Interview with bmtbguy, the Creator of “Cheap Tricks” and “Domina’s Valley”


Bmtbguy is a 3-D computer-generated imagery (CGI) artist who created the ongoing “Cheap Tricks” and “Domina’s Valley” gentle giantess series. Cheap Tricks began in 2010 and focuses on the “… story of a peculiar family where the mother begins to grow bigger and bigger to conquer the love of her life.” Fans can view that series for free at the Giantess City forum and Of note, Cheap Tricks is supported by the sales of Domina’s Valley. The plot of Domina’s Valley focuses on its protagonist Peter Tyson, “… a man obsessed by a legendary place where women dominated the lands with their epic size and beauty.” The latest chapter, Chapter 25 “Eternal Lust,” was just released in mid-May. Fans can follow bmtbguy on DeviantArt, Twitter, and at his web site: for previews and the latest updates.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I’m a simple man with moderate objectives in life that learned that stuff is not that simple, and doing your best and everything the right way is not guarantee everything will work out, meaning that I learned a lot of bitter lessons in my life. I live in one of the many urban areas of Brazilian southeast region and I work with many kinds of digital files from where my knowledge of Photoshop and other programs come from, I’m a multi purpose worker that goes from events floor to creating e-mails.

The name bmtbguy is, well, complicated and almost accidental. It has some joke, some elements of my real life name mixed with boobs and guy because I needed a name for lurking around in the spicy internet, so, I did a fun mix and I’ve got stick to it despite its weird looks.

#2) How did you first become interested in giantesses?

It begins with the young me waiting for a bus downtown, where a huge newsstand behind the bus stop had tons of magazines of huge boobed females, one bigger than the other, that day was unforgettable. Later in my life, with me growing up a lot late, with most females being taller than me until my late teens and a couple of experiences with taller than average girls probably brought me to this. Sure, the passion for huge boobs came first, but later, looking for a site I saw in a Score Magazine I met E.L. Publications and I went from loving real life big boob models to morphs, then illustrations and then the female growth and giantess world at Giantess City and other sites that aren’t online anymore.

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

Not at all. I won’t say I’m shy of what I do, I’m actually proud of it and I love making it, but I don’t believe people can understand it, so I keep it secret despite the fact I’d love to thank (or laugh?) in the face of those who said my early “experiments” were not good. Thanks to the knowledge and support this brought me, and problems this hobby helped me to manage and fix – turning this into a side job saved me.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

I don’t stick much to the series names but I surely appreciate those whose works and style impacted me more in the past, like Dragoon that composed the most epic growth sequences I’ve experienced, TinyG with his magnificent portraits of tall girls with average men, Tetsu with the silent-clever-smooth-cute-and-sexy growth stories and Alex with the more complex storytelling and characters look, these guys are also my main references. It’s very unfortunate I lack time to enjoy new content in this last decade, I mean, beyond some stories from DreamTales Comics, because I love the art style, I fail real hard into reading new content, but I get a new story here and there from other great authors when I can.


#5) How would you describe your art?

I have a dream, a thirst for something I’m not able to tell, so I try drawing it even without knowing how to draw. My art is the conception of this dream that, who knows, could be true.

#6) Can you briefly describe the amount of work which goes into a single chapter? Do you have any advice for those wanting to create their own comics?

It’s a bit hard talking about it, I mean, I’m a methodical person that focus on performance over looks or speed, so, over the years I’ve built a complex workflow that involves planning a new season months ahead, writing chapters in advance and testing, creating, and assembling the 3D world and character building for each scene. The easier way to see it is reading one of my story follow ups, I mean, I can tell last story had 427 panels and I don’t know how I could do it, but I did, it was the most time/work expensive couple of chapters I ever did, I don’t recommend anyone going so far working alone.

In the beginning it was so simple, it was just writing for fun, then I learned D|S (Daz Studio) and decided to merge a couple of these stories in a 3D story – that’s what I did with Cheap Tricks and that’s how I think people can begin making their own comics and get some experience, and let the story flow, because our art is about our dream and not about being the best comic artist ever.

#7) I’ve been a big fan of Cheap Tricks for a long time. Can you give an estimated release date for Cheap Tricks 4?

It’s hard to tell when Cheap Tricks will come back, all I have is the results of a couple of brainstorm and some drafts because, I don’t have material for a new season, also, I need to revisit the story to fix stuff and prepare the unification of the universe of my comics so I can expand the stories easily later, it’s a long way to go.

There’s also the fact I’m a bit burned out due to life in general and the lack of a proper vacation for half a decade, so, after having my health and productivity compromised by stress in the last years, it’s time to have a break and let the body heal itself while I fix some stuff in real life.

But these are all good news, I mean, I believe I reached a balance point in life, like when you struggle hard to leave a danger zone and reach a safe point but you’re still out of breath and physically hurt. I’m like that because I fixed important stuff and my health billed me the costs, but I’m finally prepared for a next step in life, so, before this next step it’s time to rest, mend the injuries and, who knows, in the future, turn this into my only job and live the dream.

Thank you for taking part in this interview!

It was a pleasure, it’s always nice to talk with the community, thanks, Solomon.


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8 thoughts on “Interview with bmtbguy, the Creator of “Cheap Tricks” and “Domina’s Valley”

  1. Nice work

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  2. This artist works so friggin hard. He’s a legend for a good reaason, his work is very very well done and I can only admire his dedicatiioin to his art. Very good interview, a little bit late on the reading.

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    1. I was very happy when Bmtbguy agreed to this interview! It’s amazing how much he has provided to the community, to those of us who love growing giantesses 🙂


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