“Growing or Exploding” by Jennica Lynn (a.k.a. Zorrosteaser)

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As noted during Tuesday’s post, there will be an emphasis on new creators over the next few weeks. (NOTE: “New” in the sense that these creators have not been previously discussed at There She Grows. They may have been active for sometime, but they have not yet appeared here.) The intent is to demonstrate that there are many talented folks making size-related content, and in fact readers may be surprised at the relatively large number of people making media focused on fantastic transformations. It can be gratifying to realize that the market for size content is bigger than fans might realize. Size fetish is a niche to be sure, but it’s a niche with enough potential customers to persuade models and other creative types that it’s profitable to make such content.

Accordingly, today’s post will examine a nearly 13-minute long video clip from Swedish model Jennica Lynn (a.k.a. Zorrosteaser), a voluptuous performer new to this blog. Jennica is originally from Sweden, but currently lives in the United Kingdom. She has produced a number of videos for sites like Clips4Sale, ManyVids, MyFreeCams, and OnlyFans. (NOTE: She has not made new content for Clips4Sale since October 2018 and not since August 2019 for ManyVids. However, she seems to be regularly appearing and posting at MyFreeCams and OnlyFans.) Additionally, Jennica previously worked for the Score Group and therefore her photo shoots and videos appear on the Scoreland web site and she also appears in their specialty line XL Girls (that subdivision focuses on “full figured babes”).

Her stats according to Scoreland.

Jennica has been prolific since her first appearance as a webcam model in 2012. Since then, she has produced a lot of content. That content is primarily solo work, but many clips also feature an amateur male co-star, their scenes together include cum shots, fellatio, intercourse, etc. Furthermore, at least two clips show “soft” girl-on-girl action in which Jennica plays with girl friend Georgina. (NOTE: “Soft” meaning that the ladies lightly kiss, rub oil over each other’s bodies, shower together, and suck and fondle each other’s breasts, but they do not stroke each other’s pussies, use dildos or other sex toys, or perform cunnilingus.) Of interest to size-fetish fans, Jennica has produced many breast expansion-themed videos, such as the following:

Notably, as of this writing, three breast expansion (B.E.) clips are the #1, #3, and #5 best selling clips out of her entire body of work! Thus reinforcing the idea that producing size content can be lucrative for creators.

B.E. is number one!

However, there are no special effects (SFX) in these videos. Instead, these are amateur productions in which the illusion of enlarging boobs is conveyed only by dialog and jump cuts. A jump cut, as defined by Wikipedia, is “… a cut in film editing in which a single continuous sequential shot of a subject is broken into two parts, with a piece of footage being removed in order to render the effect of jumping forward in time. Camera positions of the subject in the remaining pieces of footage of the sequence should vary only slightly in order to achieve the effect.” Those jump cuts give Jennica opportunities to tweak her clothing.

Today we’ll look at “Growing Or Exploding,” a clip which was first released on December 9th, 2015. The plot of Growing Or Exploding involves Jennica talking to a unseen (and mute) friend about her breasts growing. Apparently, this rapid mammary development was caused by energy drinks. Although, we never see those drinks, nor do we watch her consume anything. Right from the very start, it’s clear that she is already busty as a deep line of cleavage was plain to see. (NOTE: However, to be accurate, it was stated that she had already experienced significant growth.)

There’s really not much more to the story. She talks about growing and the video periodically cuts away, giving her a chance to adjust the bra and top to expose more of her tits.

Further adding to my distaste for watermarks, the web site “bustyjennica.com,” at the bottom right, appears to be defunct. At least, I was unable to visit the site in early March 2021. Sure glad a now obsolete URL was permanently added to every frame… 🙄

Eventually, those beautiful breasts are unleashed:

Shortly afterward, she recommends that her friend leave and the friend complies, thus bringing the narrative to a close. Kinda anti-climactic in my opinion. Alternatively, hypothetically, *maybe* the two could have instead engaged in an enthusiastic sex scene and tried out her newly enlarged bosom. That would have made for a more exciting conclusion.

Overall, this is a mixed bag. Jennica is a likeable performer and has a certain charisma. However, this would have benefited from a more impassioned performance, sound effects of clothes ripping apart, additional effort to initially downplay her bust, and a more satisfactory ending. Given her presumed lack of acting experience, I realize it may have been difficult to provide a realistic response to what is an admittedly unearthly experience. However, an over-the-top performance would have been preferable to the understated acting. Given that this depicts an incredible transformation, an exaggerated response would have been welcome.

There were a few other steps that also could have been taken to improve this at low or no cost. For example, Jennica could have violently arched her back as she “grew,” thrown some water onto her face as if she was sweating profusely, moaned deeply, destroyed clothing while transforming, masturbated, had actual dialog with another performer, etc.

That noted, it is also important to recognize that some size fans prefer safe for work (SFW) content or not safe for work (NSFW) content which despite being NSFW is not overly graphic, and thus they may appreciate this video.

Overall, I don’t think Growing Or Exploding is worth the original price of $14.99. However, at the moment it is heavily discounted at ManyVids and can be purchased for $7.49 there: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/119041/Growing-or-Exploding/ (NOTE: Be sure to buy it at ManyVids and not at the other sites, like Clips4Sale, where it’s still full price.)

That’s all for today folks. Next week’s first review will cover a growth-themed video from Cinematic-GTS, another new creator. Until then, keep growing!

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