Tetsu and his series “A Vial of Lies” Parts 1 through 5


This review is a bit different than most. I previously bought Tetsu’s “A Vial of Lies” years ago. However, I regularly include links for new customers to buy their own copies. Yet, in this case, I’m not sure where fans could find Tetsu’s works. I visited his blog http://tetsugiantessshop.blogspot.com/ and tried to follow the “Click here to buy!” links. Those point to an E-junkie site; however, once there I received the following message:


Tetsu announced in late September 2017, on his DeviantArt page, that he was taking a hiatus in order to focus on his wife and his other hobbies.


Furthermore, he posted again in late August 2018, this time via Giantess City’s 3D Rendering forum, that the hiatus was still in effect. That text is below:

Here I am, I’m alive…

The first thing I want to say is thanks to all of you who keep asking me if I was feeling ok in the past year. Well, I’m really fine, I’m feeling relaxed and I’m enjoying my life as it is.
Before you start thinking that I’m finally back, this is not the end of my hyatus. I’ve tried a couple of times to work on avol 6 but I lost interest the second after I opened Poser. It’s not for the lack of ideas about the story, I know very well how it’s supposed to end. It’s not for the piracy, I know it’s a problem but It’s been that way since the beginning and I’m used to it. The truth is that it’s way more than a year I can’t find anything online that gives me emotion and become an ispiration for my immagination and for my stories. When I started to make content (I think 10 years ago more or less) it was full of great, awesome stories, both rendered and writed. It was the Golden era of this community! I know my fetish is just a minor part of another minor part of porn, I don’t like every giantess but just the mini giantess. I don’t like stories without a good slow (and I mean slow!) growth process. The best for me right now would be a good writed story of a girl growing an inch a month for 3 or 4 years. As for the 3d comics stories there’s nothing that catch my interest, free or ppv, except for bmtbguy’s DV and CT that I still love to read… and for my good friend Alex GTS but he’s sooo fuckin sloooow (you, damn!) I’d like to read something about the changes in the relations between the growing girl and her friends, boyfriends, girlfriends etc… but the only thing I see nowdays is the usual “I want to grow -> grow -> look how big I am” concept. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say and I’m sorry for my bad english…

Tetsu also graciously provided a free 6-second animated growth sequence with that post.

All that is to say, I do not know where to purchase Tetsu’s works. (NOTE: If someone else does, please contact me.) However, I wish Tetsu well. Even if we never get a conclusion to stories such as “A Vial of Lies,” I’m gratefully for the art that we already received.


Thus, today let’s take a look at the “A Vial of Lies” (AVoL) series. Perhaps it will continue someday. Even if it doesn’t, AVoL may inspire other creators.

AVoL involves a young man named Kyle who devises a series of potions which cause female breast and height growth. He has at least two versions, one which is temporary and another which is permanent. He initially created the potion to help his then-girlfriend Val; who had expressed discontent at her diminutive stature.

Later, Val breaks up with Kyle. Yet, after awhile, she yearns to grow again, and thus enacts a scheme to acquire more of the potion. This kicks off the plot and along the way, other women such as Alice, Laura, Penelope, and Roberta (among others) grow!

Growing during sex can prove detrimental to one’s bed frame 😉 (Image from AVoL 3)

Kyle’s new girlfriend Laura demonstrates scientific prowess and modifies Kyle’s potion. (NOTE: It’s not completely clear what Laura’s modifications did. Moreover, I cannot say with confidence how Kyle’s potions work. Sometimes people change a little or a lot, sometimes they continue to increase in size for a long time, sometimes emotions influence the effect, etc. It’s a bit muddled and arguably the story would benefit if the effects were explained in more detail.)


Various relationships are formed and broken, plus sex is had. (Just of the heterosexual variety. Alas, no lesbian sex or orgies took place 😉 ) At the end of Part 5, several women experienced growth spurts and all indications were that trend was to continue.

Concerning the art, I enjoyed it. The models were attractive looking. Backgrounds were detailed, and I also appreciated the incremental growth that CGI is particularly well-suited to depict. However, I did have a few issues, elaborated below:

Word bubbles often originated from odd places. For instance, in the above image the tail of the woman’s word bubble points to her chest, not her mouth.

Also, transitions between scenes were occasionally abrupt. For example, it felt like images were missing between the following sequential pages:

AVoL 3 page 54
AVoL 3 page 55

The dialogue was pretty good for the most part, although a few places had easily understandable errors, such as in the following image:

*knows should be “know”

However, I wasn’t sure what a line of dialogue meant in one instance.

I do not understand this sentence. Was someone in a hurry to open or begin a lesson?

That said, none of these were detrimental. Beyond a simple tale of women growing ever larger, there’s an admirable effort to add drama, romance, and tension between characters.

Overall, I recommend this series. I suggest it be sought out if it becomes available again. Just as long as readers accept that it has no conclusion. Regarding the series continuation, Tetsu posted a preview of “A Vial of Lies” Part 6, shown below, on DeviantArt on November 6, 2017. Who knows what the future may bring, perhaps AVoL will resume. Either way, I wish Tetsu the best.


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