Interview with Meyeel Sizechanger – Fetish Photo Collage Artist and Writer


Meyeel Sizechanger has been posting fetish-themed collages since 2009 under the moniker ‘Fetish Fotos.’ His captioned photos were posted on DeviantArt and explored themes included breast expansion, growing giantesses, and shrinking women. Meyeel also wrote several poems dealing with growing and shrinking; my personal favorite being “Since She Got LARGE.” He created an anthology of size-change stories entitled the SizeChange Universe, most deal with shrinking, but #3 in the series featured a woman growing inside a subway car. Furthermore, Meyeel has regularly competed in the Size Riot competitions since CruelJan19. His entries in CruelJan19 and GentleApril19 placed in different award categories. Meyeel also signed up for the upcoming GentleApril20 contest! You can follow Meyeel Sizechanger on DeviantArt and Twitter.

#1) Can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

I am a Midwest native living in Iowa. For most people, it would seem out in the middle of nowhere, but it can be a nice place. When I am not writing, I am employed as a manager at a movie theater, where I have actually been for over ten years. I grew up on a farm, and would not trade in that life for anything. I have also wanted to be a published author for quite some time, as I have been told I have an overactive imagination.

I started being active in the community in 2009 by making photo manipulations. I shared my first writing in June of 2018, with some size change poetry I had written. A full story would follow in August, and I later joined Twitter that December. Since then, I have kept busy writing, trying to improve my craft.

#2) How did you first become interested in size-fetish media?

I think like most people, I was inspired by some of the material for kids. Saturday morning cartoons featured growth and shrinking quite a bit when you think about it. But it didn’t really register much with me at the time…

I was just out of high school, and I was on Youtube one day when I came across a promo from GrowthDreams. It awakened something that I didn’t realize was that big a part of me. That eventually led me to the Process Forum, which was one of the destinations back in the day. I lurked there for a while, and then took my stab at creating my own, admittedly crappy, photo manipulations. I shared them to DeviantArt, and the rest is history. My writing would come later, and I am more proud of that than any of the earlier work.

#3) Are any of your everyday acquaintances aware of your interest?

Not a single person I know personally is aware that I am a part of this community. Or if they do know, they have not made me aware that they know. I have never really made any kind of attempt to share this with anyone. Maybe someday that will change, but as of now, I think I will keep it to myself.

#4) Given this time of quarantines and social distancing due to the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), are there games or films you could recommend for those people stuck at home?

Having the job I have, I have seen a ton of movies, so I guess I am well qualified to answer this question. *laughs To me, with the times we are currently living in, I want to watch something that I can use as an escape. So clearly, I’m not going to recommend something like ‘Outbreak’ or ‘Contagion.’ But I have some clear favorites I can recommend, in a variety of genres. Some recent favorites of mine included ‘Parasite,’ ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ and ‘Knives Out.’ A few other ones I need to mention would be ‘Your Name,’ ‘The Nice Guys,’ ‘Inception,’ and ‘The Shape of Water.’

I better stop there, otherwise we will be here all day. Really, if it is something that can take your mind off the situation for a couple hours, it gets a pass from me.

#5) What are a few of your favorite size fantasies from other creators? I know this is a difficult question and your answer, like everyone else’s, can change over time. Nonetheless, I shamelessly include this question because it serves as awesome feedback when other creators read that folks like their work.

Oh man…I have so many favorites, and I know I will miss some here. There are a few that have stuck with me though.

Some recent favorites were stories from the SizeRiot contests. I loved bobascher’s ‘Everything Is As It Seems’ from GentleApril19. It completely messed with my head, and I loved every second of it. RobClassact’s GiantJuly19 entry ‘Common Ground’ made me laugh multiple times. And CruelJanuary20’s entry from PerspectiveShift, ‘Get The Message’ was heartbreaking, terrifying, and extremely sexy. Also, I have to mention Scidram, whose entries always seem to be my favorites.

Outside of them, I am a huge fan of the works by Raso719. The stories he has written all feature shrinking women (which happens to be my favorite genre), and they always seem to take things to the extreme. In my mind, he hasn’t written a bad story yet.

Finally, I am a HUGE fan of Openhighat and the stories he tells with DAZ. His massive story ‘Small Gestures’ is a favorite, but he has so many others that highlight his creative range.

Koa Shrinks a Man by Meyeel Sizechanger - Original photo stock from maxgrowth and CaptainRandGTS
“Koa Shrinks a Man” by Meyeel Sizechanger – Original photo stock from Maxgrowth and CaptainRandGTS

#6) How would you describe your art?

While I enjoy multiple areas of interest, most of my work tends to center around shrinking women. I have dabbled in giantess growth, shrunken man, and even breast expansion, but I always seem to go back to what I love best. When I write, I try to come up with ideas that haven’t been done before, or at least find a way to turn a well-known cliche on its head. Then again, sometimes the old adage of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is the best way to go.

#7) Will there be another story, a number six, in the SizeChange Universe? Do you have any other upcoming projects that you’d like to mention?

I have a bunch of upcoming projects I am working on, including a lot more in the SizeChange Universe. Due to real life events, I got sidetracked for a while, but with the free time I have now, I have been working on stuff consistently again. Story #6 is titled ‘Breaking and Entering,’ and will hopefully be posted soon. Besides that, I have rough ideas for at least ten more in the series.

Outside of that, I have an idea for a longer story, most likely a novella that will eventually get posted on Smashwords, that I am really excited about. I have been doing research for it and even some rough drafting. No idea on when it will be put out there.

And of course, I am entered in the SizeRiot GentleApril20 contest. Per the rules, I can’t share too much about my entry. But I will say I have an idea and am excited to share it as well as read what everyone else creates. I adore the social aspect of the contests and Aborigen does a hell of a great job running them!!


Thank you for doing this interview!


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