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Previously, There She Grows examined free 3-D CGI comics such as bmtbguy’s “Cheap Tricks” and Alex-GTS-Artist’s “Jessica & Michael.” Today, let’s look at another free CGI comic “A Bittersweet Blessing” by Beetlebomb.

The first page for this series was released on October 10th, 2020, and the most recent, from Chapter 4, was released earlier this month in mid-May 2021. Unlike Cheap Tricks and Jessica & Michael, there are two versions of A Bittersweet Blessing. One version, available for free on DeviantArt, censors sex scenes and hides genitals, but includes topless nudity. For example, the following blurred version of page 164 can be found on DeviantArt:

However, fans can buy an uncensored version on Gumroad or support Beetlebomb via Patreon to see the non-pixelated pages:

No, I’m not actually going to show you the goods here. You got to buy this from Beetlebomb to see everything! 😉

Given that much of this comic is available for free that significantly reduces the amount of criticism a person could have. After all, if something costs no money then it’s difficult to muster up a lot of outrage. Thus, you won’t hear me tell Beetlebomb:

How dare you sir! Think you can just provide quality breast expansion and mini-giantess content for nothing? What impudence!” 😉

However, I can’t help but weigh in with my thoughts on how this might be made better and how it’s a bit confusing at times.

That leads me into my biggest concern, the plot. It is simultaneously the biggest potential downfall and the biggest selling point. There is a deep, potentially engaging conflict within. However, it can get bewildering. Let’s not get too far ahead though. Now we should take a step back and outline the plot.

It involves a young newlywed couple named Mark and Giselle Miller. One day, immediately after a brief fight between then, a bunch of glowing butterflies surrounded Giselle and she begins to transform. She grows taller, her breasts become larger, and her butt balloons in volume.

Except it’s not so much that she is transforming as it is that Mark has (somehow) traveled to a separate parallel dimension. In this parallel dimension or universe, it is not only his wife’s body that is different. Their friends are also different. In Mark and Giselle’s original universe, they have two friends named Karen and Rob. However, after Giselle’s body changed, Giselle had no knowledge of those people. Therefore, Mark transitioned to a new universe in which a version of Giselle was not only curvier, but had also led a different life than his actual wife.

Mark again wishes that his wife was taller and she grows in response to his desire! Or rather, Mark travels to another dimension in which his wife is taller.

It soon become apparent that Mark’s desire for his wife to grow is causing him to travel to alternate dimensions. It’s as if his unconscious was searching alternate dimensions until it found a version of Giselle which met the requirements. Alternatively, perhaps some telepathic benefactor was reading Mark’s thoughts and attempting to make him happy by sending him to another world in which Giselle was more like his ideal.

Not only friends, but also family and even Mark’s place of employment varies in the different dimensions. On the page above, Mark learns that he has a sister in this particular dimension. In his original dimension, he never had a sister.
There is a lot of “telling AND showing” throughout. For instance, on the page above readers should have been able to determine for themselves that Steph had leaned in with a suspicious look. But the text holds the reader’s hand, and that may reflect an inability to trust the reader’s intelligence.

That concept leads to many questions. Such as, what happened to the version of Mark that lives with busty Giselle? Did the alternate version of Mark replace Mark in his original universe? How did alternate Mark react when he saw the less busty version of Giselle? Will Mark ever re-unite with his actual wife, the Giselle from his original universe? What will happen to the woman that he has known for years, that he once dated and then married, the person that he pledged to spend the rest of his life with, what will her life be like now? What if alternate Mark is abusive to the original Giselle? Is it being unfaithful or considered cheating if a man sleeps with a woman who resembles his wife, but is actually from a different plane of existence? (NOTE: If any divorce lawyers know the answer, please comment below!)

Unaddressed questions aside, this is an interesting deviation from the typical size-fetish content in which an unexplained MacGuffin causes someone to transform. I’m receptive to new approaches and believe that it’s only right to acknowledge when a creator attempts something novel. Such innovation should be praised and, as already mentioned, this comic is free. So, it’s difficult to get worked up over a comic which costs nothing. If a reader doesn’t like it, they don’t have to read it. But… I do like this. I’d just like it to be a bit easier to understand.

Eventually, Giselle becomes aware of the changes. Initially, she was not, because Mark was moving from one dimension to the next. Thus, he first transitioned to an alternate universe in which that particular version of his wife had a late growth spurt in college during which her breasts developed. However, the story grows more complex as elves get involved, Mark is called a “Remnant,” and a mysterious magical woman named Charlotte appears and prods Mark to demonstrate his powers.

So, from this point on Mark (seemingly) no longer travels to different dimensions, but instead modifies people in the dimension he happens to be in.

Again, just to keep everything straight, the woman named “Giselle” and seen above is not the same woman that Mark recently married. Rather, this is a different Giselle from a parallel universe who was bustier than Mark’s actual wife.

Readers then learn that there is a mysterious energy source referred to as “Lifeblood” which is powering the transformations and inter-dimensional travel. I *assume* the energy is meant to be “Elanor’s Lifeblood,” Elanor is an evil Queen, but there was also reference to “Earth’s Lifeblood.”)

I *think* (but definitely could be wrong) that Elanor’s evil forces are trying to drain Earth’s Lifeblood, and Mark is tapping into Elanor’s supply of that which is called Elanor’s Lifeblood. Although, maybe one of those references is a mistake and perhaps both of these highlighted lines should have referred to either Elanor’s or Earth’s Lifeblood. It was ambiguous.

There’s also a powerful bit of jewelry called Nord’him’s Bracelet and a Rebellion fighting against Queen Elanor, and fountains of Sun’dur’ai, and a woman pulling a samurai sword out of her palm, and references to an Architect which may only be a different name for Queen Elanor, and a high council, and relics from the Kah’Ruh, and the Great Division, and … well, suffice to say there was a lot going on! That said, I think it works. Furthermore, it’s nice to have stakes and a goal for our protagonist to work toward.

It appears that Beetlebomb is keeping track of everything and thankfully the character of Mark hasn’t forgotten that this isn’t his original reality, as demonstrated on the following page:

While it’s difficult to complain about the social media links on the bottom of every free page, it would have been nice if those had been removed for those folks (like me!) who paid for the comic. As it is, this feels like buying a smartphone app and still being peppered with advertisements every few minutes even though you paid for the full version and aren’t playing the free app.

In addition to the many transformation sequences, there were m/F and m/FF sex scenes as well as many topless and completely nude ladies. I’m hoping to see even more hardcore sequences and perhaps much larger giantesses will appear and embark upon car-destroying, tower-toppling rampages! 😉

Overall, I recommend that fans of breast expansion and mini-giantesses check out A Bittersweet Blessing. It can be found on Beetlebomb’s DeviantArt page here.

That’s it for now. Next week’s reviews will begin with a look at the graphic novel “Titan” by François Vigneault. It was graciously recommended by a commenter on YouTube. Until then folks, keep growing!

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