An Interview and a Conversation with Giantess Tina

From Tina’s upcoming series “Stellar”

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview the Giantess Tina, a.k.a. Goddess Tina (GT). Of note, this format is more conversational, and with a bit more roleplay, than my other interviews.

SolomonG (SG): Perhaps we could start with a little about yourself. We’ve established that you hail from the part of the world the Romans called Gaul. Can you tell us if you reside near the capital of Paris, making giant strides around landmarks such as the Eiffel tower or the Louvre, or do you prefer to reside in provincial lands, far from the big city?

GT: It’s interesting that you begin with the question of location… Is it a cultural interest? Hmm… In any case, I don’t see myself striding in circles around the Eiffel Tower. I’m from every appealing place, and they all are. But yes, sure! Why not France and it’s very peculiar love for conversations and stretching debates!

I reside where my curiosity is satiated.

And you?

SG: For those of us humble non-giants, our origins define us in a most significant way. To put that more informally, “You can take a boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of a boy.”

Myself, I was born and raised in the far north, with tall mountains and sweeping glaciers around. To those of a more urbane and sophisticated upbringing, I am decidedly provincial.

GT: Like Iceland? Iceland was fantastic!

SG: I do not originate from that lovely Nordic country. Rather my home is a place far from my current abode, but one which was briefly ruled by the Russians before entering the union of 50. A place where the winter sky dances at night and a land I carry with me wherever I go.

GT: Well, little Solomon, you’re an interesting place to reside *she smiles softly*

But please, do go on. You’re the interviewer.

SG: If you were, let’s say for the sake of curiosity, ever to assume a mortal’s occupation, do you think there’s a particular field that might catch your interest? Would thou find fulfillment, even if just for a brief time, in say the work of a book keeper, a chef, or the like?

GT: Of course! Any of them! What’s a chef? A book keeper? Why does one need to keep a book actually?

And music. I’d be a musician. What am I saying… Would you like to hear me sing?

SG: Of course! 🙂

Is there a favorite song you’d love to perform?

GT: By now, you should have guessed that there’s no favorite to me, when everything’s to be explored.

But here.

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a, Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby, kiss me
Multiple musical notes

*there’s a pause, a silence, a smile on her lips*

I like the slight melancholy, the love and the hope… I once sung it while destroying a whole world of stories.

SG: Chilling! To paraphrase a line from another Sinatra classic, it sounds like “you did it your … way”

On the topic of exploration, are there lands on this humble world that you have yet to explore, but would like to?

GT: Yes. Always.

I can now say that I intimately know this planet. The Chinese mists in the morning, the fiery crowds of a bazaar, the chanting déclaration of an Italian lover, its core, iron, nickel and warmth…

There’s always a place to touch, on any level, on any mood. I wouldn’t like to explore this place you talk about. I will.

SG: Indeed, that is true.

“When two forces meet.” Giantess Tina and Giantess Nyx, by a little bird

Might I inquire the names of any artists who have caught your fancy? Those who have skillfully portrayed the essence of a giantess in the abstract or perhaps done tribute by recording your own mighty personage?

GT: They are many! This fantasy, of being huge, of feeling small, is lucky enough that it needs creativity and representations to exist. For this reason, I’ll likely miss some of them…

Openhighhat and his crazy projects, Nyx, and her ever inventive stories and character, Ktantan, and his creative situations, Flagg3d, Lfcfangts, Sorenzer0, Aborigengts, Perspectiveshift, Eskoz, on kinky, Spitty, Kryptonlives, Scott Grildrig, Alicia, Caddy, Jitensha, Undersquid, Gorilla09, Rrawpictures and…

Undersquid ! Spokle ! Docop ! Analternateusername ! Starkadhr !

And, of course, Vivian, who’s busy sleeping.

Your question is an awful one for something like me. I love creation and I always forget a creator.

SG: My apologies! Perhaps an easier task would be to share a bit about some of your own work, such as “Bombe”?

GT: Oh please don’t apologize. I love answering this awful question with a different answer each time *laugh*

And yes! What do you want to know about it? Don’t be shy

SG: Does Bombe feature a lovely lady growing from among the teeming crowds to assume her lofty position, or is the woman already towering above the masses from the very beginning? Would you call her actions cruel or kind?

GT: Oh. I’ve always been towering above these crowds.

I know each of them. I’ve lived in this city. I’ve been amongst them and deemed them bored. On a gentle April day, I felt playful and voila : this is how it all began.

As for my actions… I’m not the one who’s able to qualify my actions, am I? I have a need, I live it. I found myself playful at first, then as the screams and city unveiled, Aroused. That’s my story and the one you witnessed.

So tell me. Did you find me cruel, or kind?

SG: Better described as a force of nature, outside those moral poles. Though I do hope to survive the experience

GT: You’ve dared interviewing me and ask this very question, after all *smirks*

SG: Qui ose gagne (French for “Who Dares Wins,” unless Solomon screwed up the French!)

Any advice for those who struggle with accepting their size fetish?

GT: Bring them to me.

Besides that, yes.

Find your equals, share experiences and when you feel confident enough, realize that this is a part of you and that it’s beautiful.

And speaking of sharing… Here’s something I don’t think I’ve ever shared. This fantasy has taught me many skills. Design, coding, writing, English speaking on a higher level, Social, 3d rendering, editing…

They’re all a part of me now, and they can be a part of you if you don’t compartmentalize things too much.

SG: Thank you very much!


Fans can follow Giantess Tina at DeviantArt and Twitter. Furthermore, I highly recommend checking out the illustrated story “Bombe.” Bombe was created as a collaboration between KryptonLives, Scott Grildrig, and Tina. Read it for free at the following link:

“A Caress” by Goddess Tina


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