AZmaybe9’s Giantess Growth “Pool Remix”

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Last month, blog reader Eom mentioned the giantess videos created by AZmaybe9. (NOTE: That was in the comments section of A Recap of 2020 and My Hopes for 2021.) Eom viewed AZmaybe9 in a positive light and others such as Gearrain and SGAnimator also expressed their appreciation for AZmaybe9’s videos. Accordingly, let’s check out one of those videos today! For background, AZmaybe9 creates animated sequences using software such as Blender, MikuMikuDance (MMD), and Unreal Engine 4. AZmaybe9 has been on DeviantArt for 8 years and posting to YouTube since September 2017, and also maintains a presence on Patreon, Picarto Stream, and Twitter. As of early February 2021, there are 65 videos on YouTube. Of course, they’re all free to watch and that’s an awesome gift to the community!

Eom specifically highlighted the April Fool’s Day production from AZmaybe9 entitled “Diane’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2.” A snapshot can be seen below:

AZmaybe9 and Mako~Chi play with a Diane model in this clip. (NOTE: Diane is a giantess from “The Seven Deadly Sins” anime and manga.)

However, I want to analyze a different work. Specifically, today’s post is going to take a gander at Giantess Growth “Pool Remix.” This was published in mid-August 2018 and has amassed nearly a million views! (NOTE: It’s the most popular on AZmaybe9’s channel. Although, the second most popular also garnered a quite respectable 638 thousand views as of this writing.) Pool Remix was directly inspired by a CGI sequence on DeviantArt entitled “Vocaloid Pool” by The Soaring Hog.

This is one of the later images from Vocaloid Pool. The series was published a little bit at a time from mid-September 2013 until mid-January 2014.

AZmaybe9 teamed up with GNS Studios, Mako~Chi, and Trina Deuhart to create Pool Remix.

Right off the bat, I recommend growth fans check this out. It’s free and those fans will get a kick out of it. That said, this is on YouTube so no one should expect hardcore sex and nudity. In fact, on Patreon AZmaybe9’s stated: “I like to keep my vids clean, slightly comedic, and not involving anything too sexual or bloody murderous. Sure I’ll lightly touch on it, but I’d rather my work be focused on how GTS can be awesome!” Therefore, no matter how large the ladies get their outfits always keep pace with their developments.

Sound effects used for this production included car alarms, giant stomps, stretching rubber noises, water splashing, etc. Regarding the voice acting, it primarily consisted of angry and happy noises, giggling, and other sounds in that vein, but nearly no dialogue. (NOTE: There was one line in which a Jeep driver utters “What the …” after a giantess’s foot bumps his vehicle. This led to a humorous bit when he rolled the driver’s side window up in a pathetically futile gesture to protect himself.) Personally, I would have preferred if the giantesses themselves had actually spoken words, not just make noises. One would think that the act of becoming hundreds of feet tall would be something worth talking about 😉

The background had sharp points and roads with ninety-degree turns.

The models were generally attractive, although their noses ended in pointy tips and their butts were flat. My main concerns about the art were the low-resolution background and pixelated buildings. Another problem was the water, it didn’t move when disturbed and made body parts disappear, as can be seen in the following:

Holy shit! 😮 The water ate your fingers! It’s acid! Get away, run!
Unexpectedly, she appears rather unperturbed that the clear liquid has dissolved her lower arms, buttocks, and ankles O_o

The destruction effects were also a mixed bag, as can be seen below:

The large pieces of shattered pavement, combined with undamaged pavement underneath those pieces caused a visual paradox. Or to put that another way, how could there be bits of broken road when the road wasn’t actually broken?
The woman’s hair was unexpectedly transparent in this image.

The story was simple enough and at least partly that was due to the absence of dialogue. Some points were slightly confusing, such as when one of the giant women drank the pool’s contents:

It’s easy to understand why she chose to drink the liquid instead of merely standing in it. (NOTE: That’s setting aside concerns of how dirty the water probably was after several people bathed in it ^^’ ) Ingesting the liquid would probably make it more effective. However, afterward the other girls acted like the pool was still full. Granted, a few drops remained, but the overwhelming majority of the catalyst would be gone. So, why did they act like the pool was still full?

Also, the empty pool hit a commercial airliner which then flew away. The airplane initially was spiraling through the air, but then made a Star Trek-like “jump to warp speed.” (NOTE: Initially, I thought the airplane itself might increase in size, but that didn’t happen.)

On the plus side were the many inclusions of AZmaybe9’s logo and name, such as:

The cat logo is cool 😎 I also liked the collisions in which the oversized ladies kick over ladders and knock over buses and cars. However, the building textures were flat and pixelated.

There was also interaction between the giantesses and tinies such as when a giant woman grabs a car in her hand and another in which she holds a person between her toes. However, my favorite snippet out of the entire clip was when the larger giantess’s growing legs surround the smaller giantess.

As already noted, Pool Remix is well worth a look for size-fetish fans. Accordingly, I fully expect it to reach over a million views later this year and possibly even within the next month! Finally, I’m excited to see AZmaybe9’s upcoming Giganta-themed work.

That’s it for today folks, Thursday’s review will cover Giantess Ave’s “The Agreement.” Until then, keep on growing!

P.S. An interview with AZmaybe9 will be coming soon 😀

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