“Outgrowing the Universe” Parts 1 and 2 by Cutie Kayla, a.k.a. Kayla Kiss

Good morning everyone,

This review will cover two clips entitled “Outgrowing the Universe,” which were made by Cutie Kayla, a.k.a. Kayla Kiss. Kayla, a Midwest girl from the U.S., has produced fetish videos for over 9 years. The first was “Lotion, Candy, and Feet!” which was published on June 20th, 2011, at Clips4Sale. Since then, she has produced several works centered on size themes such as “Giantess ASSassination!”, “The Little Navy Men,” and “The Loving Giantess.”

Outgrowing the Universe part one, with a runtime of 33 minutes, was released on November 6th, 2018, and part two, with a runtime of 28 minutes, on November 29th, 2018. Part one begins with Kayla attired in a faux military outfit. The clothing was pleasantly revealing, but made a rather unrealistic uniform. I’d have preferred if she had worn a proper getup, but she does look rather attractive, even if it screams “I’m a Sexy General” from Spencer’s in the neighborhood mall. (NOTE: For creators wanting to make believable military characters, please check out the “So, you want to include military characters in your fictional work?” editorial.)

She speaks to the viewer as if they were Brian, a scientist employed by the United States Air Force. No one played the part of Brian. Some folks may appreciate that as it could make it easier to imagine themselves in his situation. However, I would have hired an actor to voice Brian’s role.

Kayla gives an enjoyable performance and appeared to have fun. However, her voice becomes too loud and causes distortion when she gets close to the microphone.
While inauthentic, her uniform did have its advantages 😎

Kayla forces Brian to drink a formula which shrinks him down to 1/4 of an inch, or the size of her smallest fingernail. After the off-camera shrinking, a tiny figurine was used to represent Brian. Kayla then describes how much she enjoyed watching him shrink. (NOTE: Of course, it would have been more impressive to SEE Brian shrink instead of merely listening to Kayla describe his transformation.)

Kayla interacts quite a bit with the yellow-shirted figurine, as can be seen in the following images:

Feels like “tiny person on a woman’s nose” is becoming a size-fetish sub-genre. For another instance of this trope, check out Giantess Zone’s “Lydia and Keri in Giantess Fascination SFX.”
The blue room does not look like a military laboratory.

As previously mentioned, Kayla provided an enjoyable performance. However, she did repeat the name “Brian” a few too many times. I understand that these two videos were made to fulfill a custom request. However, it was awkward to hear the name repeated over and over when ostensibly there were only two people in the conversation. Ergo, how many times do you repeat another person’s name when they’re the only other person in the room?

Moving on, it’s important to note that Kayla did not increase in size during Outgrowing the Universe Part 1, but instead it was just a shrunken man video. Nothing wrong with that per se, but folks may expect more when the title of the videos are literally Outgrowing the Universe. That noted, consumers do see a lovely and fully naked voluptuous woman performing light masturbation with a tiny action figure.

Splitting the performance may be beneficial to those customers who only want to see a shrunken man and do not care for talk of a giantess. Similarly, those who only want the giantess bits can skip part 1 and only purchase part 2. However, there were no special effects (SFX) used in either segment. Therefore, it’s important to note that Outgrowing the Universe Part 2 ALSO has no growth. It features much ado in the form of a monologue about how great growing will be, but it did not visually depict such a welcome process.

Part 1 ends abruptly as no attempt was made to smooth out the transition between the two parts. Instead, the first ends in the middle of the action and the second begins without any set-up. In part 2, Kayla says the formula shrinks men, but does the opposite to women. Kayla tells us all about how she will become so much larger and it was pure “tell don’t show.” I usually want the opposite, “show don’t tell.” That’s to say, instead of telling viewers what you will do as a giantess, show us what you will do. Although, it must be said there was pleasure to be had watching a buxom beauty dance while discussing her future plans as a giantess, and while she rides a dildo.

That’s the totality of part 2. No SFX, but a nude Kayla shifting around and talking for nearly a half hour about all the grandiose accomplishments she will do as giant growing woman.

Overall, these clips were nice, but expensive. Part 1 costs $29.99 and part 2 costs $26.99.

Other studios such as BattleBeauties, Destruction Damsels, Ginary’s Giantess Adventures, etc. include SFX in their cheaper clips of growing women. Therefore, I cannot recommend Outgrowing the Universe due to the cost and lack of practical or visual effects. That said, I would be very happy to see Kayla in future growth-themed videos with clothing destruction and post-processing work to depict outgrowing her outfit and buildings! (Psst! Gary Pranzo, hire Kayla and put her in a Growth Dreams video 😉 )

That’s it for today folks, the next review will cover a Japanese short film about an alien giantess facing off against malevolent monsters. Until then, keep growing!

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