Breast Expansion Story Club’s “Office Hours”

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In this post we’ll take a look at a recent work from Breast Expansion Story Club (BESC) operated by BotComics. It has been awhile since There She Grows covered a BESC comic, the last was “Zero to Z-Cup” in June 2019. That was more than two years ago, so it’s high time to revisit this place which is the ancestor to all other size-fetish sites providing monthly (if not more frequently) comic releases! BESC predated BotComic’s Giantess Club and Interweb Comic’s Giantess Fan.

Accordingly, let’s discuss “Office Hours.” This is an ongoing breast expansion (B.E.) series, with only a single issue so far, which was first released on April 28th, 2021. It was drawn by Curt Vyle and written by xCuervos. Curt Vyle made his debut in January of this year drawing “The Amazing Fultra.” In contrast, xCuervos has worked for BotComics for many years beginning with 2017’s “Rent Money” and continuing with several other BESC and Giantess Club series to include resurrecting the long-dormant “Ascension.”

Is “Mumumelon” a thing in the real world or just in this comic?

Office Hours centers its story on a female college student named Madison who inadvertently creates a B.E. formula in class. (NOTE: A caged chicken was the first beneficiary.) In a welcome change of pace from many of these stories the resulting enlargement does not go away afterwards, but instead becomes the new status quo. Madison quickly learns how to capitalize on her new figure garnering discounts and free stuff while distracting young men off their exercise equipment.

The mammary development also introduced friction into Madison’s relationship with her blonde roommate Mackenzie. Personally, I’m hoping for a steamy tryst between those lovely co-eds, but time will tell if that happens. If nothing else, perhaps a B.E. competition could be in the works? (Pretty please! 🙂 )

Maybe Gonzo would want some of this for Camilla? 😉

This is only 13 pages, including the cover and copyright page, so there’s little else to say about the plot. However, I’ve enjoyed what’s been set-up and hope for more action in subsequent issues. Regarding the action found in this initial installment, there were no sex scenes and no clothing destruction. The first and so far only human transformation occurred in just one panel. (NOTE: Well, technically speaking, one boob broke through the panel border into a lower panel, but my point is that the process was very quick.) Lastly, there were two images featuring topless nudity as well as many others showcasing hard nipples in tight tops.

This screenshot was taken in late June 2021.

The tags for this story, like all BotComics stories, are meaningless and should be ignored. For instance, in the above description for Office Hours the tags include “Female / Female Sex,” “Male / Female Sex,” and “Masturbation.” However, nothing like that occurs. Maybe those lurid activities will be found in the later issues or maybe they won’t. For examples of other tag misuse I would point readers to series like “Beyond the Law: Reversal,” “MILF Milk,” and “Watered Down Science” which all have the Male / Male Sex tag but do not actually involve male-on-male action. (NOTE: Is it crazy to think that tags should be accurate?)

Now, it must be noted that I have not left Japan in well over a year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, it’s possible that the English language has been radically altered without my knowledge given that I do not live in an English-speaking country. Perhaps when Mackenzie asked Madison “What was the name of that cute guy from your chemistry lab?” that counted as masturbation? 😉 (NOTE: English speakers, please comment below if masturbation now means something else beyond stimulating one’s genitals for sexual pleasure.)

My assumption is that the erroneous tags are used to boost search engine hits. Frankly, I wish BotComics was up front and transparent about this practice. A simple note on the front page telling customers not to believe the tags would be nice. Or, God forbid, they could make the effort to use tags correctly.

BTW, the two-page view option is still not supported and hasn’t been for years. It should either be implemented or dropped completely.

Nonetheless, I recommend checking out this series. At one point, BotComics offered a $49.99 yearly membership which allowed access to all of their sites. That’s a good deal and I recommend it if available. Of note, however, that only permits viewing comics online and does not permit downloading for viewing off-line. Additional fees must be paid to download each comic.

Furthermore, there is an option to pre-order the entire Office Hours series for $19.99. However, I cannot say whether or not that’s a bargain because it’s unknown how many issues there will be. This first issue costs $6.99. So, if this runs for three or more then customers could save money by pre-ordering. But, to the very best of my knowledge, there’s no way of knowing how many you’ll get. Furthermore, you could wind up in a situation like Ascension’s publication schedule in which over nine years passed between issues one and two. Personally, I never pre-order their series, but instead wait for specific runs to finish.

That’s it for today folks. Thursday’s review will cover a Giantess Fan comic. Until then, keep growing!

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