Interview with CaddyIsRaddy, a CGI Artist with Broad Interests


CaddyIsRaddy is a 3-D computer-generated imagery (CGI) artist primarily specializing in shrunken women, but also producing giantess content. He first began making size-fetish themed collages, but then transitioned to CGI using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Daz3D. In previous interviews, creators such as Giantess Tina and Njord expressed their appreciation for his work. Potential customers can go to DeviantArt and sample hundreds of images rendered by Caddy. His CGI illustrated stories include Jacqueline, a tale highlighting a lovely blonde with size-altering abilities, Safety Tips for Tinies, and Switch, featuring a shrinking app. These comics can be purchased via Gumroad or by supporting him on Patreon. Fans can also follow Caddy on Twitter for previews and the latest updates.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

To start off with, something most people probably know by now; I’m Dutch. That small, very flat country that’s pretty much below sea level. I work as a graphic designer for a small printing company, which I absolutely love doing and also blame some of the quality of my renders on. I’m in a relationship with Becks, who still lives in Germany as we live ‘together apart’. Since people who hear this often ask why; Mainly since it seems to work for us as a couple as well as factors like family, friends and the job security I currently have. It would be an easy step to start my own business, but I’m not the person to do that. 9-5 suits me just fine and leaves me with the evenings off for my hobbies, such as renders.

#2) How did you first become interested in size fetish?

From a younger age, watching the cartoons on TV, I found myself enjoying the episodes featuring shrinking more than those without. Unable to really place why, it just seemed fun. The occasional Tom & Jerry, or I even remember ‘The Real Ghostbusters” and ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” had some of those. Of course Alice in Wonderland was a big influence for that as well. It wasn’t until I went through puberty that I found myself drawn to it more and in different ways. Born in 1988 it wasn’t until I was 16 or 17 that I got access to my own PC with an internet connection and began to explore it more. Finding The Minimizer’s site first and feeling slightly relieved I wasn’t the only one.

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

I’ve thought a lot about sharing it to real life friends of mine, but haven’t. I figure it’s an interest of mine and should be nothing to be ashamed of, but on the other hand, to me at least, it’s like telling them a little secret of mine. I also like to add that the people I hang around with often aren’t often talking about sex or fantasies as such, I feel like if I were to mention it it’d be very out of place. It’s also a little bit the judgement I fear and being uncomfortable since I’ve kept it to myself for so long now. On that note though only Becks really knows, not just cause she’s my SO, but we even met online through the fetish.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

I’m really impressed with the work and effort people are putting into their pieces. A labor of love. A few of my early influences and who I still enjoy to follow were from The Minimizer’s, Tonto Blackadder, JamesMason and SorenZer0. Each one of those for their own reasons. SW, Multisize, Domination, or things like a very pleasing aesthetic and storytelling. More recent there’s a whole lot of other content creators out there, but a few I also really enjoy are works from Docop, Owl, MarshGTS, AP, Tina, AnAlternateUsername, Herretik, KryptonLives, LFCfanGTS, Mike973, Minutia, Karbo, Pencillence and honestly a whole lot more.

I’ve always found it hard to tell people about my favorites. Whenever I start thinking about one thing, another pops up and I can never tell what I like the most. With size it’s very much the same. I’m into a vast range of size and size interactions, so no bunch of things really jump out to me, but I do love creativity. When people do or try things they are passionate about and often that’s what shows in their content.


#5) How would you describe your stories?

I think I’d say; aesthetic and immersive.

My first attempt at a story was Jacqueline and I learned a lot from that. I focused more on building a background and character than the (sexual) interaction and the feedback I got from that reflected that. I had to realize this was intended for a more sexual orientated and mature audience. For Switch I did the same, but with this feedback in mind I felt more free to pursue that side of it as well. I still should get Jackie’s part 2 up at some time with the things I learned.

#6) Can you briefly describe the amount of work which goes into a comic like Switch? Do you have any advice for those wanting to create their own comics?

For me, personally I overthink every little bit way too much. Which I see as a pro and a con at the same time. A story for me starts at a simple idea, for Jaqueline it was “what if a girl discovers she has size powers?” For Switch it was “What if they streamed live size content online?” From there I’ll start thinking about possible outcomes and what would make for a neat storyline. I’ll think about what characters would be possible in there, what their backgrounds and motivation would be and from that, how they would react if/when put in the situation to give the whole thing more realism. This process varies in time though. On on off moment or while rendering a casual piece I’ll have it in mind, or even at work when there’s not much to do or when chatting to people online.

The actual building starts when I feel confident I have enough information. Switch took me about 1 to 1.5 week to fully realize. Working on it from morning to evening. Setting the scene first, posing the models, rendering it out and doing the post work on the finished renders. I could speed this process up a bit by having the shots I want in mind beforehand, but I love to approach it more freely and get inspired by the previous shot where and how to do the placement and by the characters on how they’d react. Mainly I’ll start off knowing the beginning and where I’d like it to end and fill in the middle as I go along. For new people looking to start a comic, story or actually any kind of content I’d say; keep going. I feel like this process is very personal and you need to find what works for you the most. And don’t give up on it. You were passionate enough to get started, see it through. If it’s not received well, learn from the mistakes made and do it again and make what you love.

#7) What are the perks available to your Patreon supporters? Are there any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

Patreon is a way for me to finance the hobby and myself. I started off with creating Pat & Ron, who are 2 characters that people can suggest a scenario for and each month I’ll choose 1 to render out. Or some pieces that are too ‘mature’ for Deviantart.

More recently I’ve also set Early Access as a perk, where people can see renders of mine before I make them public, as a way to add more for the higher tiers.

I don’t want to force people to pay for much extra content, or higher resolutions. I’m an artist at heart (and sometimes quite a hippy) as I believe art should be accessible to everybody and I’m very happy if that content would even give me 1 dollar a month from someone who enjoys what I do and wishes to help me out.

As for projects, I’m always thinking of the next. I’m still struggling with Club Amazon, how I’d want to tackle that and perhaps even a GTS story set on a mysterious island.


Thank you for taking part in this interview!

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