Birthday Surprise, a Breast Expansion Love Story from an Unknown Author

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Given that my birthday is imminent, this appears to be an excellent opportunity to cover a size-themed birthday story. Thus, let’s check out “Birthday Surprise,” a short story penned by an unidentified author in the mid-1990s. (NOTE: Apparently, the author did identify themselves to “Al – Some Sort of Dog,” the publisher of the long-defunct Research and Development (R&D) Newsletter, but I have not seen the creator’s name in any public forums.)

It has been decades since I first read this breast expansion-themed love story. I first downloaded it in 1995 or 1996 from Anthony Cotto’s site (better known as Acotto’s FTP) hosted on a Netcom server. The story was first downloaded to a PC that has long since been replaced and the file itself has been dutifully copied and transferred to a few successive computers.

This mention appeared in the fifth issue of the R&D Newsletter. R&D was a free digital newsletter focusing on breast expansion which ran for 28 issues, from issue 0 to issue 27, in the mid-1990s and was published by a British man called Al – Some Sort of Dog. Unfortunately, the R&D newsletters were not dated or at least my copies do not have a date of publication. So, it’s difficult to determine when Birthday Surprise was submitted.

I won’t go into too much detail regarding Birthday Surprise since the full version is available for free (readers can find a copy at this link). However, I will note that it is a short, but charming, romantic tale of a woman named Sheri who wants to make her boyfriend Tim’s birthday a very special occasion. In accordance with that desire, Sheri acquired a bottle that the shopkeeper claimed contained the “fulfillment of the one wish that would bring the possessor the most happiness.” In this case, the most happiness takes the form of Sheri’s breasts growing to incredible proportions and bursting out of her blouse!

(NOTE: Growing bodies causing clothes destruction is a personal favorite. Clothing conceals our bodies and hides sexual arousal. Thus, there’s something about the ruining of clothing which represents the swift and violent demolition of everyday constraints. The fantasy of those body parts most associated with sex, such as female breasts and male cocks, tearing apart the fabric trying to contain them perhaps serves as a metaphorical remainder that the combined forces of emotional connection and physical attraction can overpower those norms of polite society which keep people from honestly expressing their true desires to one another.)

The couple quickly learn that manually stimulating Sheri’s breasts causes them to swell in size and therefore the two engage in some passionate lovemaking. The end results are pleasing to both Sheri and Tim. Overall, if it wasn’t for the title, this story would have fit right in as an earnest Valentine’s Day romance. To put that more succinctly, I recommend folks check this out ๐Ÿ™‚

Beyond just the birthday theme, another reason that I wanted to discuss Birthday Surprise was to express my appreciation to the many anonymous authors that have created treasured size-fetish stories. Previously, in a brief aside, I mentioned another favorite story of mine called “Jill’s Growth Formula.” Jill’s Growth Formula, also by an unknown author, features a scientist named Jill, and shortly afterward her friend Susan, consuming a growing catalyst and having sex with many people as she outgrows her clothing and then various buildings. (NOTE: The narrative begins in the middle of the action or “In Medias res” if you want to be fancy ๐Ÿ˜‰ That fact has led a number of people, myself included, to search in vain for the mythical missing first part. Perhaps the introductory chapter is sitting somewhere on a table in El Dorado or Shangri-La, patiently waiting for a size-fetish loving Indiana Jones to discover it.)

Truth ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Another noteworthy anonymously-written tale is “Blink,” which Aborigen reviewed in July of this year. Blink details the adventure of a young man who is shrunk by a woman. She proceeds to use his tiny body for her carnal pleasures. Not only did Aborigen consider Blink to be the most important story in his personal collection, but the artist Mamabliss created an entire illustrated sequence based upon it.

In summation, it’s safe to say that many of us have benefited from the works of authors who never received public acknowledgement for their efforts. Hopefully, the writer of Birthday Surprise will someday read this post and learn that myself, and undoubtedly many other people, loved their work. So, I will close out this post by expressing my heartfelt appreciation to those unnamed authors.

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