Interview with SGAnimator, a Prolific Size-Fetish Writer and Collaborator



Sizebox Growth Animator (SGAnimator) is a creator who has worked with other artists and voice actors to bring many size-fetish productions to life! These focus on expansion, giantess, muscle growth, and weight gain themes. For example, fans can view over 100 videos on SGAnimator’s YouTube channel. The latest, “Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) – A Size Story – Week 2,” was released in early June this year. Similarly, DeviantArt has over 50 written stories and over 70 drawings on SGAnimator’s page. Furthermore, he collaborated with several voice actors to record nearly 50 audio stories for sale at a Gumroad store. Fans can follow SGAnimator on DeviantArt, his web site, and via Twitter for previews and the latest updates.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’m SGA from Oxfordshire in the UK. Currently a university student studying coding. I’m using this more recently to create games for my VA’s gumroad stores, so there’s a couple out already but as I keep learning hopefully I’ll keep them coming and get practice for my degree in at the same time.

#2) How did you first become interested in size fetish?

I get asked this question a lot and I never really know what to say, there wasn’t any sort of moment or triggering piece of media, I just kind of figured it out at one point after stumbling across MMD growth animations on youtube. (Editor’s note: MMD is an abbreviation for MikuMikuDance, a 3-D freeware program.)

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

Not at the moment, but I know enough people from my work that if I ever need to discuss anything I can do so online rather than IRL, it’s easier that way and usually requires less upfront explaining.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

It’s probably cheating but everything Vespa draws is incredible. He does the majority of covers for my audiobooks and his work is continuously amazing and is a real pleasure to work with. AZMaybe9 and MinMax3D I’ve also crossed paths with and they’re both lovely people who make amazing creations as well, I always find myself going back to Pool Remix as it seems to hit the right amount of size mischief and growth for my personal enjoyment. More recently SliceOfSize has joined the fray with some incredible animations, his Zelda growth one I particularly enjoyed and it led me to base an audiobook off the character with the same voice actress as in the video, with him doing the cover which was delightful. Lastly, Sanone and I have done some things together, and I’ve been a fan of his art style and tone for a long time, it’s something I tried to stick close too in my own creations, while of course giving them their own spin. There are lots of other creators and artists whom I’ve met or even whom I just enjoy watching as their content comes out, but I tend to lurk most of the time so I doubt they’d know me.

Art by Vespa (a.k.a. Vespart),

#5) How would you describe your stories?

The word I’d use would be ‘fun’. With a couple of exceptions (like the above mentioned DDLC video), I’ve tried to keep a lighthearted and joyful tone throughout all my content, be that my youtube videos or my audiobooks. I’m not entirely opposed to people dying in stories or anything, people who managed to stick through my entire Tia series would know this, but I find it unusual whenever normal characters decide to go out of their way to start killing everyone once they became a GTS. Like, if I’d seen them at the start of the story committing a mass shooting, it may be more believable, but I’m not sure I’d stick through reading a story after such an opening, I feel like the analogy makes my point. I figure if you’re watching my content there’s probably some escapism involved and so I try to keep things lighthearted and overall pleasant.

#6) Can you briefly describe the amount of work required to make a typical video with Sizebox? Do you have any advice for those wanting to render their own videos using that software?

My advise to those wanting to use sizebox is to just not. If you have any true aspirations of becoming an animator, don’t limit yourself in such a way. Production typically involves recording with a screen capture the events of the story played out within Sizebox, and then cutting all that footage together inside of a video editor, adding dialogue either as onscreen subtitles or from voice actors depending. Sizebox is just a playground for GTS events, and I’m definitely using it incorrectly by trying to use it as 3D animation software. Because of this, videos are very limited in scope, and rather simple to begin making, but whenever you want to do a semi complex scene it suddenly becomes a much larger pain as I’d end up having to resort to camera or green-screen trickery because of the limitations of the software. If you want your animations to have more than just standing still with a set 6 idol animations and growing bigger, it’s not a good software to use. After the most recent video, I’ve just about hit the wall with it. I would still recommend people check out the game as it is lots of fun to mess around in, and is a very well made game, however I wouldn’t recommend trying to overuse it as I do. More recently I’ve been far more enjoying the freedom that the writing and audiobook mediums have over the video one.

#7) Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

There are no projects planned for the youtube channel for the moment as my life has taken a turn for the busier in recent months, but as I mentioned above there are a number of interactive experiences and games that I’m enjoying working on which will be coming out soon. One in particular I’m excited for is an Egyptian themed interactive muscle growth story I did with Juno that’s in late production, which presents the character with challenges and allows the user to choose how she goes about overcoming them. To give an example, there’s one point where she needs to climb onto a ledge, so you can choose to grow taller so she can reach the ledge, or build muscles in her legs so she can jump higher and reach it. I’m continuously working on breaking down the barrier of user and characters and increasing the interaction between the two as much as possible to create some never before seen experiences.

Also, just to classify where I’m making content at the moment, there’s a page on my website called ’The Team’ with links to all my voice actresses own gumroad stores, and this is where my new written content is still being produced. I may still write stories for the DeviantArt in future, but the DeviantArt stores were related with how my patreon functioned as there would be one new story a week that you could read on DeviantArt but hear the audiobook on patreon, however since becoming too busy to manage a patreon in that way I’ve had to shift to solely using gumroad, and since that marked the end of a chapter of production anyway I figured I may as well do one gumroad store per voice actress because in that way people can support the voice actresses they wish too as well, which I’ve always encouraged people to do.


Thank you SGA for this interview!

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