Giantess Zone’s “Lydia and Keri in Giantess Fascination SFX”

Good morning everyone,

Hopefully, folks were able to enjoy well-deserved downtime over the Thanksgiving weekend. I went out of town for the holiday, but dined upon Japanese curry and チャーハン chahan (pork and egg fried rice) instead of turkey. All the same, it was a nice respite from the dumpster fire that has been the year 2020. Freshly renewed, let’s now dive into a video from Media Impact Productions.

Giantess Zone’s “Lydia and Keri in Giantess Fascination SFX” stars Keri Spectrum and Lydia Vengence, runs for over 17 minutes, and was released on July 20th, 2020. (NOTE: Some other performers were shown on screen, but they were uncredited. Those unidentified actors gestured at the female behemoth and a few of them were flattened at various points.)

The story begins with Keri Spectrum examining a gem reputed to grant wishes. Keri absentmindedly wishes, while holding the gem, that her friend Lydia was a giantess with a face as large as a building.

The magic’s potency may have been boosted by a drinking glass embossed with the word “Gryffindor,” referencing a House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter franchise. The top of the Gryffindor glass is visible at the bottom of this screenshot.

Surprise surprise, the mystical stone fulfills Keri’s desire and Lydia begins to grow larger! (SIDE NOTE: Can we get more size-fetish actresses wearing glasses? Please and thank you!)

It is vitally important to have safety equipment, like a fire extinguisher, on hand before enlarging someone 😎 Safety first!

Unfortunately, Lydia stepped out of the black high-heeled shoes without mercilessly destroying them with expanding toes.

Got some butt expansion too 😀

Those high heels escaped unharmed and thus stand at the ready for later productions. However, her bra, leggings, skirt, and top were torn apart and shall never be seen again. (Pour one out for all the clothing sacrificed while creating size-fetish porn!)

Of interest, there were all-too brief snippets of frontal nudity when Lydia bursts out of her undergarments. Her breasts were lightly obscured by digital blurring, but we get a second of unobscured pubic hair.

Roofers find steady employment repairing buildings wrecked by expanding women 🙂

Somehow, Lydia immediately finds appropriately-sized black material to cover her naughty bits. Knowing of Keri’s size fetish, Lydia assumes that Keri is responsible for the transformation.

Can anyone identify the city used as the backdrop?

While figuring out the cause for her new status as “Most Likely to be Picked First in the WNBA Draft,” Lydia also takes a moment to touch her breasts. Got to appreciate a 100-foot tall woman lightly fondling herself while describing how huge she is, as can be seen below:

I don’t actually know how tall she is, but 100-foot tall seemed like a good guess.

Yet, there was also a missed opportunity. Reportedly, Keri would often talk about how sexy it would be to watch her best friend grow larger. However, after that fantasy has become reality Keri watches from a window and slightly twists her body side to side in a slow and disinterested manner. Why not masturbate at the sight of an erotic dream come to life?

Of course, it is perfectly understandable if the performers were uncomfortable with sex scenes. Furthermore, nudity and intercourse, even comparatively tame simulated soft-core acts, are nearly non-existent in Media Impact Productions. Nonetheless, that does not preclude hiring actresses that are willing. Imagine a woman masturbating at the sight of her best friend rapidly swelling to an incredible size! Presumably, the sight of her wildest fetish brought into being right before her eyes would be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Would you like to give an indication, no matter how subtle, that you find this arousing? Or you could just stand there with your hands at your sides, guess that works too.

After Lydia fully transformed, a fair amount of runtime, over seven minutes, is spent watching her stomp around the city while crushing cars and innocent bystanders. That’s not my cup of tea, but evil giantess fans should enjoy this segment.

Eventually, Lydia finds her friend and demands to be shrunk down. Lydia has to put Keri on her nose and then destroy the gem to return to normal. (Sounds legit to me 😉 ) Then we have a final scene in which Keri sits on Lydia’s nose, the gem is destroyed, and then the video ends. Allegedly, Lydia should begin to shrink down, but that was not shown.

Overall, despite the aforementioned missed opportunity, I recommend Lydia and Keri in Giantess Fascination SFX. The clip includes a brief, but fun, sequence for growth fans and a destructive rampage for evil giantess fans as well. It can be purchased for $12.99 here.

That’s it for today folks, Thursday’s review will cover a female muscle growth (FMG) comic. Until then, keep growing!

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