A Look Back at “The Growth Formula” by CAPP and E.L. Publications


E.L. (Ed Lundt) Publications was a small publishing company (based in Roosevelt, New York) specializing in size-fetish comics. The company released works from the late 1980s well into the first decade of the 2000s. It produced illustrated stories long before modern comic producers such as Giantess Club and Giantess Fan, and before web sites such as DeviantArt, E-junkie, and Gumroad existed. Advertisements ran in the back of magazines such as Fangoria and Hustler, and in the alt.sex.breast newsgroup with the subject line “Huge GROWING Breasts!!”

(NOTE: The writer of the breast-expansion “Research & Development” newsletter, published in the mid-1990s, noted in the newsletter’s 9th issue thatthe focus of E.L. Publications isn’t really growing breasts, but growing giantesses and fattening women.” I assume that comment was drafted before the “Tremendous Tit Tales” were released.)

For a time, potential customers could send a self-addressed envelope, along with two 32 cent stamps, to get a catalog. Throughout its existence, E.L. Publications never did allow digital purchases. Its web site had a printable order form which was filled out and then buyers had to mail that form along with a check (no credit cards allowed) to receive a hard-copy of their desired comics. Nonetheless, E.L. Publications influenced many creators who are still active today. For instance, Giantess City webmaster Pete Smith considers E.L. Publications his “… first official Size Fetish Media exposure.” (As noted in his interview.) Further, BustArtist bought the rights to the company’s breast expansion (B.E.) comics (but not the giantess ones) and redid them with revised stories and his own colored illustrations.

Screenshot of “www.elpub.com” as it was on July 20th, 2006, courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

Today, let’s examine E.L. Publications’s “The Growth Formula” by CAPP. It’s a short comic with a total of eight single-panel black and white pages.


While it was listed as a picture set, it does feature a story relayed via embedded captions. The narrative involves a tall female scientist who creates a growth formula and quickly imbibes her concoction. As one might expect, the unnamed researcher rapidly increases in size.


She ultimately outgrows her laboratory and reaches one hundred feet in height! She then announces that it’s a woman’s world now and the narrative concludes. (NOTE: There are no sex scenes.) Overall, it is a fun growth tale 🙂

That said, I’d have preferred color art and more detail in the backgrounds. As it was, the laboratory sat in a feature-less white limbo. Nonetheless, the scientist was curvy and attractive (although sometimes her head appeared to be disproportionately large), and the story, while slight, was enjoyable.

One typographical error was unfortunately not caught in the quality control process. Namely, the highlighted-text should be “stretching.”

E.L. Publications began in 1988 and ceased operations in mid-September 2006. However, as previously noted, BustArtist purchased the rights to the company’s B.E.-themed creations, Tremendous Tit Tales. These were re-created and released as grOw/stories, http://bustartist.com/store/stories/index.html. One example can be seen below:



While not particularly easy to find, I recommend those with a curiosity for size-fetish works from days gone past check out out “The Growth Formula.” Those folks understandably wanting higher quality can view E.L. Publications B.E. comics recreated in the grOw/story series.

13 - Post from Process Forum_s Growth sub-forum
This post was made in the Growth sub-forum at the Process Productions web site. To the best of my knowledge, no one ever bought the rights to Ed’s giantess stories.


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5 thoughts on “A Look Back at “The Growth Formula” by CAPP and E.L. Publications

  1. When online size pervs were still trying to determine if we actually had a common fantasy, unambiguous porn by Capp and E.L. Productions told us, “Yes, it is the size-differential that we find arousing, and if you like it too, we have more for you.” That kind of validation was crucial in encouraging contributions from uncounted size enthusiasts, and it still resonates today.

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