April 2019 Update

I’m writing the final section of a story involving a giantess who grows every full moon, entitled “By The Rising Moonlight.” That will sell on Amazon and E-junkie for $2.99.  (Originally, the release date was slated for the end of March. I did not make that timeline, but have made steady progress!) My intent is to release it soon.

I am also drafting a story for the GentleApril19 Size Riot contest. Additionally, my futanari story, “Alaskan Girls vs the Ice Monkey,” will be available on E-junkie in mid-April. (Currently, it’s only available on Amazon.)

There won’t be any new reviews for awhile as I’ll be out of town until the 14th of April. I’m not looking forward to the long flight, but I’m excited for some relaxing down time with my family 🙂

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Spring Break!

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