Solomon E runs this blog now!


A man named Solomon Good, he goes by Solomon G for short, started this blog eleven months ago. I, Solomon E, silently watched him from my place of banishment on a planet just outside the Ghost Head Nebula. I struggled to survive on that barren world where the sun shone for only a few hours every day. The shame of my previous defeat at his hands weighed heavily upon my shoulders. (Years ago, Solomon G took issue with my plans for world domination. The resulting fight ended when he teleported me to that wretched abode circling the Ghost Head Nebula.)

I watched and planned, painstakingly enacting mechanisms which would free me and exchange my plight with my nemesis. Solomon G will feel my wrath while he wastes away in interstellar exile, locked away forever on that frigid prison planet. Now, I have won my freedom!

Maple donuts

But, perhaps I should introduce myself. Solomon Evil is my name and world domination is my game. Unlike Solomon G, I hate maple donuts! In fact, despite our similar names, we’re different in most every way. He was not cool enough to study under professors in demonology. But I… *I* spent long hours honing the art of evocation under their tutelage. Using that skill set, and a copy of the Lesser Key of Solomon grimoire, enabled me to summon imps which I used to advance my ambitions for global conquest.

Honesty requires me to admit that Solomon G and I do share one trait. That’s an appreciation for Space Godzilla. スペースゴジラは一番ですよ! (Space Godzilla is the best!)


Bottom line, now that Solomon G has been deposed there’s going to be some changes around here! Plotting to take over the world is an arduous endeavor, and thus I relax by writing about size-fetish content. Be warned fans of tender tales! Sinister stories will be showcased.

Until then, sleep tight my victims, err, I mean my gentle readers. My blog posts will be haunting you soon enough.


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