Tribute to Julius Zimmerman – Prolific Sketch Artist Who Drew Giants & Tinies

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Today’s post is a tribute to Julius Zimmerman, an erotic parody artist who created numerous size-fetish drawings. While he began drawing as a toddler, his most prolific period began decades later at the turn of the millennium. Starting in 2000, he began a hectic work schedule in which he averaged five pictures a day and drew more in one month than he had over the past five years. This dedication to his freelancing career came at a cost as he once admitted “I don’t have a life” and that he had only taken five days off over a three-year period! Nonetheless, his motivation was to seize the opportunity provided by online marketplaces after many years during which he could only sell as little as 5% of his erotic art. Furthermore, Zimmerman enjoyed drawing what he called “t & a,” tits and ass.

Initially, he sold sketches at eBay until they restricted such content. Then he switched to Yahoo auctions, but after awhile that also proved unworkable. Finally, he moved to NaughtyBids where he used the handle “Eyesinge.” After selling the hard copies, he sent digital reproductions to fans via the ZimmermanDrawings Yahoo group.

This impressive production effort and the high quality of the drawings earned Zimmerman thousands of fans who shared his work via multiple forums, a Google group, and web sites like The Z Portal. I was one of those fans and always appreciated the personality imbued into his drawings.

Unfortunately, this talented artist is no longer with us. An obituary notice in The Plain Dealer, a newspaper published in Cleveland, Ohio, reported that a Julius E. “Jay” Zimmerman III, age 63, passed on November 4th, 2017. That obituary made no mention of his art, but the few details which were given match what was known about the fetish artist Julius Zimmerman. Furthermore, at least one person, Fumika – click here for more details, had previously been in contact with Zimmerman, but lost touch with him around the time of his reported death. Since then, nothing has been heard and it does appear that the obituary was in fact for him.

Zimmerman spent the majority of his career creating free-lance illustrations. While working at a McDonalds when he was 16, he entertained the manager with humorous cartoons of his co-workers. Allegedly, the manager liked the drawings so much that Zimmerman no longer had to flip burgers, but instead just drew comics at the manager’s desk. He later went to college and found inspiration in underground comics such as Gilbert Shelton’s “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers” and Robert Crumb’s “Zap Comix.”

^ This homage to Robert Crumb, which imitated Crumb’s style, was released by Zimmerman in 2001.

(SIDE NOTE: Most of the biographical data was taken from a fan-created FAQ which can be found at the following link: Additional details were taken from The Julius Zimmerman (Un)Official Website. It is off-line now, but archived copies are available at the Wayback Machine.)

Zimmerman’s first published comic was “Blind Squirrel.”

This was produced by Nantier Beall Minoustchine Publishing Inc. (a.k.a. NBM Publishing) in 1998.

As early as this first published comic, Zimmerman made a giantess reference. A blonde asks others to imagine if her breasts were four feet wide on a billboard:

That’s one of many pieces of evidence indicating that Julius Zimmerman genuinely liked size themes such as giant women.

He planned to make a sequel to Blind Squirrel with original characters, but that never materialized. His next published adult comic was a segment entitled “You Snooze, You Lose” in Sizzle #6:

This issue was released in 2000.

He also illustrated a story called “In Custody,” which was written by Lenny Rollster and appeared in Hustler magazine. In 2000, Zimmerman transitioned to working as an independent artist selling his sketches on the Internet. Earlier, he had tried making digital art on an Amiga, a personal computer made by Commodore, back in 1980. However, he found that he preferred working in the physical medium and drew physical sketches.

He didn’t create his own backstories and lore, but instead portrayed busty versions of famous characters taken from Archie Comics (such as Betty and Veronica), DC Comics (such as Big Barda, Giganta, and Wonder Woman), Disney (such as Ariel and Tinker Bell), DreamWorks animation (such as Susan Murphy, a.k.a. Ginormica, from “Monsters vs. Aliens”), Marvel Comics (such as Black Cat, Black Widow, and Rogue) newspaper comic strips (such as Daisy Mae from “Li’l Abner” and Popeye the Sailor Man), TV shows (such as the titular Jeannie from “I Dream of Jeannie” and Daisy Duke from “The Dukes of Hazzard”), video games (such as Lara Croft from “Tomb Raider”), etc.

(SIDE NOTE: Unfortunately, due to his extensive parodies, it is highly unlikely that a single book or comprehensive collection of Zimmerman’s drawings will ever be published due to copyright and licensing restrictions.)

Zimmerman was an American born in the 1950s; so, he naturally drew from his own experiences and from that era of American history with which he was most familiar. Accordingly, few of his sketches covered popular figures from non-American media. At one point, he claimed “I have only just barely heard of Tenchi Muyo and Ranma.” (NOTE: Tenchi Muyo! and Ranma 1/2 are Japanese manga and anime which originated in the 1980s and 1990s.) That’s not to say that he didn’t draw any foreign-made characters. In fact, Nintendo’s Princess Peach and Toho’s Godzilla did make cameos. However, those were rare and most of his inspiration was taken from the United States.

Additionally, being American, it is unsurprising that Zimmerman was clearly affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. As evidence, one of his earliest drawings as a freelancing creator featured a woman wearing a patriotic bikini and kicking Osama bin Laden.

He drew a few more American-themed sketches shortly after 9/11. These include a colored drawing, 0028-cockroach, without a woman. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the only drawing of his made after 2000 without a single woman in it. Instead of showing a curvy co-ed, it showcases a stars-and-stripes boot crushing a cockroach which looks like Osama bin Laden.

However, the overwhelming majority of his content was not political. Instead, the bulk of it demonstrated an appreciation for popular culture, a love of female breasts, and an apparent love for enlarged and miniaturized people.

Perhaps the closest peer to Zimmerman would be Joe Gravel. Both made single-panel comics showcasing comic book heroes and villains. However, the line work in Joe Gravel’s art is a bit simpler, albeit they are also colored. Zimmerman appeared to have a better understanding of human anatomy, and also created more explicit content. For example, check out the following two images of Giganta, Joe Gravel’s version is on the left and Zimmerman’s is on the right.

Naked genitals are rarely, if ever, shown in Gravel’s drawings, but were frequently depicted in Zimmerman’s body of work. This include tiny women hugging and riding erect penises which date back to 2001.

These images, above and below which were made early in his freelancing career, may be more evidence that Zimmerman personally liked size scenarios, such as those involving tiny women. Although, in regards to his own preferences, Zimmerman simply stated that he liked drawing nude women. Zimmerman claimed that he used feedback from bids, ideas from his Yahoo group, and fan e-mails to determine what he would draw.

All that noted, I feel confident asserting that not only did Zimmerman like naked women, but he also personally preferred slim and stacked ladies. Ergo, he loved thin women with very large breasts. I base that assertion on that fact that Zimmerman created thousands of images showcasing slim and stacked ladies. Technically, that could have just been catering to the whims of bidders, but I think he liked them. If for no other reason than the fact that even his very first comic, Blind Squirrel, featured busty women.

For those fans looking for Zimmerman’s drawings there are multiple threads dedicated to the artist on the Giantess City and Process forums. Searches on either of those forums will return a large number of his sketches. For those seeking the original hard-copies, a seller on eBay was selling several lots in late August 2022. Those lots included the following auction of 439 drawings with an asking price of $1,000:

Over the previous two decades, it was fun whenever one of Zimmerman’s giantess drawings was shared around the size community. Myself and other fans were excited to learn which famous heroine would be depicted in a titillating situation.

Note the reflection showing Zimmerman himself.

It’s sad to think that we will no longer see new Zimmerman sketches. Wish I could have bought at least one original sketch when I had the chance and provided some financial support. Still, it’s rewarding to look back and appreciate what was provided. So, do yourself a favor and check out the drawings of Julius Zimmerman.

That’s it for today folks. Next week’s review will cover a giantess clip from ManyVids. I haven’t decided yet which one. I’ll search for something that looks promising. Until then, keep growing!

This article was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Tribute to Julius Zimmerman – Prolific Sketch Artist Who Drew Giants & Tinies

  1. I recognize that we don’t have a lot of firsthand information on Zimmerman, and perhaps I’m just projecting onto him what I’d like to be true, but it really did seem to me that he was a bog-standard hetmale smut artist who came upon size fantasy later in life and just added it to his portfolio. He never struck me as a lifelong size fetishist. He had an eye for finding scenarios where top-heavy women would look good, and he liked putting a new spin on old smut. I imagine he came upon a few size images online and thought, “House-sized boobs? I can work with that!”

    He deserves to be remembered for helping spread the good word about giant despots. And he was never afraid to draw a detailed cock, either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Christ, autocorrect changed “sexpots” to “despots.”


      1. Hehe, I was wondering what you meant by “giant despots”

        You could very well be right about Zimmerman. Maybe he wasn’t a lifelong size fetishist. I think he liked size from the very beginning, but can’t prove it. It’s certainly possible that he might have stumbled upon a few size images and thought “Never considered that before, but I can work with it” or “Hey, I can use that to sell drawings.” When asked he only said “I like drawing naked women.” He didn’t even specify that he preferred top-heavy women, but I think that’s obvious based on what he drew. I can’t think of a single one with C-cups or smaller. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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