Interview with DragoonGTS, a CGI Artist Fond of Growing Women

^ This image was taken from the “Bellie Blue Adventure” series, which you can view here:

DragoonGTS is a CGI artist who has been producing and sharing computer-generated imagery (CGI) featuring growing ladies for nearly 15 years! He considers his big break to be the Bellie series of images which he posted on the Giantess City and Process Forums. Some of his other long-running series include “The Gift,” “The Lab,” and “The Therapy.” He has posted a bunch of this stuff on Giantess City’s 3D Rendering forum. Furthermore, he has assisted others by recommending software and offering advice to those just starting out. Lastly, you can see hundreds of his images at DeviantArt and support him on Patreon.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

My name is Eric, I’m a Canadian from the province of Quebec. I’m bilingual as most people near the big city of Montreal are. French is my native tongue, but it’s not the same French as in France. The accent and pronunciations differs and most French people have a hard time understanding us here. I work in the tech business and tend to move around a lot in the province, which is the fun part of the job. I live near Montreal which is the biggest city in Quebec and the economic center of our Province. I like the winters we get here, unlike most people, because I enjoy skiing in the winter here as we have a lot of mountains to do so.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

I was very young, maybe around 11 years old? I had this geeky new girl come to class in grade 3 I think? She had these dorky looking glasses and braided pigtails. She was okay, but I didn’t really pay attention to her. 3 years later, she was this long haired tall busty babe that every guy drooled on and I was no longer ignoring her! I realized then that girls would change and some of them would turn out majorly changed. I think that was the basis for me.

I started to draw over female characters in my comic albums at the time to make them bustier or prettier. I felt really weird about it for years until I found a comic by Bust artist that basically had all the same fetishes I had before. I was relieved and excited to discover that not only I wasn’t alone in my tastes, but some guy was drawing exactly what I had imagined for years! Not long after I discovered sites and forums that would cater to this fetish and eventually decided to start doing my own stuff because most of the stuff at the time felt like poor quality in the 3d realm and I thought to myself “I can do this better.” And so I did start with animations mostly.

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

None besides my mother who I confided in a long time ago, she’s cool with it. It’s a tricky thing, I think I will eventually come out and tell my friends, but for now I enjoy the double life and it’s fine.

#4) What are a few of your favorite works from other creators?

Bust Artist comes first here of course, he’s always been the de facto inspiration for me. He tries so many things and his work has become better over the years. His original sketch comic is my favorite.

I also really enjoy Tetsu and AlexArtistGTS the Italian power duo. These guys deal in the Mini-Gts style that I enjoy. Tetsu comic featuring a bitch girlfriend was so good in terms of story telling with a bitter sweet ending, not something I usually enjoy, but he did it very well. AlexartistGTS story of Jessica and Michael is great and I can’t wait for the next part.

BMTBguy is also a top one, his work is great quality and he’s the master of slow growth story driven stories. I’m often jealous of his production quality and speed, this guy is insanely good. Jana is the best! Domina’s Valley is my favorite.

I also like Muad3d who had some really good mini giantess images. His birthday pic for me is still in my favorite folder.

Minmax3d Great animator and really nice man, his animations are always fun to watch. His latest one with Mithra was great!

Blooper studio Aka Snotling. Cool CG artist that is currently making a game that features all sorts of growth fetishes. It’s the best game of this kind I’ve seen in years.

JollyJack, crazy good art style. His drawing are always interesting and his sense of humor is dark enough to make me laugh. His empress comic is among my favorite.


#5) How would you describe your comics?

My comics are mostly an excuse to make women grow. Taller, but mostly bustier as breast expansion is my main theme. I tend to enjoy taking a plain Jane type character and turn them into bombshells, kinda like the bimbo fetish, except I don’t like making them dumber. Intelligence in women is a big turn on for me and so I tend to make my female characters intelligent. Most of the time this reduces their inhibitions and allows them to be more open about their sexuality.

I also tend to have sex scene in my work. This is a sexual fetish to me and I can’t enjoy constant teasing without some release at some point. So yeah, lots of sex with big women.

#6) Can you briefly outline the hardware and software you use? Any tips for newbies?

I currently use an Intel Ryzen 5 2600 six core processor. I have 2 video cards, a Nvidia Geforce 1070 GTX and a Nvidia Geforce 960 GTX.

My softwares are Poser 11.2 (recently updated) for posing and scene making. Zbrush for deforming and clothe fitting. Octane for rendering, since it uses GPU power instead of CPU like most renderers.

#7) Can you discuss the rewards for supporting your Patreon? What projects are upcoming?

Patreon is the best solution I have to get money for my work without having trouble from money transactor like Paypal. Patreon is one of the few sites that allows adult content like mine.

Right now for $5 you get some scrap and unused works. For $10 and up you get my comic for the month and older ones of your choices at higher levels past the first $10.

I will have to rethink this as some series are getting expensive because of their lengths.

My projects are pretty much on ice for now as free time is very limited. I have plans to make a visual novel-like game at some point and maybe some animations. But for now I’m working on a fantasy setting comic involving witches, goblins, and all sorts of fantastic things. We’ll see where it goes.


Thank you very much DragoonGTS for this interview!

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