Dommelia Destroys The City

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As promised last week, today’s review will cover a giantess clip from ManyVids. ManyVids is a video hosting site, based in Canada, where customers can purchase erotic video clips featuring a diverse range of themes including breast expansion, giants, tiny people, etc. ManyVids, founded in 2014, functionally resembles the older Clips4Sale, which was founded in 2003.

There She Grows has already covered a few works sold at ManyVids (such as “Growing or Exploding” by Jennica Lynn (a.k.a. Zorrosteaser), Lovely Lilith’s “Futa Chronicles,” etc.) However, not enough coverage has been given to ManyVids, particularly since size themes have become somewhat popular there. At the very least, size is easy to find at ManyVids.

This search for the word “giantess” was taken from ManyVids on August 9th, 2022.

So, I wanted to review something from ManyVids and determine what kind of quality could be found there. A quick search for giantess returned several results. Many of those were basic productions featuring minimal, if any, props and were without special effects (SFX). However, the goal was to find something which at least attempted to visually simulate a giantess. Fortunately, “Dommelia Destroys The City” met the required criteria and thus will be the subject of today’s review.

Dommelia Destroys the City was first released on July 5th, 2022. It runs for nearly 13 minutes and costs $14.99. It was found and purchased at ManyVids for this review, but it should also be noted that it can be purchased at Clips4Sale as well.

The action begins with Dommelia sitting in a chair. Right off the bat, I noticed the regrettable watermark on the bottom left. Previous posts, such as the aforementioned Futa Chronicles, demonstrated how watermarks do not prevent privacy. Instead they merely serve as a minor detriment vexing consumers.

Dommelia is upset that the company vice-president has demoted her. She wishes that Dimitrios, a shrunken companion, would arrive soon with the growth formula he was sent to steal from a laboratory. (NOTE: This was the third clip in a trilogy which began with “Shrunken Foot Slave,” Dimitrio’s first appearance, and then was continued in “I Want To Be A Giantess.” Props to Dommelia for creating an extended story over multiple clips!)

Before spraying the alleged formula on herself, she threatens to crush Dimitrios under her foot if the perfume bottle does not contain the actual growth potion she requested. She decides to test the spray bottle’s contents on Dimitrios and, lo and behold, he (apparently) grows! There was a brief sound effect to indicate his growth, but his character was never shown or voiced and his growth took place off camera. Nonetheless, Dommelia acts sufficiently surprised and backs up when he transforms from shrunken dimensions (thumb size) back to normal.

The multiple scenes prominently featuring Domelia’s bare feet should please foot fans.

Customers should be made aware that there’s no nudity. Her pink swimwear was never removed. There was no clothing destruction or nudity. Although, to be fair, her string bikini was rather revealing. Still, it’s always a disappointment when clothing stays in place without so much as a token explanation for how clothing could fit a giantess just as well as they fit a regular woman.

Returning to the plot, let’s now briefly discuss the growth sequence.

Of note, this growth sequence was longer and more complex than expected. Typically, a model will stand up, grow out of a building, and then walk around a cityscape with SFX provided via chroma keying. Dommelia’s growth sequence initially began that way, as can be seen in the following screenshots:

^ This was a fun perspective 🙂
I appreciated that her outline was sharp and didn’t have the feathering or the random flashes common in other amateur videos.

However, then Dommelia sits down and we get a shot centered on her bare feet while she continues to become larger. This was a nice bit of innovation and a welcome twist on well-worn growth scene tropes. Plus, this provided more fodder for feet fans.

After breaking out of the building, Dommelia reaches a height of 100 feet tall, based on her own estimate. Later on, Dommelia claimed that she had grown even more and become 5,000 feet tall! Although, she only looked about 50 feet taller. That dialogue should have been cut as it hindered suspension of disbelief.

^ Dommelia when she claims to be 100 feet tall.
^ Dommelia when she claims to be 5,000 feet tall. She does appear taller in comparison to the water towers. Previously, the top of the water towers were above her bellybutton, and now they are below her bellybutton. However, clearly she is not 50 times bigger than when she was 100 feet tall!

She walks along a busy roadway and it was here where the SFX become a little dodgy. Put differently, it was difficult to believe that she was a giant person stepping on cars. It’s hard to maintain the illusion when several vehicles take no notice of a titanic pedestrian in the roadway. She stomps on cars which have the gall to ignore the fact that they are being stomped. Instead, they keep on driving without so much as swerving to avoid danger.

The same problem reoccurs when Domellia steps into a public square where people and pigeons are completely nonplussed that they are being crushed. Better if she had walked over images of empty roads than over images of bystanders and vehicles which fail to notice her presence. Appropriate sound effects of screaming victims were played, but those were incongruous with the relaxed manner in which people walked despite being threatened with imminent crushing.

This looks like Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. Apparently, backgrounds were taken from several different cities.

Overall, the performer’s spirited line delivery and the decent SFX, notwithstanding the few issues already noted, make this a good clip. There’s enough effort and innovation in this work to call it a recommended purchase. Interested fans can find it here:

That’s it for now folks. Next week will cover something sizey from Japan. Until then, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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