Interview with Territorial Rain, Creating a space for SFW G/t fans

Territorial Rain is an advocate for SFW size content focusing on comfort in giant and tiny (G/t) scenarios rather than NSFW content. They are also the artist and writer behind the hand-drawn Dragon’s Lair web series. Dragon’s Lair is an ongoing illustrated story following the adventures of the diminutive T and the mini-giant Lovia. A post on Tumblr states that “T is a non-binary magic-wielder. Lovia is a mini-giant sized gentleman with certain quirks of his own.” Together, the two are a married couple trying to recover their lost memories while living in a fantasy world which takes heavy inspiration from early industrialized Europe. Of interest, in addition to static drawings, Territorial Rain also created several animations of the duo. Fans can follow Territorial Rain on Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube. Furthermore, folks can financially support Territorial Rain via Patreon.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

You can call me Terri! I’m a professional animator from southern Finland. I’ve been an active creator in the community since 2015, and a lurker for even longer than that. I’m always busying myself with a gazillion different projects from professional gigs to personal ideas (of which I have way too many).

#2) What first inspired your interest in size? Why do you choose to make stories which explore the G/t dynamic?

I’ve always been interested in size stuff. It’s been something I’ve enjoyed and used as a coping mechanism for as long as I can remember. To me personally the appeal comes from the smaller perspective, of being so tiny yet having someone so much bigger and stronger show nothing but the utmost respect and love to you. Extending an olive branch of equality with unwavering conviction. To me there’s no higher sense of comfort and safety than the thought of experiencing that.

#3) Can you provide a brief overview of Dragon’s Lair?

Of course! Dragon’s Lair is the latest world I’ve created. Born from a sudden yet immense interest in history comes T and Lovia and their world. The story follows these characters as they try to recover from a bout of amnesia, doing what they can to survive in a world going through some incredibly unstable times. Just as the name suggests, there be dragons and other magical creatures like giants and unicorns too.

As of writing this I haven’t gotten super far into solidifying every aspect of Dragon’s Lair, but for now the plan is to make it a webseries that is kind of slice-of-life as T and Lovia try to settle in and recover their lost memories together. Of course there are bigger storylines underneath but I’m creating this series more for myself than anyone else so it’ll be mostly about hanging out with these characters in their predicament. So if character driven content is something you’re a fan of, you might enjoy Dragon’s Lair!

#4) What are a few of your favorite size-themed works from other creators?

Okay an embarrassing confession: even though I’ve been an active part of the community since 2015, I’m super bad at consuming other people’s works. I’m doing my best to rectify this though! One way I’m trying to learn more about what’s out there is by having submission open on my tumblr blog for any sfw gt creator to advertise their works to (me and) my audience.

That being said, an easy one to always mention is the legendary Bonkalore whose content I’ve enjoyed even long before becoming an active member myself.

#5) Your Twitter bio reads “Creating a space for SFW G/t fans.” With that in mind, if you were king for a day what would you do for those SFW G/t fans?

Oh wow, I’m always surprised when people read bios! Also what an interesting question! Hmm, I mean honestly, a boring answer but not much different than what I’m doing now: trying to uplift the community, making projects for people to partake in and enjoy, existing among my fellow SFW G/t fans and enjoying life. Some people want sfw gt to be more seen and known but I say no thank you. Even if most people know of furries that still doesn’t stop from majority of those people thinking it’s nothing but a fetish. I like our little hidden corner where we mostly get to exist peacefully among ourselves (I say mostly because drama still happens inside the community too)

#6) Can you describe your experience with GtCon? Would you recommend it to others?

My experience? Very biased since I’m a creator of the event: it’s been super awesome so far! GtCon is a quarterly all online event (and a 24/7 discord server that comes with it) for anyone wishing to interact with fellow sfw gt fans. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to find more sfw friends or just talk about sfw gt. I must give a warning though: we welcome minors in too so we are incredibly eagle-eyed when it comes to scanning and booting people bringing nsfw elements into our spaces. Aside from that it’s been a lot of fun: meeting new people and getting on more regular chatting basis with mutuals.

#7) Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

I have talked about most of my project already but here’s a little summary:

– My main project at the moment: Dragon’s Lair. No promises on regular updates, I work on it at the pace that I’m able to, occasional doodles of the characters will pop up on my blog though!

– GtCon: a SFW G/t event held four times a year on VRChat, comes with a 24/7 discord server for just hanging out and chatting

– Other smaller things I’m trying to achieve are G/t themed sleepcasts (sleep podcasts), some drawing tutorials, Sharing-is-Caring submissions on my blog to give other gt creators the limelight and new art regularly

Thank you for inviting me to have this interview!

Thank you for doing this interview!

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