Danni.com’s “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” starring Kelly Madison


Hello everyone, it’s Sunday and another day to talk about beautiful women becoming ever more beautiful until they burst out of their clothes!

Today, we’re looking at Danni.com’s “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” starring Kelly Madison. This almost 22-minute long clip was produced in 2004. It stars Kelly Madison, a pornographic  star with large natural breasts. She is perhaps best known for the web site PornFidelity where she and husband Ryan have threesomes with other women. Additionally, she has modeled for Danni.com and Score magazine.

Our story begins with Kelly drinking wine on her bed and complaining that no one wants her. She reaches out in frustration to grab the wine bottle after failing to climax from masturbating. She grabs the bottle labeled “Plant Food” by mistake. How Kelly could confuse a wine bottle with a water bottle complete with built-in straw, which she uses, is anyone’s guess. 😉

Somehow she is instantly teleported out to a city park, where she begins to grow! My guess is that they didn’t have the budget to show her outgrowing an apartment so they filmed it as an outdoor scene.

I appreciated this scene ❤

She grows for over 20 seconds while her dress tears off.

Her shadow on the skyscraper was a nice effect

Then she walks around town, footfalls booming. An onlooker declares “Those tits are huge!” which could have accurately been said even before she enlarged. The sound effect of Godzilla’s roar is heard several times as well as a klaxon, perhaps taken from Star Trek.

Kelly occasionally wears a white bracelet on her right wrist in this video, even when’s a giantess. Which is funny because I don’t recall her wearing that beforehand. So, I guess it’s not the fact that the bracelet somehow grew with her, it’s more that she found a store with a giant sized ornamental band? She felt like she needed a bracelet, even though otherwise she is completely naked?

No bracelet, but she does wear a wedding ring

That’s annoying because it would have been easy to remove the bracelet and wedding ring for the giantess scenes. It costs no money to temporarily remove jewelry.

Back to the story, there’s a brief news report of her urban rampage.


Kelly stomps a man in non-graphic fashion while walking around a cheap looking miniature set.

They attempted to show interaction between Kelly and a normal-sized man. All things considered, it wasn’t bad.

She attacks buildings and even reaches into a building to grab a man and bit off his head! That effect was created using a doll. Smoke effects are also used. Then she picks up a dildo with some clothes placed on it to resemble a man.

The resemblance to a human is uncanny!  😛

Kelly plays with the dildo for an extended period. After climaxing, she gently sets it down and curls up to fall asleep, thus ending this clip.

Overall, I recommend this. Kelly is gorgeous and this was a fun video. No, it was not realistic, and the masturbation scene was the bulk of the running time, but it was still enjoyable.

Now for the bad news. I cannot find this for purchase anywhere! I got my own copy many moons ago. Searching Danni.com returns no results. That site currently only has two videos featuring Kelly Madison, neither one of those is this clip.

Danni.com should sell this video as a one-time purchase for $2.99 or so. That way they would make some money as opposed to the current situation where it can only be found on illegit sharing sites.

** UPDATE ** Giantess City member kingofheights notified me that the clip is available for purchase at the following link: https://www.hotmovies.com/video/52754/Attack-Of-The-50-FT-Woman/  Thank you very much kingofheights!

This is the only instance to my knowledge of a porn star with a growth scene. Nadine Jansen and Bettie Ballhaus did a green-screen photo set entitled “Mammoth Breast Flesh,” also for Danni.com, but in those photos they were giant-sized the entire time. No growth was involved. If anyone knows of other scenes, please drop me a comment below!

Nadine Jansen and Bettie Ballhaus in “Mammoth Breast Flesh”


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