“Our Secrets” by Tetsu

Good morning everyone,

Today, I’m excited to discuss a brand-new growth-themed comic made by the creator of “A Vial of Lies.” Specifically, let’s examine “Our Secrets” by Tetsu. (NOTE: Alex GTS assisted Tetsu with translation and post-production efforts.) Tetsu previously created A Vial of Lies, along with other illustrated stories such as “A Change of Attitude,” “Dr. Turner’s Chronicles,” etc. (NOTE: Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, customers cannot currently buy those older products because Tetsu’s online store was shutdown. Our Secrets is only sold at Alex GTS’s Gumroad store.)

Several CGI artists, such as AZmaybe9, bmtbguy, DragoonGTS, and GrowCloneGrow cited Tetsu as one of their favorite creators or as an influence during their interviews. However, Tetsu took an extended break which lasted over 7 years; accordingly, Our Secrets is his first new comic since January 2014!

I think a mistake was made in this description at the Gumroad store. The boyfriend was referred to only as “Aiden” on the pages. So, who is Hayden? Presumably, that should have been Aiden.
The plot is put into motion when Alice learns that Aiden follows a tall model on Instagram.

Our Secrets was published in late June 2021 and consists of 247 pages, each rendered in 1920×1080 pixels. For a little more money customers also get several animated sequences. Our Secrets is centered on two characters, Alice and Aiden. Other people were discussed, but only Alice and Aiden were ever seen. Additionally only two scenes, Alice’s home and a bridge over a small creek, were depicted.

The action begins after Alice looks at Aiden’s smart phone and sees that he likes a “super tall” model. This motivates Alice to exercise an unexplained super power which allows her to grow (or shrink) at will! At first, Aiden notices that Alice’s top has difficulty covering her now-large boobs and he (teasingly?) says “Please, don’t tell me you got fat!” (Smooth talker that Aiden 😉 )

Alice admits that her secret, which aligns quite conveniently with Aiden’s secret that he likes tall women, is the capacity to alter her size!

The crooked picture in the background makes my eye twitch :\

Alice has to pointedly breath in and out to expand, but on the whole a silly look is a small price to pay for such a miraculous ability.

There were several growth sequences, full female and male nudity, and sex scenes between our two characters (including a cum shot which is often omitted in computer-generated erotica).

Unfortunately, there was no clothing destruction, but Alice did “pop out” of her outfit. Also, during a sequence in which Alice gives Aiden a hand job he does visibly ejaculate, but then his resulting jizz disappears somehow. That’s perhaps understandable given the extra work required to render a fluid on top of the CGI models.

Overall, I recommend Tetsu’s Our Secrets to gentle growth fans. It can be purchased for $8.90 at the following link: https://gumroad.com/l/OuSec Additionally, six animated GIFs are also included if customers pay a total of $9.90. Part 2 in this series should be released soon, see previews for that sequel here: https://www.deviantart.com/iamthetetsu/art/Our-Secrets-2-preview-1-889869533

(SIDE NOTE: I’d like to take this opportunity to also ask for A Vial of Lies 6 which we got a preview of on DeviantArt way back in early November 2017!)

That’s it for today folks. Next week will begin with a review of Ludella Hahn’s “Pump It Up!” Until then, pump yourselves up, share some secrets with your partners, and keep growing!

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4 thoughts on ““Our Secrets” by Tetsu

  1. you could do the top ten shoe wrecks during growth part 3 if it’s not asking too much

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    1. Okay, I’ll try to publish a third list in early October.


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