Review of “Shrink Her!” from Brazzers

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Today, we’re taking a look at a size-themed clip from a mainstream porn production company. This article will analyze “Shrink Her!” from Brazzers. Brazzers is a Canadian company which has been producing porn since 2004. They describe themselves as the “… number one name in original adult entertainment, period.” (NOTE: That quote was taken from the “About” page of their web site.) They have 11.2 million followers on Instagram, 3 million on Twitter, an Alexa global internet engagement rating of 3,974 compared to Giantess City’s 133,331, and a merchandise shop selling everything from mesh thongs to popsockets to pillows. So, it feels appropriate to classify Brazzers as “mainstream” since they have a significantly larger audience than any size-fetish web site. Therefore, it’s exciting to see what a company with a huge customer base, and presumably substantial resources, can do!

Shrink Her! is a 32-minute long video, released on August 6th, 2021, which stars Summer Hart and Van Wylde. (NOTE: Another woman plays Van Wylde’s wife, but she wasn’t credited.) The premise is that Van Wylde is a scientist researching a way to reduce molecules. His work comes in handy when his wife unexpectedly returns home while he is fucking his mistress. To avoid discovery, he shrinks the mistress, played by Summer Hart. (SIDE NOTE: Summer Hart previously performed with Codi Vore in fetish clips with themes of unbirthing and same-size vore.)

A fancy ray gun would have been preferable to this boring TV remote control.

The philandering husband then talks to his wife and she offers to make him pancakes.

While his spouse is busy cooking, Van Wylde has some interactions with tiny Summer:

Summer was understandably upset at being made small. However, before they can figure out how to restore her, he has to leave the bedroom and eat breakfast. Meanwhile, Summer hides in his underwear to avoid detection.

One question, why did she need an oven mitt to cook pancakes? O_o Did she bake those hotcakes in an oven, like no one has ever done in the history of mankind? 😉 I’m exaggerating for comic effect of course, I can’t honestly claim that no one has ever baked pancakes, but still it’s unusual.

That leads to a fun scene in which the wife poured maple syrup on top of Summer who was lying on the flapjacks:

Woo hoo, actual physical props were made and used! Although, it was difficult to believe that the wife didn’t notice the small human lying on the pancakes. The post-processing effect meant to show maple syrup pouring down onto Summer was merely okay.

Summer then hops back into Van Wylde’s underwear. After a very brief scene of Summer stroking his dick, she instantly grows back to normal after the 5-minute mark. This shocks the wife who leaves and never returns. (More’s the pity 😥 ) The action transitions to an extended sex scene, about 25 minutes in duration, as Summer and Van Wylde try out various positions on the dinner table and then back in the bedroom. However, after Van Wylde got his money shot then Summer shrunk again and stayed tiny for the last 50 seconds.

It’s in that last minute where the effort put into incorporating tiny Summer into the scene got lazy. This final scene started out fine with a very short Summer standing on the bed in front of her lover. However, she then demands that he cums again, even though the performer had already ejaculated seconds earlier. Did she forget that he just covered her face in jizz? A CGI effect provided the visuals for a second ejaculation, but it was apparently all for naught as Summer had disappeared at that point. Did the post-production artist forget to include her?

Where did Summer go? Are viewers supposed to just assume that she shrunk out of existence without so much as a whimper or a line of dialogue to indicate what happened?

All in all, this was fun to watch. Were the special effects as top notch as I wanted? Honestly, no. The blending of a shrunken person into household environments was fairly smooth, but the shrinking process itself was lackluster as it occurred instantaneously. The giant pancake props were awesome, but Summer’s weird disappearance at the end indicated a lack of care for continuity.

Bottom line, shrunken women fans should enjoy this. Just be aware that Summer was normal size for the bulk of the runtime and was only tiny at the beginning and very end.

That’s it for now folks. I can’t say what next week will bring. To be frank, there has been some worrying developments in the Ghost Head Nebula. It’s almost as if a certain evil doppelganger might return…

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