Bmtbguy’s “Cheap Tricks 3” finale

Pictured above is Vanessa’s alluring visage in the first image of Cheap Tricks 3’s Chapter 18.

On September 7th, 2019, Bmtbguy posted the final chapter to Cheap Tricks 3. That action concluded a seven-year effort. This effort produced an illustrated story constructed out of thousands of computer-generated images. The end result is that Cheap Tricks 3 is a lengthy, rewarding story provided for free, and I’m very grateful for it!

The first image for Cheap Trick 3 was posted on December 30th, 2011.

Cheap Tricks was first posted in 2010. I took a brief look at the series here, covering up to chapter 16 of Cheap Tricks 3.

Unfortunately, readers missed some interesting bits in between Cheap Tricks 2 and 3. We are told that police attempted to arrest Vanessa (for some reason), but her lover Anthony (a.k.a. Tony or Big Tony) resolved the issue (somehow). It would have been cool to see law enforcement grapple with the immense beauty, but alas that happened off panel.


The tallest woman, Vanessa, was thirteen feet tall at the beginning of Cheap Tricks 3. However, Vanessa was twenty-six feet four inches tall when Cheap Tricks 3 finished. (That’s over ten feet taller than Debra, the second largest woman standing at fourteen feet eight inches.)

Vanessa expanding, as she is wont to do 🙂

In early March 2019, Bmtbguy described the catalyst for growth as follows:

It’s a psychological state/feeling, like when we feel watching giantess stuff, in her case, she feels she is bigger or growing, it’s a kind of “arousal/anxious impulse/anticipation” someone feels about something, like when you’re about to taste a tasty food, before a needle treads into your skin, the peak anger before hitting something with a punch, when a girl’s big breast is 1mm from your face and etc.

Said this, like in sex, this arousal works only when you’re ok, or when you’re into it, meaning that pain, depression, anxiety and lack of confidence avoid the completion of the anticipation with ecstasy, it’s like when a man is not aroused he won’t have an erection, a woman won’t have lubrication, in these cases they don’t cum or have crappy sex, what turns them off for a next sex possibility.

Like on sex, sometimes you just keep going further and further, sometimes not, you can’t predict unless you have some great preliminaries.

Debra is also prone to rapid increases in size.

Some of the negatives I previously highlighted still remain. For example, the series lacks competent antagonists. Jack and Marina are villains, but are incapable of posing much difficulty to our main characters.

Marina is pictured above. Regarding her comment about outgrowing skyscrapers, all I can say is: “I’m not sure that’s going to happen dearie.”

Our heroes were financially indebted to Marina at the beginning of Chapter 17, and they help Marina become taller to repay that debt. In the process, Marina surpasses Audrey, and briefly provides a challenge. However, that challenge is swiftly resolved in Chapter 18. Bottom line, Marina has not posed a significant threat to the status quo in a long time.

Jack, Marina’s former boyfriend, used to be an antagonist, but now it is doubtful that he even constitutes a minor nuisance. In Chapter 14, Jack requested cops jail Melissa (one of the growing ladies) and James (her date) for making out in public, but one of those cops, officer Natalie, immediately dismissed those concerns and told him to disappear. (Although, Natalie initially said that Jack was a suspect. Therefore, shouldn’t the cops have detained Jack?)

<< Yawn >>  Marina’s pursuit of vengeance does not look realistic.

I’d appreciate it if Jack and Marina could add drama and excitement by providing serious obstacles for our heroes to overcome with some effort.

Additionally, Audrey is still a distasteful character. For example, in Chapter 17 she is a “peeping tom,” secretly watching her cousin Jessica make out with Jessica’s boyfriend Edward. (Granted the two were in Audrey’s bed, but still…) Audrey also grabs a woman’s breasts without permission.


Fans of growing couples might be disappointed that there are no male giants in Cheap Tricks. (Although, Tony’s cock grows at Vanessa’s command.)

There’s no growing men in the series.

The last two chapters provide a copious number of renderings depicting beautiful women, particularly during Chapter 17’s pool scene. There’s also some rewarding dialogue for growth fans.

Solomon G is never invited to these parties 😥
I enjoyed Vanessa’s final sequence in which she imagines growing larger than the city. ❤

Feedback has been mostly positive.

Tiny sample of the comments on Giantess City forum
16 DeviantArt
Feedback at DeviantArt

Along with offering praise, several people have requested that various other female characters grow. Additionally, at least one person (see below) seemed to share my desire for some conflict or tension.

15 gtsartists_com
Posted at GTS Artist

I am looking forward to Cheap Tricks 4 and am excited to see where the story line goes. I hope we see clothes ripping and buildings rupturing in the future, while maintaining the gentle giantess theme. Sex scenes are always welcome, but maybe they could be taken up a notch with group sex? For example, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a scene featuring Debra, Melissa, Vanessa (and maybe Tony) getting to know each other intimately.  🙂

Based on Bmtbguy’s previous statements, there won’t be “crazy” size transfer and extreme growth spurts in the main story. Also, Vanessa may never lose her status as the largest giantess. With that in mind, we shall see what lies ahead!

You can read Cheap Tricks at, the Giantess City forum, and at Bmtbguy’s own site. Periodic updates can be found at DeviantArt.

12 - final render CT3

Lastly, if readers enjoy Cheap Tricks, then I strongly recommend that they support Bmtbguy by purchasing copies of “Tales from Domina’s Valley.”


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