Botcomics, World’s First Breast Expansion Comic Site

Botcomics, based out of Buenos Aires and Los Angeles, produces adult comics featuring bimbo, breast expansion, furry, futanari, and giantess themes. Its history first began with the Breast Expansion (BE) Archive which served as a new home for BE fans when Anthony Cotto’s (Acotto’s) free FTP site at Netcom closed after July 1996. The BE Archive came online shortly afterwards. (NOTE: The oldest snapshot of The Breast Expansion Archive on the Wayback Machine dates back to April 16, 1998. Although, the archived awards page states that “ won the Adult Oriented Site of the Day award on Monday, March 16th 1998.” Bearchive themselves stated that they launched in 1997, but couldn’t recall the exact date.) The founder of the Breast Expansion Archive went on to create the Breast Expansion Story Club (BESC) in 2003. (NOTE: The top image is the BESC on September 4th, 2003.) After BESC, Botcomics opened the Giantess Club in 2009 and then the Bimbo Story Club a few years later.

#1) The Breast Expansion Story Club (BESC) was the earliest site created by Botcomics (when it was called GeoDesign, Inc.) and was arguably the world’s very first online site producing new illustrated size-fetish stories every month. Is the original founder still involved with Botcomics today?

The Breast Expansion Story Club was indeed the first Breast Expansion Fetish comic website on the market. Throughout the years, new players appeared but no other website offers such a massive catalog as we do with a price that anyone can afford. Our mission is to create and distribute the best transformation fetish comics at affordable prices. No fan should be left behind because the prices are too high. The founder is still involved today.

#2) What inspired the creation of the BESC?

The first website created was to provide morphers a platform to share their creativity. After a short period, we saw a huge opportunity to create comics for Breast Expansion enthusiasts and we decided to launch The Breast Expansion Story Club.

#3) Why did you rebrand to Botcomics?

We wanted to be emphatic about the industry we were involved in. We wanted to let our followers know that we were serious about creating comics and we also wanted to offer an integrated and common brand for all the contents at once. Botcomics became the main brand included in all design pieces starting for each comic book cover as it’s done in all the major comic book companies.

#4) Comics are categorized as “Finished” or “Ongoing.” Accordingly, there is a page which lists all the ongoing comics, but no release dates are given. Customers don’t know if it will be months or even years before another issue (or chapter) of their favorite comic is released. For example, I like PMD: War, but don’t know if the next issue will come out this August or December 2023. It would be nice to know when the next issue will be published. Thus, would it be possible to add a release schedule?

We are aware that some followers would like to have an upcoming release schedule so each Monday we send a newsletter with the upcoming release with a pre-order discount. This is a free newsletter and subscribers who want to know more about our release schedule can sign-up and get updates every week.

#5) On the “Subscriptions” page it lists that Botcomics has over 500 published series made up of over 1,200 chapters. That’s an impressive amount of content! The subscriptions page also states that there are over five updates per month. Does that mean that five new comic chapters are released every month?

We are committed to offering a minimum of 1 new comic update per week. On special dates, we also release seasonal comics and some months we have more than 5 new titles, but weekly updates are a minimum.

#6) What’s next for Botcomics? Are there any improvements planned for the site? Is there a celebration or special event planned for the 20th Anniversary?

There are a lot of upcoming improvements under the hood. We are working on deeper integration with the cart so individual buyers can access our massive catalog of chapters and series easier. And we are improving our streamer all the time to make reading comics easier on both desktop and mobile.

And we do have a surprise up our sleeves for the 20th anniversary, but this is going to be something we do for our members only. I can tell you though, it is going to be huge – maybe even bigger than the expanding breasts and giantesses in our comics. There has never been a better time to be a Botcomics member.

Thank you for this interview!

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