Giant Girl & Lana in Forces of Nature

Blowing smoke off a tank turret like a cigarette was a nice touch 🙂

“Giant Girl & Lana in Forces of Nature” was published on Amazon in August 2017. This 42-page color comic features Giant Girl (a.k.a. Ronni Kane), a former spy with the power to shrink and grow, and Lana, a super-spy. Both of the main characters act and look like standard action heroines, albeit perhaps a bit bustier.

Giant Girl was created by Sabrina Pandora, the author, and Koen Luyten, the original artist, in 2012. Lana was created by Sean Harrington in 2008. Both Giant Girl and Lana originated in web comics and they are, at the time of this writing, still actively maintained at the following links:

(NOTE: Giant Girl Adventures took an extended hiatus after January 2017 and only recently returned, in late June of 2020, with a new artist, DEE FISH. According to a Spring 2020 podcast interview with “Pond’s Press,” Sabrina Pandora and artist Koen Luyten parted on less than amicable terms.)

The island names translate from French into brown chicken, on the left, and brown beef, on the right. There must be a joke here that I’m missing 😐

Sean Harrington drew the art for this cross over and for the most part it was detailed. However, sometimes characters were drawn rather simply, like the man in the above image.

The story features Giant Girl and Lana intervening in dictator General Castoroil’s scheme to attack Marron Boeuf. It’s not that important, because the story is practically meaningless as the stakes are non-existent. No one is capable of posing a credible threat to Giant Girl and she does not suffer so much as a broken fingernail. The same holds true for Lana. This is a comedic work, without drama or tension. (Contrast that to issues 9 and 10 of the web comic in which a formidable foe battled Giant Girl.)

One side note, no explanation for Giant Girl’s superpower has been given yet. That’s in contrast to secondary characters in Giant Girl Adventures, such as 64 Bit (a.k.a. Stanley Hope), Badonkasaurous (a.k.a. Kumiko Kanzaki), and Steam Punk Rock (a.k.a. Simon Blaghoff), whose abilities are explained. I haven’t read through every page of the strip online so it’s certainly possible that her powers were explained at some point. Regardless, the “Characters” section at the official site gives no explanation (as of early July 2020) for her ability to grow and shrink, but does give explanations for the others.

Giant girl_s bio taken from website on 5JUL20
Taken from

This reminds me of adult comics such as Penthouse’s “Oh, Wicked Wanda!” or Playboy’s “Little Annie Fanny.” Insomuch as this features topless shots and sexual situations, but only up to a certain limit. Genitals are not shown and it’s softcore not hardcore. That’s not necessarily bad, but potential readers should understand that they won’t find graphic sex sessions or “money shots.”

NOTE: This was taken from a censored & abridged version that can be found online. In the finished product, Giant Girl’s arm is positioned differently and thus nude boobs are on full display.

You won’t find graphic sex scenes, but there was *kinda* a threesome between Giant Girl, Lana, and a “Brun Pouletian” military official. (SIDE NOTE: Is Brun Pouletian the correct demonym? 😉 ) However, it was brief and did not highlight any coitus. That said, Harrington does great work portraying the women pushing their breasts into each other’s faces and mashing the soft flesh of their bosoms in delightful fashion.

❤ shapely sailors

There is also a one-page girl-girl sex scene at the end which presumably takes place on a Florida beach. Presumably, it took place in Florida because the leader of Brun Poulet was named General Castoroil, a parody of deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Thus, I assume Brun Poulet was modeled on Cuba. The two ladies hitched a ride on a submarine leaving Brun Poulet and then disembarked to end the narrative with a little lovemaking session, actually a big lovemaking as Giant Girl grows huge. They rode the submersible for a short distance, something akin to the distance between Cuba and Florida. But who knows? Perhaps they took that submarine to the Canary Islands, Nova Scotia, or Spain 😉

Harrington drew the ladies as very attractive, but many panel backgrounds were not drawn. That is problematic in scenes involving Giant Girl as it is difficult to gauge her height. For example:

Giant Girl is indoors at this moment, and it was unclear how she fit inside without busting through the roof.

Also of note to growth fans, Giant Girl does not outgrow her clothes (her “Comicodium Underwear” is particularly durable) and outfits are the perfect size to fit her frame, whether she is huge or tiny. More’s the pity 😥

Taken from

Regarding the humor, your mileage may vary as the humor may date itself. I mentioned that the antagonist’s identity was a reference to Fidel Castro. Castro has been dead for a few years now, but it’s safe to say that he left a big mark on history so that reference will be relevant for a while.

Personally, I found the humor enjoyable. For instance, there was a bit in which a trailer is labeled “Red Cross” and ostensibly was used to carry humanitarian supplies. Later, a canopy partially covering the label is removed and exposes that “Red Cross” was actually just the first part in a longer label. A small thing, but it was fun 😀

That’s a high ceiling 😎

Overall, there’s more art and plot here than you get in a single issue from Giantess Club, Giantess Fan, or just about anywhere else. Although, to be clear, this is not as explicit as what you find at those erotic sites.

Bottom line, I recommend Giant Girl & Lana in Forces of Nature. It only costs $2.99 and for that money customers get an enjoyable size-oriented comic. You can purchase it at this Amazon link.

Also, check out the Giant Girl web site and the forum thread at Giantess City in which Sabrina discusses it:

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