“Party Crusher” by EmmaGear and MisterDoD

Loved the old school look of this ad! It resembles something you might find in a comic book or magazine.

Good morning all,

“Party Crusher” is a partially illustrated story written by EmmaGear with art by MisterDoD. It was just released this week. So, I ponied up eight bucks to check it out. (NOTE: I previously reviewed “Sorority Sister’s Secret Crush,” which was written by EmmaGear with art by JasonMasonO.)

Party Crusher consists of sixty-one pages including over fifty written pages, seven color illustrations, and five pages detailing the planning stages.

Always like seeing sketches and other behind the scenes information.

The tale could be effectively summarized as an unpleasant person, the eight-foot tall Emma, going to a party then using her preternatural stature and unexplained shrinking powers to abuse people. The story establishes in the beginning how disagreeable Emma was by detailing the effort that party organizer Phil exerted to preclude her attendance:


It’s no spoiler to share with you that Phil’s effort was unsuccessful, since that fact is implied in all of the advertisements. Plus the comic is called “Party Crasher” 😉 Although, I was a little curious how Emma found out about the soirée. That was never explained, which was a shame as it might have been interesting if someone had tried to sabotage the social event. Maybe a love triangle existed in which a third person, possibly Charlie, wanted to court Phil’s love interest Hannah and thus tried to ruin Phil’s party to eliminate competition. Charlie could have been jealous and thus tipped off the disruptive Emma.

But no, Emma is just there for … reasons. <shrug>

(NOTE: Did I miss something? If so, please let me know!)

Switching focus now to the art, it was merely okay. Of the seven color images, three are used to introduce main characters Hannah, Phil, and Emma. (NOTE: The other most prominent character is a fellow named Charlie, but there wasn’t an image dedicated to him.) Emma is portrayed with a very voluptuous figure. She is shown topless in one image and partially exposes her nipples in two others. However, at least in my opinion, she wasn’t framed in a sexy manner.

Additionally, her eye glasses have swirls in them and those swirled glasses are shown at the bottom of each page.


Are these “Mind Control Eyes?” The TV tropes web site notes that “… hypnosis is represented by the eyes appearing as swirling spirals or concentric circles.” So, maybe some powerful, yet unseen, force hypnotized the giant woman and was directing her actions?

hypno toad
“Were you responsible for this, Hypnotoad? Wait, I feel… a little… funny. What’s… going on? What was I saying? Oh yes, I remember now, ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!” (NOTE: Possibly obscure Futurama reference) 😉

Art aside, the main draw will likely be the many acts of harassing and evil behavior that Emma performs. This is clearly advertised as a cruel story, as can be seen below:


However, I wonder why size-fetish often portrays senseless violence. Consider this, let’s say there was another comic called “Party Stopper” and it features an eight-foot tall man named “Ed.” Like Emma, Ed often carelessly teases people, and sometimes he even causes significant physical harm.


Now, let’s also assume that Ed expects other people to wait on him, like Emma does.


Lastly, let’s suppose that Ed sometimes might even kill people, although unintentionally. Just like Emma.


All those things in mind, would the demand for “Party Stopper” (yes, I know the title I chose was dumb) be as strong as the demand for Party Crusher? If not, why not? Because a man was the antagonist instead of a woman? Is abuse from a woman more acceptable than from a man? Speaking for myself, I am by absolutely no means suggesting that. However, the number of cruel comics staring giant men appears to be much less than those of giant women. Why is that? Is it simply because women are typically the main characters in pornography?

Let’s continue this thought experiment, but take away the fantasy aspects. What about a comic, without any supernatural elements, staring an Emma who is 5′ 6″ tall and likes to hurt people. Emma hits people HARD and occasionally they lose teeth or have toes broken. Would that be a fun read?

What about a comic staring Ed and his wife? Let’s assume, like in the last example with Emma, that Ed has no unnatural abilities and is of standard height. Ed is abusive, he likes to strike his partner with his hands. He is a stereotypical domestic abuser. He never tries to really hurt her, and only slaps her when she is too slow bringing his beers. Would that be an okay comic?

Is Hannah a battered spouse making excuses for her abuser? (NOTE: Yes, I know the two are not literally married. Nonetheless, the dynamic is similar.)

Bottom line, what is the fundamental difference between Emma and a wife beater husband? Is the crucial distinction merely gender? Or is the most important variable solely the presence or absence of size-altering powers? If Ed was an abusive husband with the ability to shrink people would that make a difference?

To be clear, while this post specifically examines a comic written by EmmaGear, there are a great many cruel-themed size-fetish comics from many other creators which also feature toxic relationships. What I would love to see in these comics is some conflict in the form of spirited resistance, even if futile, against the abusive antagonists.

All that said, I don’t recommend Party Crusher. There are no likable characters, the attempts to make it erotic do not work, and it was a slough to get through.


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