AstroDomina’s Christmas Countdown – Day 5


Good morning everyone! The AstroDomina studio has many videos focusing on shrinking and vore scenarios. Today’s post will review one of those, a clip entitled “AstroDomina’s Christmas Countdown – Day 5.” This continues my look at holiday-themed materials.


The clip runs for almost twelve minutes and was first released on December 25, 2014. As the title indicates, this is the fifth in AstroDomina’s Christmas Countdown series. I chose to review Day 5 (the finale) because it’s the only one that features a size-fetish theme. Specifically, this features shrinking.

It’s a minor issue, but I didn’t understand the formatting choice for the watermarked studio logo. Making the “Ws,” the “S,” and the “M” at the end larger and increasing the spacing between some letters was distracting.

Alas, the shrinking process occurred off camera. This begins with the man already shrunk by some unstated method.

Her line delivery was a bit bland; she did not sound excited or interested.

The tiny person was not visible for the majority of the runtime.

She turns away from the camera around the 4:55 mark and it became difficult to hear and understand her dialogue. Additionally, throughout the production, the background music was often too loud and drowned her out.

The opening introduction featured loud music, but then the volume dipped significantly once the presentation started. Accordingly, I had to turn the sound down at the beginning and then crank it up once the story began.

She begins with “Ho, ho, ho” and a “Merry Christmas” which was certainly thematically appropriate. There’s seasonal music, a static stock background, and Christmas attire, specifically a red top and a Christmas hat. Bottom-line, this felt like a holiday-themed video. (That’s in contrast to my last reviewed clip, “Lovely Lilith’s “Holding Santa Hostage.”)

Additionally, either a script was used or the actress was talented at improvising. Either way, I appreciated the complete story line.

The chroma keying effect was okay, but a visible edge could be seen at some points. For example, under her forearms in this image. Additionally, she cast a shadow against the background at many times, which probably could have been eliminated by moving the actress further away from the green or blue screen and adjusting the lightning.

AstroDomina encourages the “tiny man” to jerk off in his pants in order to make himself  “tastier” since she plans on eating him. She gives jerk-off instructions (JOI), complete with a countdown. We first see the small man at the 10:25 second mark.

This would have benefited from physical interaction between the tiny and the normal-sized woman.

It does not seem that she is looking at the small man. Rather, she appears to be looking at the camera over his head. (NOTE: The tiny was added in post-production. So, it’s understandable why she’s not looking at him as there was nothing to gaze upon. However, perhaps a placeholder, like a tennis ball, could have been placed just off camera to provide a point of reference.)

You might expect him to complain a bit about his impending death. O_o However, there was nary a peep of opposition. Interestingly, she also broaches the possibility that she may meet him again, presumably via reincarnation, and that he might be normal size at that point.
Not sure if this was intentional, but the Christmas tree background reappeared for an instant after the swallowing.

Overall, I can’t recommend this video. Fans of domination may enjoy the many references to “tiny man,” the masturbation encouragement, and the vore theme. However, the audio problems, poor line delivery, and lack of nudity make this a hard sell.

Nonetheless, if readers still want to check this out they can purchase it for $12.99 at the following link:


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