Redfired0g’s “Campfire Stories,” a diabolical Solomon E review!

Solomon G once stated “Behind this black box are either horrible monsters or nipples.” Rest assured readers, the answer to that same question is much darker in THIS comic!

Now that the pesky Solomon G is out of the way, we can discuss some suitably horrific size-fetish tales!


To begin with, let’s start the bloodshed with Redfired0g’s “Campfire Stories.” This is a tale full of vore involving the demon “Lilith,” a character described in many stories as Adam’s first wife, or the mother of demons, or the very first vampire, among other variations. Campfire Stories was first published in late October 2017. (NOTE: Despite the title, there is only one story in this comic. It’s not an anthology.)

The story is very simple. A group of young ladies are gathered around a campfire, sans clothing, while one of them, Natasha, conducts a ritual. Natasha wants the demon Lilith to inhabit her body and thus she conducts the ritual to achieve that goal. Alas, Lilith determines that Natasha is unsuitable and things go differently than the blonde woman planned.

Natasha’s friends are rather accommodating. They go naked in the cold for one of their friends who directly threatens them.

Perhaps Natasha’s misspelling of “Lilith” during her recitation of an ancient text is what led the mother of demons to decide that Natasha was unsuitable?


Lilith possesses one of the ritual participants and immediately sets about to satiate a hunger for human flesh. She consumes the others as they prove incapable of providing even the slightest resistance. This comic is a little like a “Friday the 13th” or a “Halloween” film in which the victims make no effort to run away or to fight their respective slasher villain. The lack of agency on the part of the victims robs the story of drama and tension.

While inflicting violence on those who called her a friend, the host body inhabited by Lilith transforms, growing larger breasts and achieving a superhuman height. Additionally, among the carnage that was on display, there were a fair amount of misspellings to further enhance the torture.

The highlighted text should be “delirious.”
“Worthless” (Also, why is there an exclamation mark after “human” and “scum”?)

Spelling errors are the least significant of mistakes, but they’re also easy to find and fix. If any of my imps had committed these wrongs, I would let them go after only a few lashings from my whip.


The art is suitable for this genre, depicting an evil woman growing exaggerated curves while she murders several attractive ladies. The setting is in the woods at night, but thankfully it was never so dark as to obscure what was happening. I appreciated a line of dialogue, specifically “Now you will be sacrificed upon the altar of my hunger,” spoken by Lilith. However, sometimes the text repeated information already available by looking at the image.

Why are you telling me, via the text, things that I can see with my own eyes in the picture you made? Use the text to tell me something that I cannot see, like the character’s intent or motivation.
This font used to depict Lilith’s speech is messy. For example, the “I’m” at the beginning just looks like “M,” and the “I’m” in the middle has a big space between the letters.

Overall, despite its missteps, I enjoyed this tale of demonically-inspired cannibalism. I give it three vore methods out of five. Potential victims can find this work at Redfired0g’s Gumroad page, as part of a two-pack which includes another vore-themed comic entitled “Hungry Pussy.” That sells for $4.99, as of late October 2019.


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