Giantess Club’s “Chubby Chews”


Chubby Chews is a five-part series written by Nixemus Leirbas, illustrated by Sebastian Cardozo, and edited by Lorekeep. This was created during the first year of Giantess Club’s existence, that site officially launched in October 2009. The initial issue of Chubby Chews was released in mid-September 2010, and the last was published on April 19, 2012.

This was also the first comic series written by Nixemus. He went on to write “The Carnal Candle” series and four “Growth Studies” one-shot comics for Giantess Club. This appears to be the only series drawn by Sebastian Cardozo.

The author asked for feedback from the users of the Process Forum in October 2011.

The attractive protagonist, Lindsay Powers, works in New York City and is addicted to sweets called “Chubby Chews.” She eats about 100 a day! (Making her slim figure quite impressive.) A mysterious package arrives one day, ostensibly from Chubby Chews, with a complimentary assortment of prototype flavors. Lindsay’s consumption of the tasty treats causes her to grow. This leads to her eventual confrontation with a nefarious scientist attempting to use giant women against their will, and Lindsay proves herself to be a hero. (She also grows much faster and larger than prior subjects.)

Some unlikely circumstances were used to drive the plot, but that’s hardly a unique problem in modern media. (For example, the fortuitous location of old Spock in 2009’s “Star Trek.”  In that film, old Spock just happened to be in a cave on Delta Vega that Kirk ran into.) In Chubby Chews, an old blind woman, who knows a little about growing women, encounters Lindsay. The elderly lady looked exactly like a fairy tale witch. I would have preferred it if her appearance better fit the setting and theme, and if the circumstances of her introduction had been a bit more believable.

I won’t give any more details, but I will say that the comic tells a complete story.


The art wasn’t bad, although a few odd choices were made. For example, the panel on the left taken from Chapter 3 shows the reaction from a pair of cuddly forest critters while Lindsay masturbates. I assume that was meant to be funny, but it did not add anything and that panel could have been used to show more of our giant protagonist. In the same vein of poor decisions, the very next page featured the worn face of the old woman jarringly juxtaposed with the much more appealing image of Lindsay’s naked body.

There was also an inconsistency when Lindsay wore a necklace during a growth sequence in the first chapter which disappeared a few panels later on that same page. Perhaps we were meant to understand that she outgrew the necklace, but we never saw that process. Instead, the necklace just disappeared and was never seen again.

Whatever you do, don’t look behind the hastily stacked foliage.

On the list of positives, the art was used to convey a little humor. This can seen on a useful sign inside the evil scientist’s laboratory and on the buttons of a control panel. This was a nice touch and increased this comic’s value. Furthermore, the growth sequences improved as the series progressed. (Although, clothes bursting was minimal throughout.) I also appreciated that Nixemus sought suggestions and implemented them.

Lindsay is not only way taller, but also proportionally bustier in the fifth chapter. That was “Ok” with me!

I’d love to see a sequel. The ending left a number of giant women roaming free, as well as an unknown quantity of growth-inducing candy in Lindsay’s apartment. The only sex in this comic was masturbatory, perhaps a follow-up could give Lindsay a giant or giantess partner? Multiple lovers would be alright too, of course. 😉

You can purchase the individual chapters for $4.99 each or all five for $24.95 (using the erroneously labeled “Pre-Order” button) from the following link:

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