A Look at “Just Add Water”

This panel was taken from the “Self Control” series. It represents the “calm before the storm.”

American Jeff Lar hosts a series of drawings and comic strips under the brand “Just Add Water” on DeviantArt. These drawings, created by various artists, feature a Catholic woman named Isabelle Mhaol who grows larger whenever she contacts water. (She shrinks back down off panel.) The first comic with this theme was “Super Soaker,” published on October 30, 2013.


In the comic “Fanboy Spaday” Isabelle is joined by her married older sister, Anabelle (a.k.a. Alejandra Rojo), who has a similar condition.

There’s a smidgen of character development in this comic, and the ladies only grow a bit. No destroying buildings here.
One of my favorite of the colored one-shots.

In “Tit for Tat” Isabelle convinces her partner Dave to drink something. The drink is “Man Grow!”, unbeknownst to Dave, a penis expanding elixir.

“Man your man bigger”? Should that have been “make your man bigger”?
DeviantArt does not allow naked genitals to be depicted. Just Add Water’s Patreon site previously had the uncensored versions. Alas, that is now off-line. These days, a quick Google search will likely reward fans with the full pictures.
Unfortunately, there will no longer be new content. That’s a shame as I would’ve loved to see more JAW artwork.

I recommend folks check out Just Add Water at the following link: https://www.deviantart.com/just-add-water99/

Most comic strips were black and white, with the exception of “Self Control”

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