“Oktoberfestivities,” an Audio Female Growth Story Written by SGA and Performed by MissNilla & SGA

She wears a dirndl well 😎

Good morning everyone,

Today, let’s look at an audio story! “Oktoberfestivities” was written by Sizebox Growth Animator (SGA), read his interview here, and featured the voices of MissNilla and SGA himself. This 10-minute clip was released in late September 2019.

One might wonder if it would be better to review this in October, given the title. Although, truth be told, Oktoberfest does not take place only within the month of October, but instead begins in mid- to late September and runs until early October. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the devious Solomon E might re-appear and hijack this blog in October, like he did last year 😈 But who’s to say? 😉

The file name was “Octoberfestivities.mp3” Note that the file name was spelled different than the story’s name, “Oktoberfestivities.” I searched my download folder for Oktoberfestivities. That folder contains hundreds of files, and thus a search was necessary. I began to worry that the file had somehow been inadvertently deleted. It has been weeks since I purchased Oktoberfestivities, and I worried that too much time had passed to use the original download link. Thankfully, I eventually found the file and realized that it was misspelled. The point is creators should double-check the file names!

This is an unusual work to review, because the entire script can be read online for free. It’s like being able to peruse the script for a movie before going to the theater. Potential customers have the option to look over all of the dialogue beforehand. That might spoil the performance, but of course folks can choose to skip that step.

This photo was taken at Oktoberfest on October 4, 2015, by Greg Schechter from San Francisco, USA. CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0) The photo was found at Wikimedia Commons.

The real Oktoberfest takes place within large tents in which patrons sit on benches in front of long tables, like in the photo above. However, Oktoberfestivities never sets the scene. Therefore, it was not certain where this took place.

Given the title, it seems reasonable to believe that the action would take place in Germany. Specifically, one could expect that it takes place in Munich, Bavaria, on the Theresienwiese, the traditional site for Oktoberfest since 1810.

Photo taken by SolomonG in 2017.

Of course, Oktoberfests are held at many locations, like the one pictured above which was held in Yokohama, Japan. But, in the absence of amplifying information, Oktoberfest is presumed to be in Germany. Just like a conflict called “Battle at the Statue of Liberty” would be assumed to occur within New York City, not at the replicas in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Colmar, France.

However, it was never stated where this takes place. There was a recurring ding which sounded like a shopkeeper’s bell (a door-mounted bell) announcing the arrival of new customers. Therefore, the location did not sound like an Oktoberfest tent. Additionally, the patrons (played by SGA) have British accents and names, and pronounce “Wiesenbier” in the manner of a native English speaker, not a German. Thus, it seemed that Oktoberfestivities took place within a pub located somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Unexpectedly, the main character, the waitress Alison, sounds like an American woman from the South. SGA is from Oxfordshire, UK, and that fact explains his accent. I don’t know where MissNilla calls home, but assume it’s somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line.

MissNilla_s Twitter Profile Image
Fans can follow MissNilla on Twitter.

Do not misunderstand, MissNilla gives a sexy performance, but it’s weird to hear southern twang when Germanic accent is expected.

Furthermore, this would have benefited by incorporating more aspects of the actual Oktoberfest. Let’s hear “Ein Prosit!” being sung in the background or deeper cuts like “Living Next Door to Alice.” (NOTE: Possibly I just want to hear people chant “Alice, Alice, who the fuck is Alice?” like I’ve heard during Dutch and German festivals 😉 I can’t swear that the song is played during the actual Oktoberfest though <shrug>)

Perhaps merely changing the title would have resolved the issue of misrepresentation. If this was entitled something like “A Southern Gal at an London Oktoberfest” then expectations would be more accurate.

Also, there was a missed opportunity at the end. Alison had outgrown her clothes at that point and was stark naked in front of many male patrons. Oh, and she was eight feet tall and becoming taller ❗ Still, the crowd noise, the murmur of indistinct conversations in the background, never ceased. It seems that all conversation might stop at the sight of an incredibly tall woman becoming even taller. Yet, the murmur never ceases. It would have been perhaps subtle, but I would have loved it if the background chatter ceased immediately when Alison outgrew her clothes. No need to call attention to the sudden silence, just have the murmuring stop.

(NOTE: Who knows though? Maybe the patrons really want to complain about their manager Bob, how the delivery guy is such a prat, and a myriad of other petty concerns. Thus, a woman magically transforming into a nude mini-giantess or even a pack of rampaging raptors would be insufficient to interfere with their chit chat.)

Alison then said “Now then, who’s up for more beers?” To which the men reply with … silence. MissNilla voices that line and the audio continues for several more seconds and then the clip just ends. Why not end with a shout of “Yeah, we want more beer!” or “Woo hoo!” or “You’re gorgeous Alison!” or “How the hell are you growing and what in the name of all that is holy did you slip into my Wiesenbier?” Instead, the story ended on a dud. Perhaps the patrons thought to themselves “Bloody Hell, a giant, growing woman is unusual, but I want to talk about that twat Bob!

Bottom line, as a growth fan I enjoyed this. MissNilla’s line delivery was excellent and sound effects were effectively used. Nonetheless, this is a tad expensive, and it must be stated that other voice actors provide more explicit content at twice the length for the same price. (For instance, I previously reviewed “Julie’s Growing Threesome” by Alyssa the Comic Book Babe which is 20-minutes long and sells for $9.99.) Regardless, this is worth ten bucks 🙂

You can purchase Oktoberfestivities for £8 (about $10 in early July 2020) at the following link: https://gumroad.com/sganimator

You can also listen to a sample here.


That’s it for now dear readers. Until next time, keep growing!

This review was written by SolomonG and is protected under Fair Use copyright law.

All Rights Reserved.

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