EmmaGear’s and JamesMasonO’s “Sorority Sister’s Secret Crush”


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Today, let’s take a look at an illustrated CGI comic written by EmmaGear with images by JasonMasonO. “Sorority Sister’s Secret Crush” consists of 70 fully rendered images with a focus on crush, feet, shrinking, and vore. This was released on the 1st of March last year.


The protagonist, Charlette Li, is a college freshman. Seeking a place to stay, she applied to a sorority with the easiest admission requirements. Right from the beginning, the student in charge of the sorority, Britney, is disagreeable.

(NOTE: Charlette self-identifies as Japanese. However, I’ve never heard “Li” used as a Japanese family name; I’d have assumed Li was a Chinese or Korean surname. Arguably, that’s not significant as her ethnicity appears to only be relevant in so much as it demonstrates Britney’s prejudice. Further, it’s possible that Charlette was adopted by a Chinese family, but was originally from Japan. Or a number of other scenarios could explain her name.) 

Crush is definitely a prevailing theme.

The interaction with tiny people starts right away. As part of her initiation, Charlette is told to kill a tiny. Britney threatens Charlette and everyone she’s ever loved if she refuses. So, from the get go, Britney is established as not just unlikable, but as a despicable sociopath with no concern for human life.

However, Charlette also has no compunctions against murder. In fact, it’s a secret fantasy of hers to be a malevolent giantess. Accordingly, the majority of the comic details the murder of several unidentified shrunken people.

Charlette and Thinh believe Britney is an asshole, but they’re all murderers. So, what makes Britney an asshole? Her racist attitude IS reprehensible, but that offense pales next to the crime of ongoing mass murder within the sorority.

In contrast to the mostly anonymous victims, at one point Britney shrinks a police officer and the officer’s spouse as a favor for one of Charlette’s sorority sisters, Thinh Nguyen. The police officer had previously arrested Thinh for possession. Thus, Thinh feels justified in torturing the two.

While the body count rises and carnage continues, there was an effective effort to detail a nascent romance between Charlette and sorority sister Allison Cowden. I appreciate the effort to describe how a young lady grapples with the first stirrings of same-sex attraction.

Eventually, Charlette kills Britney’s tinies and conflict arises. I was happy that conflict was introduced as it made the tale more interesting. This was resolved in four different endings.

Much blood is shed.

Regarding the art, it was pretty good. Although, I did have a few quibbles.

For instance, on the first page, Charlette thinks that the sorority is old and shameful looking, and notices that paint flaked off the door when she knocked. Readers are told that the building was dilapidated, but never shown the exterior. However, why not show the readers instead of only telling them? This is an illustrated story after all.


Also, and this is subjective, Allison’s figure was inconsistent.

Allison does not appear buxom while wearing her sweater.
However, Allison appeared buxom without her sweater.

To be clear, Allison was established as being shy. Thus, presumably she wears a bulky top to hide her voluptuous figure. In that case, what I observed could be the exact result that Allison desired. Ergo, she wears extra-large clothes to hide her ample breasts. Even still, in my opinion, it should have been obvious that Allison was busty even when she was wearing her sweater. I do not think that the sweater could be so effective at hiding her body. Particularly when she is described as a “… fertility Goddess, with massive breasts that wobbled with every breath …”

Regarding the story, there was more text and therefore more narrative than most CGI comics. That was nice! I would like to see more works with this robust of a narrative. That said, there were typos, and a few examples of the minor mistakes are listed below:

The word “some” was unneeded in the above sentence.
“n” should be “an”
This text is at the end of page 48 (page 49 if you count the cover as page 1) and appears to end with an incomplete sentence.
The subsequent page does not finish the sentence.
I think this line should end with “… to be the most distressing.”

Additionally, in the “good ending” there was no further development or conclusion to the budding romance between Charlette and Allison. I’d preferred if something had happened, whether that would be that the couple formed a mature relationship or severed ties completely. Anything would have been better than nothing. Especially, because an obstacle to such a relationship had been removed. Charlette even states that “Life is perfect,” but does a perfect life mean a relationship with Allison? Or does it mean forgetting about the intimate connection that they briefly formed?

Bottom line, this comic primarily explores the type and level of violence people might do if there were no consequences. I claim that the violence had no consequences because there were apparently no efforts made to investigate the abductions and subsequent killings. The situation is one in which Britney could have continued to shrink people indefinitely. Ergo, no one noticed that the abducted people were last seen with Britney before they disappeared. Perhaps Britney is a master of moving stealthily, but it seems unrealistic that she could shrink scores of folks with utter impunity and no fear of being caught.

I would have liked to have seen a response from law enforcement. Size-fetish readers must accept that size change is possible in their stories, and I fully agree with that. However, I prefer it when the number of concessions is kept at a minimal. Thus, having to accept that no one is looking for the people who disappeared hindered my suspension of disbelief.


Overall, your appreciation for this will depend on your personal preferences for evil giantesses. If such characters pique your interest then you can purchase Sorority Sister’s Secret Crush for $16 at EmmaGear’s E-junkie store or at Giantess Katelyn’s store.

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