beats, stretching noises, voice-over to simulate Canary’s inner thoughts, etc. Well done!

Returning to the plot, it appears that her libido was indeed kick started!

After some brief masturbation, our protagonist begins to rapidly grow. Delightfully, this was accompanied by widespread clothing destruction:

^ Might have to include this in the upcoming Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes —Part Trois! (NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with the previous iterations, check out Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes! and Top 10 (kinda) Shoe Bursting Scenes — Part Deux!)
Canary provided a solid acting performance.

Further warming this size-fetish reviewer’s cold heart was the fact that this included multiple stages of growth! At first there is the pounding beat of an excited heart rate as Canary expands, but then that thumping noise briefly subsides and her growth stops. However, the transformation soon shifts back into gear and our protagonist swells ever larger!

Not content with merely attaining Amazon or mini-giantess stature, our heroine bursts out of her humble abode:

She enacts vengeance against her former employer, but is eventually felled by a helicopter armed with a huge hypodermic needle. A voice-over lays the ground work for a sequel when a mysterious woman tells her subordinate to bring Canary, and other unseen test subjects, to a base for further testing.

Is this a call-back to 1957’s “The Amazing Colossal Man”? The giant in that film was also defeated by a giant syringe. (NOTE: Long-time size-fetish fans might also recognize this trope from 1983’s “Focus on Fishko,“ 2009’s “Monsters vs. Aliens,” or 2016’s “The Amazing Colossal Woman Part Two.”) Learn more about The Amazing Colossal Man on April 22nd, when it will be reviewed here.
I appreciated the cracked pavement caused by her impact, as well as the bouncing boobs 😉 Also in the plus column, it looks like she removed her earrings after the growth scene! I could be wrong as her long curly hair obscures the ears most of the time, but zooming in on this shot it looks like her earrings are gone.

This is a superb growth clip. Some potential caveats do exist though. For one, gentle giantess fans may be dismayed that this does include a brief vore sequence. Furthermore, towards the end there was a bit in which CGI people were used to make a crowd fleeing from giantess Canary. However, the CGI people did not mesh well with the scene. Additionally, there was no interaction (no picking up or stomping) between Canary and those tiny bystanders. Therefore, I do not believe that their inclusion added anything of value. They should have been omitted as their CGI appearance contrasted strongly against the otherwise believable background.

Also on my wish list for productions like this would be more sex. Dare a humble man dream of a world in which a live-action production features two or more people having sex while they grow? Or failing that, at least allow Canary to masturbate until climax. Lastly, as always, I gently advocate for the removal of the studio watermark, but I will concede that nearly all producers would rather cover themselves in honey and dance in front of a bear cave than omit a watermark!

I could also quibble about the fact that her stockings still fit (at least partly) even at her much enlarged size.

However, overall this is a strong recommend for growth fans. It would be easy to slip into hyperbole, but nonetheless I am hard pressed to think of any other contemporary growth videos made with this level of effort. Canary Addison in “A GROWING CLIMAX”! can be purchased for $9.99 at the following link:

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will take a look at BustArtist’s latest comic. Until then, keep growing!

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6 thoughts on “Destruction Damsels Presents Canary Addison in “A GROWING CLIMAX”!

  1. well you could do part three of the Top 10 of shoe pop scenes and I really love your post about growth

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    1. I’m glad you liked the post. I plan to do a part three for the shoe bursting scenes over the next few months.


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