“Giantess Witchcraft” by Emily Valentina

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We are now well into March and the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere. (NOTE: Readers south of the equator will experience spring during a different time of year. Thus, folks in Australia will celebrate the spring season during our fall season. At least, Australians can celebrate the season when they’re not being attacked by deadly “drop bears” of course 😉 )

Traditionally, springtime is described as a time of renewal. This is the time of year when snow melts and the harsh winter weather yields to the warming sun as the days grow longer. (NOTE: Residents of tropical regions may not be familiar with the substance called “snow.” It’s like the ice in your mojitos.) In keeping with that spirit of renewal, the next several reviews will focus on new creators! Thus, the spotlight will shine on artists and performers who have not previously appeared at There She Grows.

Accordingly, today’s review will cover “Giantess Witchcraft,” a video clip which was first released on January 25th, 2021, by amateur American model Emily Valentina.

Emily describes herself as “… an ero-hypnotist and top fetish producer” on her official PornHub page. Her studio has videos on Clips4Sale dating back to early July 2018. These cover an array of topics including size-themes in clips like “Giantess Taunts You – GREEN SCREEN YOURSELF!”, “Shrinking Witchcraft Mindfuck JOI,” and “Size Magic Mindfuck JOI.” (NOTE: The example which enabled fans to “green screen” themselves into the finished product was an interesting concept. I’m curious how many customers actually did so.) In addition to size, videos also feature alien futanari, demons, tentacles, etc. In nearly all of her work she appears naked for at least part of the time. Fans seeking customs can submit their requests at http://www.emilyvalentina.com/customs-info.html Of note, based on her existing body of work, she only performs solo.

During Giantess Witchcraft, Emily spends the entire runtime standing in front of a green screen. The green screen background shows a picturesque park scene. This background was relaxing, but a public setting was an odd choice for a sexy shrinking scene. The effectiveness of the setting boils down to a person’s opinion of whether it adds or subtracts from the eroticism.

This must be quite an unusual place because a shapely lady undresses while numerous people bicycle and walk past, seemingly unperturbed. Perhaps the addition of people watching someone diminish in stature may increase their shame or sense of potential danger. However, no one in the background acknowledged Emily and Emily never acknowledged them. Thus, it felt like a woman stripping in front of a mundane TV show and that hindered the suspension of disbelief.

The story involves Emily slowly reducing the viewer with nothing more than the power of her voice. Her words carry the fantastic power of a magic spell, hence “witchcraft” in the title. Throughout the twenty-five minute runtime Emily describes the pleasurable sensations that the viewer experiences as their body steadily becomes smaller.

Her dialogue was delivered in hushed, hypnotic tones intended to have a mesmerizing effect. Additionally, multiple lines of dialogue were occasionally voiced at the same time, leading to situations in which Emily was talking over herself. The layered audio was distracting when the dialogue did not correspond to Emily’s lip movements.

Emily moves about and slowly pulls off the skimpy clothing until she’s completely exposed. No doubt, she is an attractive woman. However, there were no sex acts per se. Obviously, there was no interaction with another person since she was alone, but there was also zero masturbation. Personally, I would have preferred if another actor was involved to represent the shrinking person. The addition of another face on screen might have prevented the viewer from placing themselves in the scene, but as this was I found my attention drifting. The entire performance could be summarized as “Busty blonde using an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) tone to talk about the viewer shrinking.”

Personally, I felt that this was too long with not enough action to justify the cost. However, opinions will vary.

Therefore, whether or not you will like this production depends on a few questions. Are you a fan of scenarios involving shrinking people, especially scenarios in which you can easily imagine yourself becoming tiny? Do you also like ASMR? If you answered “Yes,” then you should like Giantess Witchcraft. It can be purchased for $27.99 at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/search/clip/24429427/giantess-witchcraft

That’s all for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover a breast expansion video from Swedish model Jennica Lynn, who has appeared on the Scoreland web site and at their specialty site XL Girls. Until then, keep growing!

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