Interview with Njord, a writer of size-fetish fiction of many genres


Njord is a writer of size-fetish fiction primarily focusing on growing women. He has participated in SizeRiot contests since GentleApril18. His submission, “Salty,” tied with Aborigen’s submission for best normal-size lead character in GentleApril18, was in a three-way tie for best macro character, and placed second in three other categories. His Cocktober19 entry, “And Rise in the Morning to Block the Sun,” won first place in the “Which story would you like to read in a series?” category. Personally, I quite enjoyed it! Attendees at SizeCon20 can stop by Taedis’ booth and pick up a free copy of “the small print,” a compilation of several stories. Among them is “Restoration” written by Njord. You can also find Njord’s work on his blog, at the Giantess City forum, and at Giantess World.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’m a biracial (b&w) American man in his early 20s, working as a part-time journalist in a small Floridian city.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

My memories of fascination with size-changing — giant and/or growing women in particular — go back to childhood. The Scooby-Doo movie, Totally Spies!, Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy… how many cartoons aimed at children have fantastical elements that engage with shrinking or growing? A lot, which leads me to wonder how much of it is simply playing with fantasy and science fiction tropes, and how much is the result of our people infiltrating the entertainment industry and finding a foothold in animation. We see you, friends; keep up the good work.

But as for learning what I had was a fetish with a name, it all goes back to a YouTube search when I was around 11: “giant women.” This brought back the “50-Foot Mandy” episode of Totally Spies!, the morphing alien babes from Dude, Where’s my Car?, and, most fascinatingly, custom-made trailers of videos where scantily-class women romped and stomped through flimsy model cities, or shrank men using After Effects shrink rays. The rabbit-hole (another story with size-changing!) deepened.

I discovered the scene at a great time, with video producers starting to improve on the blue backdrops and stock sound effects of their earliest efforts and comic producers like Giantess Club emerging to produce these fantasies in a less cost-prohibitive medium (not that I could buy any of these in an above-board fashion, being a horny teenager with no credit card). But the writing is truly timeless. When I discovered Panther’s “Woman in the Red Convertible” stories, around the same time as Greapos’s (mostly unfinished) emasculating rhapsodies, I was absorbed in ways no one-hander could match; these were my gateway into the more literary, ambitious end of size fantasy, even if their work is at times intensely pornographic. It was only a matter of time until the old Nadine Tripod website [EDIT: I think it was under the name Nadine8] and Rob Classact’s mg-sg archive–which introduced so many to classic writers like Rapscalion, Greapos, Hi-Standard, CBaud, Oblimo and others–weren’t enough, and I finally created a Giantess City account (this after I finally had my own laptop separate from the home PC at which I’d been surreptitiously trawling the web to feed my macrophile mania). Between that and GiantessWorld, I could indulge to my heart’s content.

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

There was a time when I wanted badly to tell people (NOT my parents or any adults) about this fascination, so desperate was I to connect over it. So there are people who know who I wouldn’t have otherwise told now. But it’s also known and referenced among my closest circle of friends, people I’ve known as far back as elementary school, as a fun in-joke: “She looks tall enough for Njord to date!”

#4) What are a few of your favorite size fantasies from other creators?

Where to begin? Gary Pranzo was probably my first flavor of live-action, sure, but Katelyn Brooks and Tywest were the video producers whose work has stuck more potently in the mind and who really pushed the envelope. Lorekeep, Bob Saget, and Malenkaya are just some of the writers who have done the best work at Giantess Club, with whoever it is claiming to be Peter Logan and Portal Comics behind the artwork, and ZZZ Comics diligently channeled male giant and giant couple fantasies into his tales. Besides the aforementioned classic writers like Panther, Greapos, etc. are my contemporaries (but for the most part my elders, as I’m still relatively new to this), many more of whom I’ve become familiar with since joining SizeTwitter and Aborigen’s Size Riot contests. Besides contest grandmaster Aborigen (who I first found on GiantessWorld) and his chronicles of relationship dynamics filtered through fantastical size differences, there’s Olo’s evocative meditations on predation, Taedis’s delightful linguistic playfulness, Undersquid’s tales of monomaniacal microphile women, TinyPissyFairy’s boundary-pushing prose poetry, Giantess Nyx’s orgiastic recounting of mass destruction… I could go on and on. An Innocent Owl, Caddy, Docop, OneHighhat, and Krypton Lives (especially his unbelievable collaborations with Giantess Tina–Bombe is unparalleled) are at the top of the 3D modeling heap. M31 and Size Genie are doing some next-level work with photo collages, a medium often marred by laziness, and GIFs. If I named every artist doing commissioned or independent illustrations (Spitty, OnKinky, Resize, Hollewdz, Sihagen, Sunny…) I’d be here all day typing.

“Gjallana and Fainan” by Curanto for Njord’s GrowthJuly2018 submission “Big Impression

#5) How would you describe your stories?

I would describe my stories as size fantasies with an emphasis on character. Yes, they’re often horny, even downright smutty, but not all of them. Once I’ve done more long-form stories, I hope it will become apparent that I’m as interested in comedy, adventure, tragedy, suspense, and thematic exploration as I am in big steppy and giga-horny. My proclivities tend toward gentleness, but there’s room for all types in my work: big, small, and medium, sweet, sinister, and somewhere between.

#6) Will there be a continuation, a chapter three, for “Release and Relapse”?

Speaking of long-form! Release and Relapse was my first series, still unfinished, a fanfiction sequel to Giantess Club’s Above the Law, in which Megan Small, an inmate at a women’s prison, is exposed to an experimental gas that has her outgrowing her jumpsuit and the prison itself, with other ladies following after. Preview images of that comic spellbound me years ago, when so much content was just out of my reach. In the time since I last updated the story, some years ago, Giantess Club has since been publishing a spiritual sequel in the form of Beyond the Law and Beyond the Law: Reversal, yet that original eight-issue run still does it for me, and the idea of my sequel still appeals to me. R&R sees another woman, Tracy Skaid, exposed to similar chemicals. When she’s released from prison, she ends up in a relationship with Alison Small, another Giantess Club protagonist (from Alison Wonderbra; I refused the idea that the shared surname could be a coincidence), whose connection to the infamous, rampaging menace Megan leads to a lot of turmoil and heartache for Tracy. It’s going to be a road story, a picaresque filled with danger, humor, and plays on various size story tropes, and it will continue! Just don’t ask me when, exactly.

#7) Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to mention?

I’ve got two different series, also long-delayed, coming out in the form of scripts for audio: Life with the Amazon, in which the male listener character meets, dates, marries, and lives a full life with a nine-foot tall Amazon named Lea, and Love, and other Small Things in which the male listener character is mysteriously shrunk to four inches tall and must rely on the care of his tomboy best pal, Kris. Both series take place in the same setting, and the protagonists of each are in the same group of friends. A third will be written soon enough in which a female listener character is romanced by a friendly frost giantess named Birgit.

I have many potential prose series lined up, several being continuations of Size Riot stories, but I’m sure I should work more on R&R before I open up any new cans of colossal worms.

Thank you for interviewing me, and all you do to promote quality content and its creators in our community.

Birgit Gangrsdottir by Resize
“Birgit Gangrsdottir” by Resize. Uncensored image can be found at this Twitter link.

Thanks for doing this interview!


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  1. Glad to see my old stuff influenced newer writers. Not sure about the “elder” label, though.


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