Giantess Fan’s “Scanner”

Good morning size-fetish fans,

Let’s continue requested reviews with another work suggested by blog reader AJ. Today, we’ll look at “Scanner” from Giantess Fan.

Scanner was first released on December 28th, 2011, and since then the series has received five more issues, with the sixth coming out on November 28th, 2019. J. Yubari, self-described co-founder of InterWeb Comics – parent company behind Giantess Fan, wrote this series and it was among the very first comics published by Giantess Fan. In that aspect, Scanner resembles Giantess Club’s “Ascension,” in so much as both were initially published over a decade ago.

(SIDE NOTE: Yubari shared the entire first issue of Scanner at the Process Forum in this thread: )

To Giantess Fan’s credit, Scanner was given an ending. Granted nearly eight years is entirely too long for a reader to wait patiently for a run of only six issues. However, Ascension is two years older, Ascension #1 came out in September 2009, but it is still unfinished (having received only three issues in 13 years with no conclusion) as of January 2022.

Drawing duties for Scanner were handled by artists Michela Da Sacco and Francesca Piscitelli / Francesca Zambon. According to a late December 2011 post on the Process Forum, Yubari was inspired to write Scanner after a trip to New York involved having to undergo invasive scanning procedures. He wondered “… what would happen if someone could not handle the effects of radiation from the millimeter wave scanners.” (SPOILER ALERT: They might grow!)

This was the cover for Issue #6.

The protagonist of Scanner was an initially unnamed blonde art dealer. While preparing to travel from New York City to London, via a flight leaving from JFK airport, she went through security. However, after she set off a metal detector, a cartoonishly-aggressive Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent directed her to a full-body scanner.

The body scanner, which looks like the Advanced Image Technology (AIT) scanners actually found in U.S. airports, triggered a transformation. She began to expand uncontrollably! That resulted in significant damage to the airport and the buffoonish TSA agent shot her in response, but no worries giantess fans he was promptly dealt with.

Wait, if she has a medical condition necessitating that she “… stay away from radiation at all costs.” then why did she go through the metal detector without complaint? Also, why not request a pat-down in lieu of the body scanner?

Through the remainder of the series, the blonde (others call her Lilly in Issue #3, but it was unclear how they learned her name) encounters more people with superhuman powers. First among them were three super-powered individuals who called themselves “Trefoil Anonymous.” They combat a nefarious corporation, Edgewater (presumably a reference to the infamous Blackwater mercenaries), and along the way a political point about fear driving Americans to buy things was made:

All in all, this was enjoyable and thus is recommended. The art was excellent and expressive. Different characters varied in more than just hair color and thus they were recognizable by appearance alone. Furthermore, effort was made to firmly ground the story in a world-famous and recognizable location, New York City. This was done by mentioning real-world highways and properly using actual police codes:

That was great, it’s always appreciated when effort is put into world-building. Furthermore, a complete story was given. That should not be rare, but unfortunately unfinished comics are all-too common from BotComics and Interweb Comics. (NOTE: For more on this, see Top 10 Titles Which Ended Too Soon at Giantess Fan.)

Was Scanner perfect? No. The most glaring problem was the prolonged publication schedule. Beginning in December 2011 and ending in November 2019 is much too long. The expectation that fans should patiently wait nearly eight years to read six issues, which have less than 20 pages each, is not reasonable. Customers should demand shorter publication schedules and comic book producers/publishers should do everything they can to release a six-issue long series in one year, not eight.

Instead of publishers releasing a single issue and waiting to gauge the response before commissioning more, why not plan an entire series from the get-go? Bottom-line, the hope is that someday a publisher will take a chance and invest in a complete story. Whether that will happen or not, only time will tell.

That’s it for today folks. Next week will begin with a manga featuring plenty of size fan service. Until then, keep growing!

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3 thoughts on “Giantess Fan’s “Scanner”

  1. Once again Solomon, I agree with your opinion. I did think that Scanners was a great title. And, yes, it took way too long to reach it’s finale. But, notfornothing, at least it had a finale. I’m a huge fan of ZZZ Comics. I loved: Jurassic GTS, Thar Be GTS, My Giantess Ex-Girlfriend, & Amazons vs. Ants. The thing that pisses me off is waiting for a story that I’ve read to reach a conclusion. Just saying.

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    1. Hi Darrin. If BotComics, Interweb Comics, and ZZZ Comics were TV show producers then they would hire a crew to produce a single episode. Immediately afterward they would fire the actors before releasing that one episode to the public. If that episode attracts attention then there are inevitable delays as they scramble to re-hire the actors and produce more. Production companies do something similar with television pilots shown to network executives. One example is Star Trek’s unaired pilot “The Cage,” portions of which were re-used later.

      However, I argue that a better approach would be to hire artists and writers to create a complete mini-series, six or eight issues long potentially. Then release issues on a regular monthly basis and gauge reactions to determine if they should commission more.

      I’d love to see those ZZZ comics that you mentioned get endings. Looking at ZZZ’s Deviant Art page, many fans feel the same. Personally, I wish that Farm Grown (plus all the spin-offs) would be finished someday!


  2. I agree with that those publishes should hire artists & writers to create 6-10 issues of any title. Just as long as there’s a conclusion. Hell, if you know any publishes looking to hire new writers, drop a line. I would love the opportunity to work on a project like that.

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