Shrink Fan’s “One Extreme to Another”

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This review will cover Shrink Fan’s “One Extreme to Another,” which is currently composed of three issues in total. The first was released on August 1st, 2017, the second on February 1st, 2020, and the third on November 1st, 2020. (NOTE: The third ends with “To be continued…” However, as of late August 2021, a fourth issue is not listed on the schedule of upcoming releases.)

a0040pc served as the writer for this series. Butaemon was the artist for the first issue, while Oscar Celestini drew the second and third. Kevin Cruz and Paw from Studio GFX were the letterers for issue #2 and #3 respectively. Layout duties were done by Dio of Studio GFX. Lastly, Mac Rome was the editor for the first two and Cezar Nix was the editor for the third.

a0040pc has written many comics for Interweb including, but not limited to, “Survival of the Smallest” and “Watch Your Tongue!” for Shrink Fan, as well as “Giantess RPG” and “Girls on the Grow” for Giantess Fan.

One Extreme to Another centers upon Nina, a “freakishly tall” (her height was given as 7’2″) woman who wishes she was smaller. She responds to a classified ad placed by an initially unnamed scientist. She goes to his office and he very quickly (one could even say “recklessly” 😉 ) administers a height-changing drug. He states that it should shrink her by at least a foot and a half.

However, her reduction in height passes his original estimate of one and a half feet and then begins to accelerate!

The scientist’s name was given in issue #2 as Doctor Rodrigues / Rodriguez. The spelling of his family name was inconsistent.

Doctor Rodrigues tried to halt her shrinking by administering a growth formula. Alas, while it works at first, the diminishing returns with a vengeance and Nina winds up very small, like sub-microscopic! That leads to the colorful and exciting cover of issue #3, shown below:

Luckily for our heroine, the presence of both height decreasing and increasing chemicals in her body cause her height to fluctuate. After finding herself smaller than a germ, she rebounds and rapidly expands until she is the tallest person on Earth!

The third issue ends with the doctor claiming that he cannot perform the necessary research to cure Nina’s condition and look after her at the same time. Thus, the doctor takes Nina to his cousin Cassie. That’s where the action ended in issue #3 and it’s already been over 9 months since then with no signs of a continuation. It’s unclear how long it will take before the narrative resumes, but I assume there will be at least a year gap between issue 3 and 4. Furthermore, it’s possible that it will never be continued.

In general, I enjoyed the art, both from Butaemon and from Oscar Celestini. Switching from one to the other wasn’t jarring and both were fun.

I appreciated the outlines indicating her rapid shrinking. These panels are from the first issue. Different outlines were also present in later issues to indicate size shifting, but I have a slight preference for the original version.

The story is a bit thin, and feels less like a logical progression and more like a token effort to link events together via a flimsy narrative. For example, perhaps the author (understandably) wanted Nina to be handled by a normal-sized woman; thus, the narrative has Dr. Rodrigues take Nina to his cousin Cassie. Even though Nina’s height is unstable and she could shrink to atom-size or potentially bigger than a house at any time. What would happen if Nina increases her size at night and inadvertently crushes Cassie? I found his rationale, that he was (somehow) unable to research the cure and watch over her at the same time to be unconvincing. Leaving a woman in such an extraordinary situation with an untrained lay person felt like a recipe for disaster. But, it does enable scenes with a woman washing a tiny woman; so, there was that 😎

Overall, this is an exciting premise that can lead to many size scenarios, and as already noted the art was good. So, I recommend One Extreme to Another to shrunken women fans, because she spends the bulk of her time as a tiny and much less time as a giant. There’s no sex yet, but there were many images of nude Nina. Also, Cassie washed (maybe fondled is more accurate) Nina so even without sex there were sexy scenes. Personally, I’d love to see an issue #4 and on that note I would also like it if Shrink Fan had more transparency on which series will be continued and which ones will be abandoned.

That’s it for now folks. Thursday’s review will take a look at bmtbguy’s long-running “Tales from Domina’s Valley” CGI female growth series. Until then, keep growing!

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