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Good morning everyone,

Today let’s check out a new video entitled “Katelyn in Wonderland,” from Katelyn Brooks.

First off, we’ll address the elephant in the room. This is expensive, costing $33.99. Thirty-four bucks buys over 50 minutes of content, which is longer than most size-fetish videos. However, it also must be stated that this is costlier than most. For example, a quick search through the offerings at Ginary’s Giantess Adventures, Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures, and Media Impact did not find anything that costs this much. (NOTE: The search was not totally exhaustive.) However, Japanese studios, such as GEN’s LABO and Liqid Studio for two examples, have many clips which cost more than $34!

Some Media Impact clips such as “Incredible Shrinking Dude 5” or “Tilly in This City is Fucked” run for 49 minutes or longer, but cost $20 or less. That’s not making any judgement about the quality of those two aforementioned clips. It could be argued that they are worth less money than Katelyn in Wonderland; I can’t judge as I haven’t watched them. This is only to show that other studios have produced clips of comparable or greater length which sell for less.

Bottom line, potential customers may want to reach out to wealthy relatives for financial support 😉

Don’t ask this tight-fisted oil exec for help; he wasn’t very generous with Kermit 😐 Although, he did have a catchy theme song 😀 Image taken from the 2011 film “The Muppets”

The story begins with Katelyn at an “English cottage” for a vacation. The place certainly does not look like an English cottage, but since this production references English author Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” viewers should pretend that this takes place not in a contemporary American home, but in a quaint English home instead 😎

As is common with audio stories and one-person videos there is some telling, but not showing. For instance, after misplacing her key and trying in vain to gain entry, Katelyn says out loud that she tried every door and now is going to take a break. We could have had some footage of Katelyn turning door knobs, but instead were told what happened.

While seating at an outdoor table she smells something unusual, but pleasant, and sees a rabbit, off camera, reportedly attired in human clothes. He disappeared through a hole and Katelyn follows.

Understandably, a horizontal passage is cheaper to implement than a vertical rabbit hole 😉

This leads into an extended sequence of a visibly pregnant woman trying to squeeze through a hole. This may be an instance of “Internet Rule 34,” in which porn of pregnant ladies trying to pass through tight tunnels DOES exist 😉 (NOTE: Katelyn was pregnant while shooting this video and informs customers of such in the description.) On that note, a shorter, 11-minute segment entitled “Getting in through the Rabbit Hole” can be purchased for $11.49 ($10.99 plus an extra $0.50 fee) in case folks just want to buy this part.

The dialogue gets rather muffled during this bit.

We next get the perspective from inside Katelyn’s home. Err, I mean from inside the English cottage.

An actress going topless in an erotic video? Yes, please!

Now to highlight another plus, there are no watermarks in this video!


Watermarks serve little purpose; they certainly don’t stop pirating. For instance:

The Giantess Zone division of Media Impact Films produced this video and applied the initial watermark at top left. Apparently, PornTopic.com stole this and applied their own watermark, visible at bottom right.

(NOTE: This should be obvious, but to make it abundantly clear, I do not support piracy. I did not share the image above to justify stealing other people’s work. Rather, I shared it to demonstrate that watermarks do not prevent theft.)

Watermarks provide no tangible benefits, but only subtract from a work’s value. Thus, it was quite refreshing that they were absent! ❤

Back to Katelyn in Wonderland’s plot, Katelyn finds some treats on a marble top dining table.

Consuming both of the light refreshments was discouraged in the letter from the owners. It should come as no surprise that ignoring that prohibition caused her transformation 🙂

Katelyn begins to “grow,” but there were no special effects (SFX).


She worries about bursting through the house, but there was no clothing destruction. Instead, Katelyn talks about growing for a short while and then moves toward the camera to obscure its view and cut to the next scene.

Giantess achievement unlocked! (SIDE NOTE: It would have been more realistic to use a natural grass setting instead of the artificial squares with visible dividing lines.)

We now see Katelyn replicate a scene from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” in which Alice’s arms and legs stuck out of the rabbit’s home.

Apparently it suddenly became nighttime, given the pitch black, but starless, background :\ A chroma key effect for the background would have been great.

The majority of the runtime, over 30 minutes, is spent at this location with Katelyn protruding from the house.

Observe the room wall in the background. Suspension of disbelief was hard to maintain when shots like this made it clear this scene was shot indoors.

Katelyn complains that her shoes are tight and works to unlatch them, but if she was truly bigger than a building than her feet should have already outgrown the footwear. How does any clothing and jewelry still fit? Best advice, to paraphrase from the 1984 film “This Is Spinal Tap,” grab the suspension of disbelief knob and crank it to 11 ❗

Spinal Tap numbers all go to 11
Taken from This is Spinal Tap (SIDE NOTE: For the life of me, I cannot get a diacritic, the two dots, over the letter “n” in “Spinal” 😥 )
22 - eating people
A strong focus on vore was present in the last half, as demonstrated with this tiny figurine.

The biggest selling point is Katelyn’s dialogue and cruel persona. The SFX consisted only of props like the miniature cottage, rabbit hole, and tiny figurines. No SFX, such as chroma key effects or forced perspective, were used to convey the growth process and that will be the biggest drawback for growth fans. Katelyn embraced an evil attitude and relished in the act of killing, thus gentle giantess fans should also avoid this.


Additionally, customers should be aware that Giantess Katelyn.com tacks on a download fee. This hidden charge brings to mind two lines from the song “Master of the House,” from the stage play “Les Misérables.”

Charge ’em for the lice, extra for the mice.

Two percent for looking in the mirror twice

How silly for customers to assume that they could download a file without incurring an extra fee. What rubes! Do people seriously expect businesses to forego an opportunity to add an extra 2% for services that customers might assume are free, like looking in the mirror or downloading a purchased file? How deliciously naive! Technically, the $0.50 “Download Forever Fee” equates to only about 1.47% of the initial price, but it still feels like we’re being “nickeled-and-dimed.” If such a charge is necessary then it should be added to the asking price upfront instead of concealing the extra expense until checkout.

In a small act of mercy, it appears that only one download fee is charged per checkout. So, if customers want to buy more than one video from Giantess Katelyn.com they should buy everything in one bundle instead of buying one at a time which would incur a separate download fee every time.

Notably, no download fee was present on Giantess Katelyn’s Clips4Sale store as of early July 2020.

Overall, while Katelyn in Wonderland has aspects that evil giantess fans will enjoy, the high price makes it difficult to recommend. At over $33, fans should get post-processing effects such as chroma key work, sound effects, etc., but they were absent.

That said, if folks still want to purchase this they can check out a comprehensive description and buy it at the following link: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/6528/23502737/katelyn-in-wonderland-fhd-1080p-mp4/

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